Marbles, Stones and Bones!  Whose Heritage?  Whose Property?
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             Question: Should items from antiquity be returned to the countries of their original place of origin?


In your argument refer to sources on the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone, and human remains.

Back up or support your points, with reference to or brief quotes from published articles on this issue.

(See pages 52-54 Antiquity 1, and your own research)

 Mini essay length:  1 2  A4 pages, Date Due:__________

                                                      Effective Research

Remember: The secret of effective research, is to target relevant search words.
                                                                  ...and try different combinations.

For example - If you type in Google the words: [ Rosetta stone Egypt ] , you will get some good general information sites on the Rosetta stone.

But if you add a word, and type:[ Rosetta stone heritage Egypt ], you will get excellent current articles, discussing the recent developments and arguments around this issue of where these priceless treasures from antiquity should reside.

Happy hunting!


These sites came up on the 'Marbles':