Traditional Australian Aboriginal Society.

Length: 100 – 200 words for each question.

Date Due: ____________

  (Remember that in your answers, you must use the main words from the question you are answering. This helps you provide a strong argument and makes sure that your answers stay relevant; this means you keep discussing exactly what you are asked in the question.)

  Marks will also be awarded for the following:  

  × Research        - The variety of sources used.

   - A bibliography must be included at the end of your research report.

               (Include, both books or journals and internet sites.)

  × Original work - Your research findings must be presented in your own words, not  cut-and -paste sections from web sites


Describe the system of traditional Aboriginal Law.


What was the Aboriginal Dreamtime?


List some aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture that have contributed to our society today.


Describe three traditional Aboriginal customs or ceremonies. For example:

a) Initiations  b) Corroborrees  c) Tribal punishments.


Describe the traditional Aboriginal relationship with the land.

Also, add to your answer the following things:

a)     In traditional Aboriginal society before white settlement, did individual Aboriginal people have private ownership of land?

b)    What caused some land or land features to become ‘Sacred Sites’?

c)     Why didn’t the traditional Aboriginal people have permanent houses or towns/villages on the land?
( Hint- in your research it might help you to look for any information on the lack of animals on the Australian continent at the time that could be domesticated; or seed or root crops that could be cultivated for food.)

Marking Rubric