Why is history important?

1. Under the above heading, on a new page in your book or folder, write out the following three points.

        "A country without history is like a person without a memory."

        By studying the past, you better understand the events happening today.

        Also you are better able to make the right decisions.

2. Click your way through this Prezi https://goo.gl/dcLxvD and select one other point that you think is a good reason for studying History, and write that one out as well.
3. Watch the following video (use your ear phones!):
4. Choose one of the people on the list below, find out about their life and then write about them using the headings given. (Use your own words! and the total amount you write should be about one hundred words.)

   Florence Nightingale

   Albert Einstein

   Martin Luther King

   Christian Barnard

   Nancy Astor

   Frank Whittle

   Christopher Columbus

   Sir Francis Drake

    Mahatma Ghandi

  Rosalind Franklin 

(4. is from: http://passmoreshistory.homestead.com/home~ns4.html )


Use the following  headings to organise your writing:

-         When and where they lived?

-         What was their job?

-         Why were they famous?

-         What did people think of them?

      -    How did this person or his discoveries help other people?


5. Draw and colour, or print off and paste in your book an interesting picture of the person from the past that you researched. For example:


 6. (This extension question optional ) Who does the character on the left in the following cartoon represent? What point do you think this cartoon is trying to make?                  


                                           (Cartoon from: http://itasca.com/school/peacock/7team/peel/printhist2.htm)