Early Human Progress



Using the above pictures and your own knowledge, explain how the lives of people changed from
 the days of the early humans, to the time when people were living together in the ancient societies?

In answering this question, try and use all of the following points to help you:

     ....the early humans were...

- Nomadic
- Hunters and gatherers

      …many discoveries over time….                         

- Domestication of animals
- Farming
       - Irrigation  e.g.Shaduuf  

     …with farming there was a big increase in food production…
     … everyone no longer needed to spend their time hunting and gathering…

     …with more time many people could specialise in their own interests…
     …people could develop new skills, crafts and occupations…

-  Specialisation of labour   

      ....people who had similar interests or work skills joined together...
     ....these groups eventually formed the social levels or social classes...

     ....some skills were paid more money....
    ....the groups with these special skills became the rich upper classes.... 
- The key features of ancient societies were:
     (city/towns, social classes,
      Government, laws,
      education, religion,

To answer the question there is too much to explain in one paragraph.
Use several paragraphs and structure your answer as an essay.

Remember to use and follow the 'How to Structure an Essay' sheet.

In your paragraphs refer to details you can see in Picture A and B
to help you explain how peoples lives changed over time.

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