1. Go to the following site click 'Roman Index', and then 'Go to classroom version'.

2. a) Leave a blank page in your book for a title page on Ancient Rome.
On the next page put the heading: The city of Rome and the Roman Empire
  c) Then answer in  complete sentences, the three questions on the left of the web
        page about the 'City of Rome'.
(Write a few sentences for each answer, and make sure you explain the words highlighted,  
and who the 'praetorian' guard were.)
           I     How did Rome gets its name?
           II   How was Rome Ruled?
           III  Who were the Roman Emperors?

3.Find and write out the two 'Fun Facts'.

4. Do the quiz at the bottom of the web site page. Record your score and then write out the 
three correct answers in your book, under the heading: Roman Quiz 1- City And Empire.

Once a great Roman General, Maximus ( Russell Crowe ) must fight for his life in Dreamworks' Gladiator

5. a)Go to the following map web site:  This is a good  animated map showing the growth of the Roman Empire;  
Click the map and watch the Empire grow. Stop at 400A.D.
b) What were the names of the two new Roman Capitals when the Empire split into two Empires, (one in the East and one, in the west)?

6. Print off this blank map of Europe or get a photo copy from your teacher, and paste it in your book. 
 Then fill in, label and colour the map from the information on the following map.

          The Roman Empire

7. a) Study the following map, and then write out and complete the following sentence in your book, (heading for your book is TRADE):
    b) The Romans imported ________from North Africa, _________from China and _______from Roman Britain (England).

A Typical Roman Town Port


 8. Go to the following  time line and write out:
 a) When Julius Caesar was assassinated and 
 b) In what year the Goths (barbarian tribe) attacked the city of Rome.

9. (Optional) Extension Research. Find out and write down six main points about          
  Julius Caesar and  Marcus

10. a) View the following video clip about how modern scientists are working with archaeologists to unearth more secrets of the Gladiators:
(You may need to borrow earphones from the librarian. If the school does not have the movie player needed , watch it at home.)

b) Go to the following site and play and watch the animation on The Colosseum: Building the Arena of Death then answer the following questions. For some links you might to right mouse click and select 'open in new window'.
(Make sure you also click the six interactive areas at the end including the posts on the top of the Colosseum and watch the animation of how the shade awning was raised.)    
I)    How many amphitheatres do we know the Roman built?
II)  How many people could the Colosseum in Rome hold?
III) What were the cages under the Colusseum used for? 
IV) Why was sand scattered in the arena?
V)  Why do you think sailors were employed to fix and operate the giant canvas awnings over the Colusseum?
11.Now you be the Gladiator! Play the game: Gladiator: Dressed to Kill