The Vikings Invasions


1.    Print off this blank timeline and map. Using the following sites: 

      a) Fill in the timeline with any dates that involved a Viking invasion or battle.
      b) Label and fill in the details on the map from this site:  
See part 6 of the section called ‘Who Were the Vikings?’

2.    Answer the following questions using this site:
         a) When did the Viking age begin, and work out using the time-line across the top of the web page, how long the Viking Age lasted?
         b) Read through the sections on the ‘Family Life’ link. What were 'thralls' and 'hummers'?

3.    Open the following link: 
Describe the Norse Gods Odin, Thor  and Freyja.

4.   Answer the following questions from the ‘Vikings at sea' link in this site:
       a) How did the Vikings navigate their ships?
       b) How did the Vikings make their ships waterproof?
           From the ‘Trade and exploration' link :
      c) List the goods Vikings traded.
      d) Who and when were the first Europeans to discover Vineland (America)?


5.  a) From the following web site, make point-form notes in your book from the information on the  right of the map.
b) Click on the different numbers on the map and read the information.
How many times did the Vikings raid Constantinople?

6.    Complete the following activity using  documents on the Vikings. Draw the 
chart at the bottom of the documents in your book, and then complete it.

  Documents Activity - The Vikings

7.    Play this Viking Expedition game, then list 5 factors important to the success of a Viking raiding voyage.

8.   Study the short videos in the following site.  

9.   While you are waiting for the rest of your class to finish this unit on the Vikings, play the game - 'Dig it up:Vikings' :

10.    Explore the Viking village in the following virtual tour. What do you think people today would find the most difficult to endure if they had to live in a Viking community?

11.  Take the following animated Viking Quiz. Record five new Viking facts or terms and their meanings.

12. Write Your Name in Runes Delve into the history of the Norse writing system, and see your name spelled in runes (copy it in your book.)

13. Help Thorkel on his trading voyage.
Open the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the activity about Thorkel.


"Norman pirate raid", by E. Charrier, 1881

Musée de Normandie