How to Construct a Virtual Museum in Google Slides

To get the background pictures for your virtual museum front door and foyer/lobby, Google image search with words like: ‘ historic buildings front door’ or ‘foyer’/ ‘lobby’ etc.  Click the plus sign to get a new slide, delete the automatic text boxes and then click Background and select Image for your foyer or gallery background.

Also something like ‘museum gallery wall’ will give you pictures you can use for the different rooms in your virtual museum.

  • When you click ‘share’ in Google Slides get an internet address for your virtual museum, you can then use  just paste in your URL address and it will give you a much shorter version.    
  • You could also have a ‘Curator’ section in your virtual museum to record your own names.

For tips see:

It is easiest to select museum gallery walls for your museum that are square and facing the viewer.
   This is because it is easiest to insert square pictures you find into square frames on the gallery wall.
       You just copy and paste or insert image…
If, however, you select gallery walls on an angle, the wall and picture frames will be trapezoid shaped.  
                            How to change a picture to have a trapezoid shape.
1. Insert the image you want to put on a gallery wall and reduce its size to about the size you want it.
2. Click your image and then click open the down arrow next to this tool icon and select Shapes and then Trapezoid:

3. Then rotate the trapezoid shape outline  on its side.

4. To then turn the image up the right way, double click the image to get its rotating handle to straighten the image.

Adjust the sides of the trapezoid outline and image until the image looks satisfactory on that gallery wall.

                         How to put a frame behind your image.
1. Click the Shapes tool icon  and draw a trapezoid image and turn it on its side.

      N.B. Make you trapezoid slightly larger than your picture.

2. Select ‘Format’ and then ‘Fill colour ’to fill in the trapezoid with the colour you want your frame.

3. Then drag the coloured trapezoid over your picture and select ‘Order’ and sent it to the back, behind your picture.
You should be able to still see the edges of the trapezoid shape so it will frame the picture to the thickness you want.

How to put a hyperlink on your picture.

1. Draw a text box that covers all of your picture.
2. Type any letter in the top left hand corner of the text box.

 3. Highlight this letter, then right mouse click to select Hyperlink, and link to the slide of your choice.
                   Click ‘Slides in this presentation’ and then scroll down to the slide number you want.