Well, he was not exactly an Elizabethan court musician, but Henry VIII was certainly a musician and composer. One of his pieces is played here by a trio of recorders: the cheerfully extrovert "Pastime with Good Company"(click the ear!)




























Henry VIII and the English Reformation      

1. a) Setting the scene! In Google image search type 'Haslehurst prints of Windsor' and look at the artists impressions of the sort of scenery and architecture common in the time of HenryVIII. Find ‘HenryVIII’s Gateway’ and ‘Anne Boleyn’s Window’.

Write the above heading on a new page in your book and then print a small coloured picture of the 'Gateway' or 'Window' and paste it next to your heading. Use the heading above.


    b) Go to the following site and then record the main facts about Henry VIII’s life.

    c) Explain how his character seemed to change during his life. Provide some examples.


2. a) From the following site, who brought about the English Reformation and why?

    b) List the main events in the English Reformation.


    c) Visit the following site and design your own Elizabethan room.


3.  Write three or four points about each of the following: a) A "Papal Dispensation", b) The Dissolution, c) Thomas Cromwell, d) The ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’. From this site:

          "divorced, executed, died, divorced, executed, survived"
4. a) Using the above words and the following site, describe the background and fate of each of Henry’s wives.    


Visit the following site and click the pictures of Henry. Enlarge the paintings to the full screen size and examine the detail and colour in his robes.


      c) Print off this worksheet label the seven people and then colour their costumes in historically accurate colours. Paste the worksheet in your book.

5.   a) Visit the following site and study the paintings  of: a) Henry VIII jousting while  
    Catherine of Aragon looks on, b) Henry VIII's sword, c) Henry VIII playing a harp, 
    with Will Somers, d) A stained glass window of Henry VIII.

                                tudorhistory.org/ henry8/gallery2.html 

       b) Draw and colour a picture of Henry's sword or harp.

       c) Who was Will Sommers? What was his function in the Royal Court and what skills 
           would he have needed? 

6. Explain what role or how the  two people pictured
below were 
    involved in the English Reformation.

King Charles V of Spain.

Who was the Pope at this time?

7. While you are waiting for the rest of your class to finish this web lesson, go to the following site and play the game of Joust. http://www.tudorbritain.org/default.htm