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I Want You to Need Me




Against the cold glow of the night, his eyes drifted open from behind the darkness for the seventh time that evening. They happened upon the window a certain distance away from the mattress on which he lay upon, and the eerie glow dulled the color of his eyes. The room had been washed in the moon’s silver glow, making it colder than it really was. The Shadows seemed to taunt him dancing across the walls, and the leaves rustling seemed to be the only noise breaking the deafening silence until he heard it. . . .

*Click* *click-click, click* *beep*

The incessant typing of that damned Computer.

He was going to go insane with the endless clicking of those greyed keys, the eerie alien glow of the screen and the soft grunts of confirmation. . .not to mention the fact that he would sit and talk to himself every so often. Now wasn’t one of those times but he’d give anything for complete silence. . .

"Heero. . . .turn that thing off. . ." he moaned.

"Hn? Duo?"

"I said turn it off. . . .before I start talking again."

That did it. Heero was done in record time and shut the Laptop with a soft click. Duo grinned in satisfaction and rolled over to go to sleep when the mattress shifted. Duo turned over to see Heero on the edge of his bed, sitting just a few inches away. Duo blinked, when his cold gaze settled upon him and he sat up to be face to face with the perfect soldier.

"Something Wrong. . .Heero?" He shook his head and put on the faintest of smiles. "Do you want something?"

How could Duo not know. . .

I wanna be the face you see when you close your eyes,

Heero reluctantly just reached out, pulling a piece of Duo’s Chestnut hair to him. Soft and silky to the touch as he had dreamt so often. "Do you need to talk about something?" Duo asked reaching out for Heero’s hand. Heero grasped it in response and let his free hand wonder from the silken hair to Duo peach colored cheeks. . .

I wanna be the touch you need every single night. . .

"What do you dream about. . .Duo?" Heero asked curiously.

Duo blinked. "What else? Death!" he smirked. Heero pushed his face playfully and Duo came back with a wide Grin.

"Seriously. . ." Heero asked again. "What do you dream about?"

I wanna be your fantasy

"I don’t know. . . .weird things mostly." Duo sighed. "Why?"

Heero put on his mask or one of them, and hauled Duo up to his feet. "Come with me." He whispered. "I wanna show you something."

And be your reality

Clad in nothing but a pair of shorts and a tank top, Heero lead Duo out of the room they shared and out into the hallway. It wasn’t long before the night grass was being trampled by two pairs of bare feet making their way to the edge of a nearby forest. Being assigned so closed to the open was refreshing from the stale air of the cites the had been assigned to. Heero led Duo by the hand and glanced back when they had come to a worn in path of dirt.

And everything between. . .

"It’s through here." He sighed.

"Are you sure we should be out here? Duo asked. "It looked as if you were studying a mission before. . . . ."

"Just come with me. . ."

I want you to need me

Like the air you breathe

Heero seemed to be pleading but Duo took it in stride and nodded once. Heero squeezed his hand lightly, his heart racing though he wasn’t one to show it. He looked away and lead them into the woods, their way bring lit by the moons beams smothering the woods, squeezing through the holes of the parted branches. . . .

I want you to feel me ,

In everything,

Duo walked along in silence until the sharp beating wings of a night owl pierced the winds. The noisy crickets of the forest chirp in tune with the mellowing soothe of the owls cries. The night was quite different from the day. It almost sang to him in a sense and watching the way Heero moved against it, it was like watching a shadow become one with another. Something sauntered by over his feet, and Duo closed the space between them rapidly. Duo was expecting Heero to shrug him off but instead felt a pair of surprisingly gentle hands squeeze his own. Duo fussed with the thought of pinching himself but froze seeing Heero’s dark eyes betray him when the light his them just so. They just. . sparkled with life?

I want you to see me

In your every dream

Duo was so close to him. . .and he had no Idea.

The way that

I taste you,

feel you,

breathe you,

need you. . .

Heero acted as in he were inhaling the sweet aroma of the night air though that wasn’t the case at all. Duo had attached himself to his waist, his slender pale arms wrapped around the green tank top separating the pale cream from mixing with the tinted darker skin of his own body. Though the night air was cool like that of a spring day, his skin was heated from the wildfire spreading through him, and he soften reasonably as he lead his braided Baka to his destination.

I want you to need me,

like I need you. . .

