History Research and Web Site Design Project   (Print friendly version)
               Topic Area: Comparing Three Ancient Societies    

You are to research and compare
one aspect of three acient societies.
The ancient societies you need to look at are Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient China.

You can choose
one of the following aspects to study and present in the form of a web site:

-  Children in Ancient Times.
-  The Systems of Government in Ancient Times.
-  The law, Crime and Punishment in Ancient Times.
-  Gods and Religious Practices in in Ancient Times.
-  Weapons and Warfare in Ancient Times
-  Fashion and Entertainment in Ancient Times

• Your project is to design and build a web site.
• Use this website to present your researched information and conclusions.
• The best web sites will be posted on the School Intranet in your year section of the History Faculty Web Site.
• You will also be shown how to post your website on the Internet.

This page will give you easy to follow instructions on how to use MS Expression Web to build your site.

Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version) - the download file indicates it is a trial version. But it is actually the full version Microsoft has released for educational use.

            If you cannot download Microsoft Expression Web.....


A. Your website must have 6 web pages in total:
      - The first page is to be your home page /contents page for your website.
      - Make or call the file name for this page: Index

From this website home page, you can list and make links to any assignment or project you make for any subject. You can add to this over the coming years.

 This assignment on comparing three ancient societies should have a minimum five web pages.

B. Connect your pages to each other with a hyperlink.
      Plus on each page have a link back to the different pages or parts of this assignment.
 -  Also have a links back to your website home page (Index).

                                Three Ancient Societies
     (You can select your own wording for the title - the topic you select for this project.)

C. On Page 1 of your Ancient Societies assignment have an eye catching and engaging cover page, that includes hyperlinks to the different aspects of this topic that you are going to cover. (see below)
- This page is your Ancient Societies Assignment cover / contents page.

On page 2 have 3 maps of the location of the three ancient societies and some brief general information about each society.

On page 3, 4 and 5 cover different aspects of your topic.

- You can decide what would be good sub headings to use for your topic.
- Remember that on each page, when you present information on the different aspects of your topic, compare the three societies.
           - Explain any similarities or differences between the three ancient societies with regard to that aspect of your topic area.

  Please note:

- Write the information with your own words, do not cut and paste someone else's text.
- Have illustrations and note on the bottom of each web page, the web sites you got that information from.
- Also, have about 250 to 300 words of information on each page.

Remember, This page will give you easy to follow instructions on how to use MS Expression Web to build your site. (Including how to give some of your pages sound effects or music...)

Finally, please read this marking rubric or guideline carefully before you start.

         Comparing Three Ancient Societies  
 - Website Marking Criteria 

Name of student assessed: _________
___________________  Class: ______


Grade 10



- Home/site Page,
- 5  pages on three Ancient Societies - A contents page and 4 other pages




Interesting, relevant informative, pictures, diagrams, detail,
map, sources noted.




Organisation, layout, links, backgrounds, readable, aesthetic appearance.






How to upload your website to the Internet