1. Explore the following site:

Explorers: Age of Encounter - Google Earth

2.  Study the voyages and research and read about the early empires the explorers discovered.

3. Print off the following map and use a different colour on draw on the map the different voyages of discovery.

Blank map of the World

4. Shade the map with different colours, to indicate where the different early empires were located.

5. Complete the key, and also neatly label the countries and capitals. Then paste the map in your book.

6. a) Print this picture off and paste it in your book.
    b) Conduct research on the internet - then label the diagram with the correct terms that describe the different
parts and features of the ship.

7. a) Find out the name of this early navigation instrument:

    b) Explain in your own words, how the early mariners used this instrument to navigate across the oceans.
 Include an illustration in your explanation.

8. Extension: Historic Fiction. (One page / three paragraphs)
Research one of the explorers and his voyage. Write a diary entry for one of the days on the voyage.
In recounting the events of the day, include as much historically accurate detail as you can.
For example: The food, clothing, tools, equipment, location, weather/climate, daily routines.....