The purpose of a textholiday Island


When you are reading or writing any text think about the purpose of the text or why it has been written.

(Remember, a text is any piece of writing.
This could be a letter, an email, a novel, a poem, a recipe, a note, instructions for D.I.Y, an article in a newspaper or magazine, writing on a webpage or an advert.
All of these examples can be called texts.)


What might the purpose of a text be?

An advert might be trying to persuade you to buy something.
A letter from school might be to inform you about something.
A novel might describe somewhere or someone to you.
A car manual might instruct you how to do something to your car.


1. In your book explain what a text is.
2. List in your book list four different types of text and the different purpose each could have.


Depending on the purpose of the text, different methods will be used to get the message across to the reader.

persuasive text  is a text that really wants you to do something

An advert might want you to buy something.
You might write a letter to persuade a friend to go on holiday with you, or to try and get off a parking ticket. 


Persuasive texts might use:

  • repeated words
  • text in capital letters
  • exclamation marks
  • rhetorical questions (questions where no 
                                       answer is needed)
  • an emotional one-sided argument
  • humour

SPECIAL OFFER! Buy today! Would you want to miss this SPECIAL offer? Phone NOW...

"I really think that you need this holiday. You have been working very hard lately and are so worn out. Just think of how nice it will be to lie on the beach in the sunshine."

3. In your book make notes on the sort of language you can find in persuasive texts. 

4. Find an advert on the internet or any example of a persuasive text. Describe the  advert or the text and then write down examples of persuasive language it contains.

5. Write and illustrate your own persuasive advert or write your own example of a persuasive text. Do this in your book or use the computer and then paste the work into your book.


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