Australia in the Vietnam War Era                                                                               page 1


Select one of the following inquiry questions:

·          How did the Australian government respond to the threat of communism after WWII?

·          Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War?

·          How did various groups respond to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War?

·          What was the impact of the war on Australia and/or neighbouring countries?


Create a mini documentary on your topic question.

Use Adobe Premier Elements. (Or another video /slide/  sound editing program if you do not have the Adobe Premier Elements)




Your documentary can include a mixture of the following elements:

Text narration to images on the Vietnam war era.
Video role play – two people arguing over whether Australians should or should not support
                              America and fight against the Communists in Vietnam.
                         – A war correspondent reporting on issues and events from the conflict area.
                             (You can use a ‘green screen’ to have a war scene setting behind you.)

Collection of images with appropriate music.
Brief war footage video clips.


Clearly address the issues raised in your selected question, and conclude your findings at the end of your documentary.


Also include a bibliography of the sources you used at the end.


Use a plug-in to laptop mic. For better sound.


For brief ‘How to use…’ video on Adobe Premier Elements see this page


Marking Guideline for Mini-Documentary:






: 2 -3 minutes duration.





Content: Covers the main facts and issues associated with the event or topic.





Sources: Any information, conclusions or opinion you provide is supported with reference to a variety of relevant sources.










Presentation: The slides and video run smoothly and are relevant and visually interesting. Sound/music/voice, or graphics are clear. It is also aesthetically appropriate, regarding images, background,  etc.





Total:        /20

                                                               communist aggression