you have now completed several mini web internet research lessons.

Your task now is to design your own mini web lesson.

The topic is Marco Polo.

Using Microsoft FrontPage or Expression Web, make your own mini website web lesson.

Direct the student or viewer to at least three different web sites.

Your questions/ activities must accomplish the following:

a) Direct the student to read about and then record in some way the main facts about Marco Polo's life and discoveries.

b) Find  2 or 3 primary sources and and one secondary Source that contain information about Polo.  Make up 5 questions for the students that get the student to analyse and compare information presented in the sources. You need only use part of the sources, about 5-8 lines for each.
(Visual and literary/written)

Remember that a primary source is usually an old original source, that was written or drawn at about the time of the events you are studying. (Or a copy of one.) It is good to compare the information in different sources about the same person or event you are studying. This is because firstly you can then get a more complete picture of the person or what happened; and secondly you can test the reliability or accuracy of the information. 

So it is good to ask questions something like the following:

How do the following sources both provide evidence that......, What do the following sources tell you about....,
Does the information in Source 1 agree with the views shown in Source 2 or do they contradict each other? 
Does any part of the document suggest the author has a personal biased viewpoint, and therefore that the document is not accurate? 
Which source do you think is the more accurate and why?
How does the image in Source 3 support or corroborate the views expressed in Source 2?
Does the archaeological evidence (artefact) shown in Source 4 have any connection to the information provided in Source 1?
Does it contradict or support /corroborate the information give in Source 2?
How is the information given in this secondary Source 5( by a modern Historian) corroborated or supported by the primary source shown in Source 3?

c) Design a small interesting activity that the students could do on this topic. An activity that gets the students to think about the significance of Polo's discoveries to the people of his time, or to people later in history.

You have two weeks to finish this research task. Start researching this project in class.  Complete it at home and then put your mini web site web lesson in your folder on the school server so we can read and peer assess it in class.

(See the computer technician if you don't have a folder on the computer storage server yet.)

For easy instructions on how to make a web site, see below:

Website assessment form 

Name of student assessed: ________________________


Grade 10



Home/contents Page,
plus 3 other pages:
organisation, links, readable, aesthetic




Quality of your instructions in a, b, c.
Interesting, relevant, pictures, detailed,







For information on how to make web pages.