Research and Web Site Design Project
Your project is to design and build a web site.
The best web sites may be posted on the Intranet/Internet.
The simple instructions for how to make a web site are here.
Topic: Ancient Egypt  (Could be adapted to an alternative ancient society.)
a. Your site must have 5 web pages in total. These pages will be - a home page (cover/contents page) and four other web pages.

b. Connect your pages to each other with a hyperlink. Plus on each page have a link back to your home page (cover/ contents page).

c. On page 1 have a map of the Egyptian Empire and general information about the Empire.
On page 2 have information about Egyptian Religion. Present the information as though it was written by a traveller from a foreign land, visiting Egypt in the time of the pharaohs. Write down what you (the traveller) discovered about Egyptian religion.

page 3 have information about Egyptian warfare. Present the information in the form of a series of diary entries, written by a soldier in ancient Egypt. Cover his training, the weapons they use, a military campaign he went on and his life in general in the army. Use information that is historically accurate. Include sketches or illustrations.

page 4 have information about Egyptian leisure activities. Present the information in the form of a letter. You are a young boy or girl and you are staying with your cousin in the capital Thebes. Write the letter to a friend back in your home town describing the entertainment events you have experienced, including a banquet at the home of a wealthy relative.

Please note: Write the information with your own words, do not cut and paste someone else's text. Have illustrations and note on the bottom of each web page, the web sites you got that information from. Finally, have a minimum of 300 words of information on each page.
Also, please read this marking rubric or guideline carefully before you start!

                   Ancient Egypt   Website assessment form 

Name of student : ________________________          Class:___________


Grade 1-10



Home/contents Page,
4 other pages:
Map of Empire, religion,
warfare, leisure activities




Interesting, relevant, pictures, detailed, accurate.




Organisation, links, readable, aesthetic