1. Go to the following sites and read about the Protestant Reformation. 

To get a very quick overview you could first watch, from: A Crash Course on World History - Luther and the Protestant Reformation- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o8oIELbNxE 
            (You may need to paste this sites URL onto a new page in your web browser.)

Read through the questions and answers in the following Quizlet web page, until you get to the question 'When did Luther die?'
a. Read the following webpage. How did Johannes Gutenberg's invention enable many other people to interpret the words of the Bible instead of relying on the interpretations given by the Priests and Roman Catholic Church?

First scroll down on the same web page and also read the Causes of the Reformation

b. How did Gutenberg's invention enable Luther's ideas of protest against the Catholic Church and reform, spread across the whole land? What new technology today has been enabling people to share ideas and organise protest against their leaders or how their country is governed?

c. According to the following website how did the Roman Catholic Church become so rich and powerful?

2. Explain what things people started criticising and complaining about the Roman Catholic Church.
    Read again the section called the Cause on this site, and look at the following Cartoon

3. a) Using the above sites, explain what was the selling of  indulgences and why many people thought this was wrong? b) Also find out from the following site why the Church was trying to raise extra money?


4. Who was Martin Luther and what actions did he take against the Catholic Church?

5.  The worksheet. Use the following map to colour in your blank map on the worksheet.
    Colour your map of Europe to show approximately where the different religions developed in Europe.
     (Draw your own coloured key for the map)

6. Explain what you think is illustrated below in Source A below.

7. Explain what you think is happening in the illustration seen in Source B below.

Source A

Source B

8. Who was Tetzel and what was he doing that angered many people who were protesting against the Roman Catholic Church?

9. Write a few points about the new religion started by John Calvin (1509-64)?
     Scroll down to the chart.
(The information on this site might also help yuo add information to or improve some of your above questions.)

10. When you have done all of the above, play the interactive Reformation games at this site:


Optional Extension Task: Research Topic - The religious wars following the Reformation.

It can be a complex topic, so start by first re-reading any information in the websites at the top of the page where they cover the 'consequences' or things that happened as a result of the Protestant Reformation. It is an interesting but very sad chapter in human history because of the death, destruction and horrible acts that were committed by different groups.

Some of these groups developed different understandings of how individual people should be treated in society. Some groups also had such a strong conviction that their religion was the only one with the correct beliefs, that they engaged in wars to kill others that disagreed with them. Compile your research findings using one of the presentation apps such as PowerPoint, Prezi or PhotoStory.

(Remember to list your Sources of information at the end, for any you don't briefly quote from and note during your presentation.)