Website Challenge:  
Your challenge is design a webpage on the topic:
Ancient Greek Gods and Mythology

Use Microsoft Expression Web 4 or If you are unable to download MS Expression Web.)

                                    Your Webpage audience age group: 9-12 years

Your Webpage Must Have:

A Title heading.

A coloured background. (Handy backgrounds save one to a new folder,
                                                   call it: 'GreekGodsWebpage'?

Multiple animations.

● Small brief blocks of text with each animation (or illustration).
    (For this project you can copy and paste text from the internet! But have...)

● A list of the internet sites you use in a cell
(lowest row of a table) at the bottom of your webpage.

Animations and brief text on each of the following:
       - The Main Gods
       - Mythological Heroes
       - Mythological Creatures

Webpage design help and hints:      1 ) Follow this brief Web Site Design Guide.
                                                             2 ) Google 'Ancient Greek Gods GIF', 'Heroes GIF', or the creature + GIF.
                                                                                          (GIF are animations)
                                                             3 ) Then click 'image search', then 'Search Tools'/ 'Type'/'Animated'.
                                                             4 ) Open up the animation you like, save it to your 'GreekGodsWebpage' folder.
                                                             5 ) How to Make Web Pages :tells you how to build a webpage.

What to do with your webpage:   - Keep a copy on your USB so you can show it to your class and your teacher grade it.
        - Save it to the the student storage area on your school intranet.
                                                        - Publish it to your WWW site if you have one. (How to upload your website to the Internet)
                                                        - If you want to make changes to your website at home -
use Microsoft Expression Web 4