Was the Industrial Revolution built on the profits of Slavery?

First look at images of the slave trade:
     Google image search the words:   ‘industrial revolution slave trade’ and examine a range of images about the slave trade.
Find and paste in your book an image or political cartoon that reveals a lot about the slave trade.
               Find and write out a quote that you think in a way sums up the story of the slave trade.


2. Skim read these sites (or ones you find yourself) about the slave trade.

                   a) http://abolition.e2bn.org/slavery_45.html
                   b) http://abolition.e2bn.org/slavery_43.html

            Write out 6 - 8 key points about the slave trade.

3. Draw or print and paste in your book a labelled map that explains the overseas triangle slave trade.

4. From the following three websites or your own research, write a good paragraph length response to
       the question at the top of this page. (8 – 10 lines)

     - Use the TEEL structure for your paragraph. Use your own words. Include some brief quotes and remember to
       name your sources.

a) http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/disp_textbook.cfm?smtID=2&psid=447

b) http://revealinghistories.org.uk/africa-the-arrival-of-europeans-and-the-transatlantic-slave-trade/articles/fuelling-the-industrial-revolution.html

c) http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/abolition/industrialisation_article_01.shtml  

5. Empathy - Historic Fiction. Find and read some primary source documents or accounts of the conditions on the slave ships.
      Then write a diary entry of a sailor on board a slave ship on his first voyage, describing the treatment of the slaves. (8-10 lines)