1. On a new page in your book, put the above heading, and then go to the following site:   
( )
The above web page URL is no longer active :- (
See if you can answer the following questions about limericks from these other sites or your own research:

2. From the 'What is a Limerick ?' page, zip through the following three hyper heading links and  make notes on each:

                     a) What is a Limerick?
                     b) The rhythm pattern.
                     c) The rhyming scheme.

3. Play the Limerick Game!

4. Write your own Limerick.

5. Draw and colour a picture to illustrate your limerick ( or find one on the Internet.)

6. Extension work for the un-extended! Answer these questions in complete sentences:

a) What were Limericks originally called?
b) What is the name and the year of the first one ever published?
Try the following website or conduct your own research.