Student Activities using Notebook 10 ( The Interactive Whiteboard Software)

       Your Task: Make a game / activity that your class can play.               (Individually or in pairs)                            


Open Notebook 10  (it’s the same software used on some interactive white boards)

      START/ All Programs / SMART Technologies / Notebook Software / Notebook Software 10

Right mouse click  ‘Notebook Software 10’  and select ‘pin to task bar’.

        9 This leaves a Notebook 10 icon on the bottom of your screen - easy to find next time.

Open the ‘Gallery’ on the left

  9 Then ‘Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0’ / ‘activities’

Pick one of the activities to make a game that will test (and teach) your class-mates about the topic:

 ___________________________________ (your teacher will tell you) Open the activity and

  click the question mark - top right hand corner- it will tell you how to make the game.
        Or just click edit, and start....  (You can click ‘examples’ to see some ready-made games.)

Where your game might be used :
    - Your class mates can try your activity on the interactive white board  in your classroom
    - You could centrally store the class activities on-line. e.g school server (Student S:drive?)
    - Your teacher might select some of the activities, for the whole class to do.
  'Print Screen' the completed game, print off a hard copy and place in your work folder or book.