Research Project : The Dismissal

Task : Using one of the following: Microsoft PowerPoint, FrontPage (Expression Web), Adobe Premier Elements, Photo Story 3, or One Note,
            create a Photo Essay about the Dismissal of Gough Whitlam. 
What is a Photo Essay?
A photo essay is a collection of images presented individually or in groups on a series of slides.

On some of the slides there is text explaining the content and background of the image, or you can narrate some background information with the images.

Sound can also be added, for example music or brief extracts from speeches, or radio broadcasts from the time.

As the author, you can use the evidence of the images, selected information from different published accounts, and even brief extracts from document sources,
to tell the story of the dismissal of Gough Whitlam, the Australian Prime Minister.

You could use this web site as a starting point for your research :

Length : 3-5 minutes

Presentation* : You will be required to bring your photo essay on a USB thumb drive (or CD) and present your essay to the class.

(The only oral component is an optional, brief introduction to the class before you play your essay, and then answering any questions the teacher or students may ask you at the end of your 'essay'.)

Date due : Two weeks from today.







: 3-5 minutes





Content: Uses a variety of images with text, to give a clear overview of the events of 'the dismissal'.





Presentation: The slides run smoothly and are visually interesting and aesthetically appropriate regarding images, background, sound, graphics etc.





Issues: Clearly communicates the various issues the event raises, and any conclusions or opinion you provide is supported with extracts from relevant sources.





Total:        /20