Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt
1. a) Put the above heading on a new page in your book.
b) Explore these following maps of Ancient Egypt:
2.  From the following site print the map of the Nile River. 

     a) Over time, the Egyptian Empire went through three different stages.
         These have been named the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom.
          Find and write out two facts or basic points about these different stages or periods of the The Egyptan Empire.
          This site will help you: https://www.ancient-egypt-online.com/ancient-egypt-government.html

     b) Find some maps that show you the extent or locations of the three different Periods of Empire. Shade these different areas
         on the mape and also the map Key. Add some colour tothe rest of the map and paste it in your boook.

3. a) Print off this activity sheet. Cut out the speech balloons and figures.
Match the speech balloons to the figures and then paste them in your book.
b) Label each picture with one of the following words:
    Pharaoh, Soldiers, High Priest, Visier, Slave, Farmers, Scribe.
              (This site might help you if you are unsure of the terms.)

c) Lightly colour some of the pictures.

4. Turn to a new page and turn your page sideways.
Halfway down the page, and in the middle of the page, put the heading: 'Everyday life in ancient Egypt'.
From this heading design a coloured mindmap on the topic: Everyday life in ancient Egypt.
Right mouse click the above link and select 'open in new tab'

In the link above, look at past mind maps students have made.
Or if you don't want to draw it free-hand, you could use MS Word - Page Layout/Orientation/Landscape, then Insert/Shapes/Callouts
Or you could try using one of the mind map makers.

Around this heading in the middle of your page, make point form notes on the different aspects of life you want to make notes on in your mindmap.

Before you begin
, explore all of the links on  this interactive web site about daily life in Ancient Egypt.

Also you can get information from this web page or Google other sites on everyday life in ancient Egypt, such as:

If you have space you could also put small pictures around your mind map.