Aztec Society

Go to: to locate information about the Aztecs. The website shows a map of the Aztec Empire and key aspects of Aztec civilisation.

For PART A and PART B, you are to access a specific section of the above website and answer questions using full sentences - Use the main words from the question in your answer.

PART A: Aztec Art and Craft

Explore the section Aztec Art and Craft and answer the following questions:

1.     What was the main purpose of Aztec art and craft?


2.     How were the finest pieces of arts produced and used in Aztec society?


3.     Look at the photo of an original Aztec bowl shown on the right. How can we use this source to learn about the Aztecs and how reliable is it?
(In other words, can you trust the information that the source tells you to be true and accurate?)

PART B: Aztec Markets

Now explore the section Aztec Markets and answer the following questions:

1.     Describe THREE items that were sold or bartered at the Aztec marketplace?


2.     Look at the picture on the right:


a.      What type of source is it?


b.      How useful is the source in telling us about Aztec commerce and why?

PART C: Aztec Social Hierarchy

Observe the hierarchy below, showing all the classes of people that made up Aztec society. Select ONE class and research information about it. Then construct a TEEL paragraph
when you answer this question about the class you chose to research:

In what ways did the social class that you read about contribute to and have an important role to play in Aztec society?

PART D: Aztec Social Hierarchy 'Cut-and-paste' Activity.

Print off these pictures representing eight different social groups. You will need to find your own 'thumbnail' pictures for the two additional groups that are mentioned in the diagram above, but are not represented in these pictures provided. (One of the eight is a farmer.)
When you have ten pictures past them in the correct social hierarchy on a new page.
Leave enough spaces under each level of pictures for you to write one sentence about the contribution or role that that each group played in Aztec society.
This site:

will help you with this task. Just look at the social classes in Tenochtitlan.
Also Google 'Aztec Social Structure Pyramid'.

From: M.Testa, 'Aztec Society Webquest'.

When you have finished you can explore this interactive site and learning games about the Aztecs: