The Anglo-Saxon Invasions 

  1. Open (or copy and paste the following URL into a new tab on your browser and then after opening it) click the different links on the Saxons. Then click 'go to classroom version'.
    (If stuck, Google 'BBC Saxons', plus the following site will help with Q1 and Q2:
  1. Draw your own timeline or fill in the blank timeline on the worksheet provided worksheet , with the dates of the main events in Anglo-Saxon history. (Adjust the timeline if needed.)
  2. Click the link 'Who were they', and then open the first 'photo' - the map. Use this coloured map, to fill in your blank map provided on the worksheet. Then paste the worksheet in your book.
  3. Answer the following questions in your book:

a)    Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

b)   By 600A.D. what were the five main Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms?

     5. From the different Anglo-Saxon  links on the Home Page,  answer the following questions in your work book:

a)    Describe a Saxon house and include what the roof was made of.

b)   Describe their clothing.

c)    How do historians know what different jobs the Saxon men and women had?

d)   Who were the thanes?

               e) How were punishments for crime in Saxon times, different than they are now? (Include what a ‘wergild’ was.)

                 f) Make three points from this YouTube video clip.

          (Google search for these terms, if you can't find the information on the given site.
                    eg type 'thanes Saxons' in Google.)

    6. If you finish before the rest of your class, then you can play these games about Anglo-Saxon times:
 1. Hild and the village feast(look for the game at the bottom of the page.)
 2.The Anglo-Saxon coin game:
  ( from: )