Key Japanese Political and Cultural Periods
There are several key periods in Japanese History. They stand out because of their different political and cultural features.
This webpage outlines some of these key periods in Japanese History. It notes the different rulers, the type of government they used to rule over the Japanese people and the main events and cultural features of each period.

1. Print off this chart. As you read about these different periods of Japanese History, pick out and make brief point-form notes on the chart about the main events and cultural achievements of each period. Complete each column in the chart and then paste it in your book.

2. Design your own mini book about traditional Japanese culture.

    a) Watch this video to see how to make your book:
(You may need to right mouse click this URL and select 'open in new window'
or copy and paste the URL into your web browser.)

    b) Use Google image search, to find small pictures on the following topics.
: ( When researching your topics, put the words 'traditional Japanese'
                                     in front of the following topics to help you refine your search.)
         Landscape gardening, Dolls, Noh Drama or Kabuki Theatre, Tea ceremony, Kites, Bonsai.
                       Make your pictures about the same size as the above picture of the castle.

         Also research and type 3 or 4 points of information in a Word document about each topic.
                   Type your sentences for each topic, so that they will fit on the lower half of your book page.
                           Then print out your information points. (Remember to have topic headings!)

        Now cut out the information on each topic, and paste it in your book to go with the right picture.
                   Have a different topic (picture and information) on each page in your mini book.

Write the book title and draw a free-hand picture on your mini book cover,
                 or make a cover page with the computer and then past it on the cover.

3. Visit the following web pages and try your hand at completing the three interactive activities:
    a) Compose a short piece of music using traditional Japanese instruments.

    b) Create a Japanese woodblock print.
    c) Make a Japanese origami paper model.

        Watch this demonstration.