Medieval Knights
1. From the following site, explain the process a person had to go through to become a knight in the middle ages.
   Also mention the person's duties or responsibilities at each stage.
  2. Explain the following terms:
        Good sites to search:
a) Quintain           
b) Chivalry         
c) Tournament
d) Melee
3. How different are the images (descriptions) presented in literature of the behaviour of medieval knights?
Use the following sources to answer this question.
In your answer quote two or three words from the documents, and blend the words into your sentences.
Terms to help you: according to..../noted that..... /claimed that..../presented the image of...
The following is a description of an ideal knight, by the twelfth Century French poet Girart:
Source A

The following is another surviving description of a medieval knight:

Source B

  4. - Make up a cross-word puzzle about Knights in the Middle Ages.
    - Have 5 words across and 5 words down.
    - Use the above clues to help you select your words and the clues.
    - You could use a cross-word maker like the following: Just Crosswords