-         The publisher of an international yearly magazine has contracted you.


-         You have been asked to prepare the children’s section.


-         As the magazine is this year going to break into the Scandinavian market, your publisher has asked you to make the children’s section about the Vikings.



1.     MAGAZINE SECTION: Children (Age target 8-14 years.)


2.     TOPIC: The Vikings.



3.     ASPECTS:   a) Their homeland and way of life – Land, houses, customs, art etc.

        b) Their voyages (locations and motives), boats and navigation methods.

        c) Their weapons and battles.

        d) The women and children.


4.     PRESENTATION: Interesting, colourful and eye catching.


5.     CONTENT: The material must be factual, accurate and informative.


6.     FORMAT: The children should have fun discovering information on the above    

                              aspects of the topic through a variety of games and activities.

SUGGESTIONS: Puzzles, a maze, find-a-word, mix-and-match, spot the difference, ‘…draw in the missing…’, colour, trace, ‘…in the spaces provided, list the…’, ‘…read the following account and highlight the evidence that proves that the Vikings…’, ‘…which of the following are correct?’, ‘..on the following map, draw in… or colour…’, jokes, PLUS YOUR OWN ORIGINAL IDEAS!.


7.     LENGTH: 4-6  A4 pages.


              8. DATE DUE:

 Remember: keep in mind the marking rubric, when you are working on your assignment.