Adventure on the high seas... 


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Part A

Choose one piratical topic area below to research. If you choose a pirate for study, use these questions below to help focus your information. Don't forget to use the
Pirate Bibliography for source information as well as the
Internet Web Site Addresses  listed there.
Part A is due one week from today

Write out your information on your Piratical topic, or your Pirate in your work book or folder on a new page. You need to write five paragraphs of information in your own words. Remember to include a bibliography of the books and internet sites you use. Draw and colour or paste in three pictures as well. First put this heading on a new page: Adventure on the high seas...

Piratical Topics

Pirate Ships
Pirate Weapons
Pirate Treasure



History of Pirates
Pirate Flags and codes (rules)
Trials and Executions


Pirate Food and Clothing
Pirate Tactics and Hide-outs
Female Pirates


Edward Teach
Mary Read
Jean Francois Nau
John Bellamy
Edward England


Stede Bonnet
Grace O'Malley
Bartholomew Roberts
Henry Morgan
The Barbarossas
Woodes Rogers


Anne Bonny
Roche Brasiliano
Thomas Tew
Calico Jack Rackham
Henry Avery

  1. Of what nationality was your pirate?
  2. What are the birth and death dates?
  3. How or why did this person turn to piracy as a way of living?
  4. In what part of the world did your pirate prowl for treasure?
  5. Name some persons with whom your pirate came into contact while being a pirate.
  6. Discuss two or three adventurous exploits in which your pirate played a key role.
  7. What eventually became of your pirate? Tell what ending he or she had.
  8. What did you think of your pirate? Would you have wanted to serve on board with this pirate?

         When you have finished Part A, try your hand at this sailing simulation activity:

Part B 

Find a novel to read about pirates, or an adventure set on the high seas, or a tropical island. You have three weeks from today to read the novel. As you read the novel, write a book review that is set out like the one shown here. I Here is another book review sample for you. Include a picture in you book review , just as this one does. Find a book to read in your school or local library, or try finding an on-line book on pirates  or adventures on the high seas.
Here is a site where you can read Treasure Island on-line:

More on-line Pirate stories:

The Queen of the Pirate Isle by Bret Harte

The Offshore
Pirate by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Pirate of Panama by William MacLeod Raine

Blueskin the Pirate - Book of Pirates by Howard Pyle

Play this game while waiting for the rest of your class to finish the pirate unit - Find the buried treasure....

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