Religion in Ancient Rome



Jupiter was the god of the sky and the most important god.   Neptune was the god of the sea.

Put the above heading (black) on a new page and then read the following web page.

2.Do the quiz at the bottom of the above web page and then write out the questions and correct answer in your book.


  Mars was the god of war.
3. Read through the following web page. 

Now design your own Wordle using any words about religion in Ancient Rome (  )
Then print your Wordle and paste it in your book.

4. Select and complete a quiz from one of the following sites:

5. Print off the worksheet below and paste it in your book. Fill in the missing words on the sheet.
Here is a good site for some hints!: hints page
(Hints page from: )


6. Use a Google search to find out who was Ceres and Proserpina . The picture to the right is an artists impression of Ceres. Record a few points of researched information on each.

7. Extension Activity: Find out about the early history of Christianity. Why and how did the Romans change from throwing the Christians to the lions, to becoming Christians themselves? Go to the following site and answer the questions at the bottom of the web site in complete sentences: Christianity in Ancient Rome

8. While you are waiting for the rest of your class to finish, find on the Internet, a picture of another Roman God. Draw,  colour and label this in your book.