'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian 

1. Use
the following links to watch the short movie clips on the German bombing raid on London during the 'blitz'.




2. a) At the above site, click the Spy's Area, and read about your mission. What part of Great Britain are you spying on in this site?
    b) Then click the 'Evacuation Area' to work in and study all of the active 'hot spots' that you can open up. Then write these sentences and complete them in your book. 2b1.The date America started fighting in World War Two was..., 2b2.The Athenia Disaster was when...,  2b3.The ghost like figure in the propaganda poster (that is trying to convince mothers to leave their children in the cites) is..., 2b4.Photographs of evacuees from the city, show that children got to engage in activities in the countryside such as... 2b5.The square box that evacuee children carried around their necks contained a....

3. On a new page in your book, draw and colour a plan showing an aerial view of Mr. Tom Oakley's cottage , the cemetery and church. Include the paths, and giant tree etc.

4. Research task: Anderson Shelters     (See the external links at the bottom of the page.)

  • Who were the shelters named after and what materials were used in their construction?
  • Describe how an Anderson shelter was constructed.  See the external links below
  • How did people acquire an Anderson shelter? How were they different to a Morrison shelter?
        Google image search a Morrison shelter and paste a smsll picture of on in your book.
  • Besides being partially dug into the ground, explain how Anderson shelters were further disguised from the air.

5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2children/ Study this site and try to find out as much as you can about life for children in England during WWII .
The write a two page recount in your book. Pretend you are remembering what things were like as a child living during the war. Include mention of historically accurate details about aspects of your every day life, that you learn about from from the web site. For example: food, school, clothing, washing etc.. Start your writing with the words: I can remember what life was like for us during the war. Things were different then!...

6. After discussing these questions in class, write your answers in your book. 

a.) Mr. Tom Oakley has been a cross recluse for years. What has caused him to be that way? 

b). Why is Willie so fearful and sure that he is worthless? Describe him as he is when he first comes to live with Mr. Tom.

c.) Mr. Tom shows great kindness and patience to Willie. Cite several examples of Mr. Tom's good will from the early part of the book.

d.) Willie has never had friends when he comes to the village. Tell how each of his new friends helps him change and develop into a happy, confident boy. Why is Zach a perfect best friend for Willie?

e.) If you could choose any of the characters for a friend, which one would you like? Why?

f.) When does Mr. Tom realize how much he loves and needs Willie?

g.) How does the London experience prove Mr. Tom to be a hero?
(a-g from http://www.bookrags.com/studyguide-good-night-mr-tom/topicsfordiscussion.html)

7. Write out or copy and paste, then print the following passage. Put the passage in your book and fill in the spaces with the correct words. First look up the words in bold in a dictionary. www.dictionary.com 

Mr. Tom is Willie's name for Tom _________, an older man living in a village called ___________ deep in the countryside of __________ during _______ War II. _________has a reputation for being unkind and _______ but, in truth, he is withdrawn, only because he is grieving for his deceased wife, who he lost years ago in childbirth along with a stillborn child. Normally Mr. Tom does not interact very much with others in the __________, but he agrees to take in one of the children sent from _________ to avoid being killed in wartime ____ _______.  __________owns his own house in Weirwold and lives there alone with his ____, Sam. He likes to __________, and he takes good care of his own place. He is tormented with memories of his dead ______, so that everywhere he looks, he is reminded of her, including all around the home, the garden, and the shops in town, particularly the ______ shop, since she was an artist.

Word bank:
dog  ,  Mr. Tom  , World,   village ,  art  , Oakley  ,  air raids ,  garden  , Mr. Tom   , England  , harsh  , wife , Weirwold , London.


8. Which character is being described in each of the following five character descriptions? Write the descriptions out in your book and write the name of the correct character above each.
a) A mentally ill, fanatical woman who insists that her son must live beside a church.
b) A thin undernourished boy who needs to heal physically and emotionally from the abuse of his mentally-ill mother.
c) A man embittered by the death of his artistic young wife and infant son, and has been the village recluse for years.
d) He was covered with bruises and cuts from his mother's beatings. He was withdrawn, frightened and unable to read or write. He also vomited from excitement and wet the bed nightly.
e) An outgoing , friendly, lively boy who talks fast and likes to wear bright clothes. His parents were eccentric and worked in the world of music and entertainment. 

Scroll down the page at the following site and look at the pictures and illustrations. Then explore the interactive scene at the bottom of the page. Use your mouse to expose the German bomber.


External research links:
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(has interesting
                                                                                            primary sources)