1. Read the following website and then write out in point form notes, the information from the first
 few lines, down to mention of "Rome as a Republic."  

(You might need to paste the URL into a new browser page of right mouse click and select 'open link in a new window'.)

2. Print off this picture showing the three main social classes in Ancient Rome.
    Label each picture with the name of that social class and then paste the picture in your book.

3. If you were a slave in this ancient society, list the restrictions that would be imposed on you.
(The rights you would not have, or the things you would not be allowed to do.)

4. Study the following web page and then complete the 'Mix and Match' activity below.
    Write out the terms (in red) in your book and then write the correct definition next to each one.

5. a) Study the painting and layout of the Roman Forum as you explore the following site.
List the names of 3 buildings found around the Roman Forum.

Also on the above site play the video of the 3D animation of Ancient Rome called 'Rome Reborn 2.1'.
                  Note the structure you 'fly through' called the Aqua Claudia.
    b) Find out and explain what function this structure served the people living in the city of Ancient Rome.

6.  Read the following web site, and then use the information to design an interesting and colourful
mind map about the function or duties of the Roman Senators.

Put the mind map on a new page in your book or design it on your computer.

In the center of your page/ mind map, write 'The duties and Responsibilities of a Roman Senator.' 

7.  A roman street - what doesn't belong? Toss it in the time tunnel 

8. Watch part of this historic recreation and dramatisation of the Roman Senate in action...


More slaves are captured for Rome...

When you have finished you can explore this interactive site about different aspects of Roman society.
Also look for the game in this site that explores some of the Roman legacy in Britain.
It is called 'Roman Ruins':