Web Lesson   
China in the Middle Ages       
1.   In Chinese history people often talk about the different Chinese dynasties.
      Explain what is meant by the word  dynasty? – Look at the following site for help:

Google result for 'what is a dynasty'

2.   Scroll down this web site: http://www.crystalinks.com/chinahistory.html  and write
 down the names of the Chinese Dynasties that were ruling in China during the Middle Ages
For revision of when the Middle Ages were, briefly look at 
the following web site page:  

3.      a)     Under the heading Chinese Inventions, draw a chart with three columns. 
               Make the chart 10 lines down your page. 

         b)     In the left-hand column, select and write out 10 of the Chinese inventions.   

  1.  Paper money
2.  Cast iron
3.  The helicopter rotor and the propeller
4.  The seismograph
5.   Matches

6.  Paper
7.  The Kite
8.  Fireworks
9.  Acupuncture
10. Porcelain
11. Gunpowder
12. Compass

The rocket and multi-staged rockets
14. Blast Furnace
15. Yoke
16. Abacus
17. Silk
  c)     In the middle column, write out the name of the dynasty, or the Century BC, during which the invention
       was made. Find as many as you can in the following web sites.

                               Chinese inventions chart.htm  
                               Chinese Contributions

d)     In the right-hand column, tick any Chinese inventions made before
       during the Middle Ages Period.

e)     Find out what each of the following inventions are and write three points about each. w/ksheet
                 (see the sites above, especially the site called 'Chinese Contributions')











Now briefly visit the following sites and fill your page or chart with points about Chinese and English Feudalism during the Middle Ages.
Try and make points that compare the differences and similarities betweenthese two feudal countries.   
                Feudal England site:

                 Feudal China site:
                              9   The Chou Dynasty developed feudalism in China and
                                      it lasted up until the ch’ing or Qing Dynasty.


The sad thing is if the dragon catches us, no one will ever know we invented the motorcar! 
                                                   Blank Map of China 
                Study this map of modern China below. On your blank map add and shade in all of the regions controlled by China in the Middle ages. 
                 (This map will  help you.) Also draw in the Great Wall of China on your map. Use Google image searches to find the information you need.




While waiting for the rest of your class to finish, try this puzzle: