Presentation Activities - for Students to Publish their Research Findings and Conclusions.
                    The software you can use to do these activities and how to use it could be found on this link.
1. Make a mind-map using 'Freemind' on the topic of__________________
    Student example          Free-hand mind-maps
11. Create a brochure that persuades people to _________ OR recreate one from the time period of ____________ that instructs people on how to _______________(Use Publisher) student samples
2. Make a slide show and have your voice narration with each slide on the topic of_________________ (Year 7 example made with photoStory3)
Otzi The Iceman
12. Make a website on the topic of _____________OR that covers the events _______________OR covers the issues about______________      Year 7 example.
3. Working with one or two partners, after researching the question / topic of_______________ , use Glogster to make an informative interactive digital poster. Then briefly present the poster to the class, highlighting your main findings and points of interest. (Year 7 Examples: Joshua, Ediandra, Tiffany )
More examples
13. Make a voice and sound recording of a news broadcast from the time of____________ reporting reporting on the event of _______________________
(An Example of a real broadcast:  From Trafalgar Square during an air raid in the Blitz in WWII)
 It is often better to right mouse click a link and select 'open in a new window'.
4. Use Wordle to make a jumbled word collage of all of the words and terms to do with the topic _____________ 14. Make a video or voice only recording of you presenting your findings and conclusions on the topic_______________ or issue of ________
5. Write a magazine style article about ________________ (Event or issue.)
Example: Gallipoli: Legend, Myths, The Facts, The 'Pilgrims'....
OR prepare a section special for a magazine. Example: You Little Viking!
15. Re-create an aged looking diary or journal from the time of__________ wherein _______has recorded their experiences of _____
6. Create a collage or poster displaying your findings and point of view on the topic/issue of_________________________ 16. Recreate a newspaper front page from the year__________ , include coverage of the events__________
7. Make a mini-documentary on the topic___________________ or about the issue of___________________ Student Example 17. Before starting your next activity, as a small group use Rubistar to design a rubric or marking scale for grading your activity.
8. Create an interactive white board activity that gets the other students to _________________ on the topic of _______________ 18. Create a digital essay with images text and a music background (or with sound effects) on the topic of ________________
Student Example - Conscription Issue
(A student example - The Roaring 20s - good but slow to load)
9. On the class wiki  show your findings and write your response to the question_______________. Also comment on the responses of at least  two or your classmates.  Year 7 example. Click 'discussion' to see their comments! 19.Create a multiple choice quiz on the topic of________________
10. Recreate a travel guide book from the time period of ______________ on the city of _______________ or country of ___________with maps, places of interest and entertainment recommendations. 20. Re-create a family photo album from the time of __________________ With each or some of the photos have a label and brief recollection describing the scene or actions in the photographs. e.g. Australia in 1900 (In Notebook10)
21. Create an interactive timeline of the period ________________ Select images to show the main events - images hyperlink to the event details.  
22. Make a collection of historical video clips on the topic of _____________ With each video clip, make up two or three good questions that ask the viewers what that clip tells us about some aspect of that society of event. (example   example for IWB. As well as YouTube, video clips can be found at Screen Australia or National Film and Sound Archive)  
23. Make a voice and screen capture of your desktop explaining how to _____________________ (Example demo. It records your voice narration as well, a plug-in mic.'s better for sound though. You could also explain features in a document or photograph or.......)  
24. Video a role-play of  :- An interview between_______________
OR An argument between_______________ e.g. ; OR A person from the time of_____________ giving instructions to a child about how they should _________ ___________ ; OR Three characters from the time of___________ with the social position or occupation of_______________ complaining about_____________
25. Research the Great Adventures fro the Era of Sail. Present your findings as a website.
Student example: Marilla
Just Crosswords