Presentation Software - to present your research in an interesting way:


Using a web cam or mic.
2. Mind maps eg Freemind
3. Photo Story 3üslides with voice narration
4. Movie Maker - slide and video editing
5. Premier Elements- slide and video editing


Chroma Key - green screen scene backdrop - record on location!
7. PowerPoint - Still image and text presentations, can include voice narration.
8. Presenter - Add voice narration to Power Points /slides (can also add in video clips)
9. Notebook 10 - interactive WB tools
10. Audacity - voice / music editing
11. Pod casting - post video or audio
12. Class Blog - publish views / comments
13. Publisher - brochures
14. Class Wiki - class collaboration
15. Class Moodle - put units on-line
16. OneNote - notes organisation
17. SmartRecorder- screen capture
18. MS Expression Web - make web pages
Or to make a free website
19. Rubistar - Design your own rubric - marking scale
20. Animoto - combine slide, music and video
21 QuestGarden - Web Quest making tool
22. Glogster -makes interactive digital posters
23 Wordle - Create a word collage of terms
24 Prezi - PowerPoint with fun zoom feature
Edmondo - Secure work networking for teachers and students
26 Auto Collage -is on the DER laptops
27 Xtranormal -present with movie animation
28 Adobe Acrobat - To edit pdf files


                                                                                    Student ICT Activities   


                         Student ICT Activities



Using a laptop web-cam to video, or laptop mic. to record voice...
a) picture / text instructions b) Video 'how to....'
                   c) Instructions on recording with OneNote (Instructions given using the screen capture tool 'Smart Recorder')


Great range of mind map makers       a) To download freemind:
(When downloading, tick the box that asks if you want a start-up icon on your desktop - icon of an orange butterfly. It's very easy
          to use - go File/new (mind map). Then press the 'insert' key for a new 'spoke' and 'balloon', and 'return' for extra 'balloons'.)

 b) An example of a 'freemind' mindmap.
  (See the instruction video on Freemind at the bottom of this page. It is a good video instruction clip, but it has no animation at the start.) 
 c) Or you can use free-hand mind maps!


Photo Story 3 (Open, scroll to the bottom and click 'download', it's free)   Video 'how to use ...'


Movie Maker  a) YouTube 'How to...'   b) YouTube 'how to...'   c) From vimeo



Premier Elements a) You Tube 'How to use...' b) YouTube Video 'how to...'  c) YouTube 'How to...'  d) YouTube 'How to...'

Chroma Key is very cool...  YouTube 'how to...'
                                       Chroma key lets you present and record yourself standing in front of a great historical scene backdrop
                                                       - on location...standing in front of the Colosseum, or a war ravaged battle field or ....


PowerPoint (2003)  PowerPoint (2007) .......To add voice narration - brief 'how to'
More detail - To add narration to a presentation & to add sound


Presenter a) Brief Overview  b) YouTube 'How to...' just watch the start of this one!    c)  Video 'how to...' 



NoteBook10 (For Interactive White Boards) a) Tools Bar  b) Tools Bar    c)  Example of a notebook 10 page    
   d)  WWI Trenches    e) Activity for student generated Notebook 10 activities


Audacity a) Brief overview and where to download b) Video 'how to...'  c) Video 'how to...'  d) Video 'how to...' e) Video 'how to...'


Podcasting    a) Post your Blogs here for free   b) Video 'how to...'  c) Video 'how to...'  


Blogging: How to set up a safe class Blog    


Publisher a) Video 'how to...' b) Video 'how to...' c) MS On-line tuition


 What is a Wiki -Video clip    a) An example of a class wiki (click 'Discussion' at the top to see student comments)
b) An example of a wiki for work units

c) How to set up your own class wiki:


MOODLE  a) Video clip - What is Moodle.  b) An example of a Moodle page, and some more good video clips.
c) How to upload a file to Moodle


Microsoft OneNote   
   a) OneNote clip  b) OneNote Clip



A video clip on how to use freemind, a free mind mapping tool.
 The free mind mapping tool FreeMind. (See 2. above)


How to use 'Smart Recorder' - desktop screen movement capture and voice recording - for instruction or demonstration....     Another example of smart recorder used for making a mini tutorial


Microsoft Expression Web  (older version Front Page) for making web pages. For some web page backgrounds.
To make a free web site. (For these you do not need MS ExpressionWeb)


Rubistar - Teacher or students can design their own rubric or marking scale, for any type of activity.
Video How to Use Rubistar   What is a rubric? (Just watch the start)


Animoto  for making multi-media slide shows with user-selected photos, video clips and music. Video Sample
Most of the design work (transitions, etc.) are done automatically, so students can focus on content and the order they want things to appear.


 QuestGarden lets you put together a Web Quest without needing to know how to make web pages. It lets you publish your web quest and provides many examples of other published Web Quests.  Video on how to use Web QuestGarden  Example WebQuests


Glogster helps you make a professional looking, creative and informative interactive digital poster on any selected research topic.
You can use Glogster for free for thirty days, but you need to register from home to get your own password. Glogster will store your digital poster for you on the Internet, and give you the internet address so you can find and show your poster.
Most recent example Glogsters Year 7


Wordle - With Wordle you can create a creative jumbled word collage of any list of terms on any topic.


Prezi lets you easily create an animated or moving presentation that includes zooming in and out on key points or illustrations. As well as text or illustrations on any angle, it also enables you to easily add any YouTube clips on your topic.
 This is a Prezi example, that's about how Prezi works. (The ‘wheel thing’ on the right lets you see the ‘big picture’)
Video: How to create your own Prezi.
 This is a Prezi presentation on digital story telling


Edmondo - Create your own independent 'Moodle' with a different look...i.e. secure work networking for teachers and students...
 a) Video 'how to...' b) Video 'how to...'


Auto Collage (is on the student NSW DER laptops)



Xtranormal - lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated  movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly.
Easily share then on Youtube.  Video 'How to...'



Adobe Acrobat - To edit pdf files use Adobe Acrobat  a) Video 'How to...'
or a free one to use (pdf-xchange-viewer) can be downloaded from