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“ I Have a Dream…” - The Civil Rights Movement
1. Go to the following site and listen to and watch the short animated movie that overviews the Civil Rights Movement.

Do the short multiple choice (pop) quiz and then list in point form notes in your book the  main information and facts this quiz covers.

3. Briefly visit the following sites and 
      a) Write a good definition of 
racial segregation in your book. Try and include both prejudice or racism as well as economic motives in your explanation.
      b) Explain what the
Jim Crow Laws were.

At the following site click the different historic Civil Rights places on the map of the United States. Pick one  
    that you find interesting and records the main facts about the event that happened to make this site famous. 
    Later in class you may be asked to report your findings on this event and site to the rest of the class.

5. Right:Federal paratroopers escort African American pupils to Central High School in Little Rock, Ark.

A thousand paratroopers had been called by President Eisenhower to restore order and escort nine black students safely to class. Sept. 26,1957. Find out what happened in Little Rock, Arkansas that led to the President sending in Paratroopers. 
6. In 1964 three civil rights workers were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi. Their deaths shocked the United States' public and Congress and helped pass the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 .a) Find out what this Bill made Southern White businesses do. b)Watch the movie Mississippi Burning and then find out what part the FBI played in the story of the Civil Rights movement in America.


Right: Police used dogs to quell civil unrest in Birmingham police commissioner "Bull" Connor also allowed fire hoses to be turned on young civil rights demonstrators. This caused a public outcry across the country.

8. Visit the following site and then record in your book the three stages or phases that Martin Luther King went through in leading the Civil Rights Movement.  

Right:After black students were refused service in the whites-only cafeteria in Montgomery, a white man swings a baseball bat at a shopper Alabama,1960.
(Source: Charles Moore)

Below:Mississippi, 1962. Local Lawmen show what they plan to do to U.S. Marshals, sent to assure the admission of James Meredith as the first black first black student at the University of Mississippi .


9. Research and a)write a brief outline history of the Ku Klux Klan in America. b) find out the number of  black Americans lynched  by white racists.

10. Martin Luther King Jr. was attracted to the philosophy of Mohandas Gandhi.  Research Gandhi's life and philosophy and briefly explain how the two men's approaches  and beliefs were similar.

Later discuss Gandhi’s views in class and why King adopted them.


11. Visit the following site and then briefly explain in your book  what the Freedom Rides were.
 Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

12. Research and write a brief outline history of the Aparthied System that was used until recent times in south Africa. For quick reference:
              9 See what happened, during the civil rights movement.

13. Often it was the poorly educated or unskilled white labourers of the South, that were the most violent in their attempts to stop blacks getting civil rights and a better education. Explain why you think this was the case.

Left: Hundreds of students came to racially tense Mississippi to push for fair voter registration policies and other education projects. June 29, 1964.

         Optional extension research:
               14. a)  Who was Rosa Parks and when did she die ?
                     b)  Why has she been described as "the woman who changed a nation"?


Rosa Parks
"The Woman Who Changed
a Nation."