The Great Adventures of Zheng He

1. Read the following web page. Who was Zheng He and why is he famous?
 (Brief overview:) 
(More detailed overview:) )

2.Find on the internet a picture of Zheng He and paste in your book.

3. Watch this video clip and record two interesting facts about his life. (If you can't watch it at school, watch it at home.) (You may need to right mouse click and select 'oprn in new window")

4. Quick Research: During what Chinese dynasty did Zheng He embark on his voyages of discovery?

5. Describe one of his ships and include such things as: the size, masts, weapons , food supplies, any animals they carried, the number of the crew and different types of crew.

6. Print off this blank map of South East Asia. Paste it in your book.
Lightly shade the land and water and mark on it the different yoyages made by Zheng He.
7. Approximately how much larger were these Chinese ocean going ships compared to the European ships at that time?

8. List some of the countries that Zheng He sailed to.

9. See if you can find out about how many different ships sailed in one of his voyages? Were there different types?

10. See if you can find out about one of the adventures he encounted on one of his voyages.
Briefly recount it. Ifyou can't find an actual account of one of his adventures on one of his voyages, write a one page piece of historic fiction.
Make up the story but use as much historically acurate details as you can about the location, their ships and items on their ships and their objectives.
The start of this video recounts the story of the fleets battle agaist pirates: )

11. Find out and explain in your own words why Zheng He was told to go on no more voyages and destroy all of the ocean going ships.

12.Research: What happened to all of the records and journals from Zheng He's voyages?

  13. Watch the start of the following video and then explain why Zheng He went on these voyages and what benefits they brought to China.
Early 17th-century Chinese woodblock print, thought to represent Zheng He's ships
Write a brief history of China's early weapons.
Draw diagrams or collect pictures of the range of early weapons they invented.
Label the illustrations and note how the weapons were used.