Build a cool mind map on how to write a great speech.

How good are you at following (or writing) instructions?

The instructions below were written for Word 2003!
rk out yourself how the new Word enables you to build a mind map with call-out shapes.

(Optional: Before you create your mind map about how to write a great speech, write new instructions that apply to the current version of Word you are using, for anyone in your class who needs them.)

1. Open a new Microsoft Word document and click   File / Page-Setup… / Landscape , to turn your page sideways.

2. Then do a Google / image search and type in clipart boy or clipart girl. Find and open up a small picture (about 3 cm) you like, and paste it in the middle of your page.

3. Click View / Toolbars / and tick Drawing. This will put the drawing tools and AutoShapes at the bottom of your screen.

4. Click your picture on your page and then Click Draw / Text Wrapping / Behind Text. This will enable you to move your picture anywhere on your page.

5. Click Insert / Text Box / and put a small text box on your page. Click your page with the little black cross, to make the text box. But don’t click anywhere inside the larger box that says ‘place your drawing here’.

6.  Move the small text box under your picture of the child. Click the little paint brush (line Colour) at the bottom of your screen and select  No Line for your text box. (Remember to use the little blue Undo Typing arrow at the top of your screen if you make a mistake.)

7. Type How to write a great speech in your text box.

8. Click AutoShapes / Callouts and the oval or cloud callout (speech balloon.) Make as many speech balloons as you can fit on your page, come from the picture of the boy or girl.
(Try and fit 8)

9. Fill in the speech balloons with information on how to give a great speech. Use each speech balloon to explain a different aspect of preparing or giving a great speech. Use your own words.

10. Get the information you need from the Internet (only use sites written for students) For example:
(Right click 'open the first link in a new tab.' ):

or use the resources on your school/college intranet site.

11. Save your mind map on how to write a great speech, to your personal folder. When it is finished paste it in your book.

Optional Extra, if you have access to a coloured printer! (You can Email your mind map or carry it on a removable storage disk to where you have access to a coloured printer.)

a) Click your callouts to get the gray outline and then click the little pouring paint from a can icon at the bottom of your screen. Colour in your callouts in light colours that still allow you to read your text.
b) Click Format / Background select an appropriate colour for your page background.

The best mind maps will could be published on the school intranet/Internet.

(Note: In any marking criteria, no. 9 above, would have the most mark weighting.)