Duo followed in silence, letting Heero lead them deeper into the woods. Duo blinked at the shadows dancing their way around them and felt himself drown into the bitterly elusive music of the forest which he had found escaped those who had yet to dwell in it for more than a few minutes. He let the night play with him, walking over it feeling it. . .inhaling it. . .and Heero.

"We’re here."

I wanna be the eyes that look deep into your soul. . .

Heero pulled Duo out of his daze and unwrapped his arms from around his waist. Heero walked ahead pushing past a curtain of bushes. Caught off guard, Duo yelped as Heero grabbed his hand.

"Come on you gotta see this!" Heero let his guard down for a moment putting a hint of excitement into his once monotone voice. Duo let himself be pulled and gasped in awe.

In front of him a cool dim clearing where fantasy mixed with reality. The sky above was clear stained with the bright stars above and the perfect sphere of silver hung amongst them, glowing brightly. The silver moonbeams washed everything over in a mystical silver which shimmering in the rippling pools of darkened water lying peacefully in the center of the spot time forgot. Around to perched proudly were weeping willows, their drooping branches dipping into the surfaces ever so slightly. The light breeze tore apart the still frame of the waters ever clear surface and made the willow sing their saddening song. A torturous thing for aching hearts but soulful to those in awe of the mystical beauty. As a I final touch a lone swan swooped down out of the light to land gently on the fragile surface.

"Heero. . . .it’s beautiful. . . " he sighed happily.

I wanna be the world to you, I just want it all

Heero. . . .why?

Duo pondered this daring to glance over to Heero who just looked back at him.

Should I? Should I let it drop?. . .I’ll do it for you. . .Duo. . .

Heero tore away everything and let himself be seen truly for the first time in years. His gaze softened into pools of deep blue, his soldier shed like a second skin and blown away. For a moment, for a lifetime? No. . .neither of those things. His posture slacked off just a bit with his head tilting up just enough .

Duo was at a lost for words. This boy. . .this man. . .this soldier was Heero Yuy? No. . .Heero Yuy was a soldier. A merciless killer who did anything thing to get the job done. . .but here before him lie an innocent boy . In some way he was Heero Yuy his namesake’s legend continued. . . .

By the Gods, Heero you are beautiful. . .

I wanna be your deepest kiss,

Heero, unbound and broken moved closer to his fallen angel.

Duo. . .

The answer to you every wish. . .

Duo moved in, eyes becoming heavy with everything he felt, renewed and alive. They were so close. . .

Heero. . .

And all you ever need.

Meeting shyly in the faintest of kisses, they felt a jolt and acted on it. In one fluid movement the boys slipped into each others arms fitting as if they were two pieces of the very same puzzle.

I want you to need me,

Like the air you breathe.

I want you to feel me in everything,

I want you to see me in your every dream

The way that I

taste you,

feel you,

breathe you,

Need you

I want you to need me, need me

Kissing Heero Yuy, sent Duo into a world of wonders. His lips were soft and tender, not as harsh as he deemed them to be. His fingers found their way around Heero’s waist instead of around his neck as he had dreamt. Heero seemed to be melting into him instead of Vice Versa. This boy, kissed him hungrily and molded his body into Duo’s. A kitten in need of warmth from another. This boy was not the Perfect Soldier Heero Yuy.

‘Coz I need you more than you could know.

This boy needed him. This boy in his arms was hungry for him. The more Duo kissed him, the more he thought he was gonna faint from the intensity of it all. He pulled away from him and looked into those clear pools of Cobalt, gasping as he softened his own gaze.

And I need you to never let me go

This was The Real Heero Yuy. And he needed him. . .

And I need to be,

deep inside your heart,

Heero turned away with a peaceful smile to look at the scenery and gaze upon the lone swan joined by another. His heart throbbed, and he reveled in it.

I just wanna be everywhere you are

Duo let his arms slip around Heero’s waist from behind and he placed his face against his own. Both cheeks were cold from the night air but they warmed up quickly pressing against each other.

Duo placed a firm kiss on Heero’s cheek and whispered the words to and old song he heard from the twenty-first century. . .

"I wanna be the face you see when you close your eyes.

I wanna be the touch you need every single night,

I wanna be your fantasy

and Be your reality

and everything between. . ."

It sent shivers down Heero’s back having those words pressed into his mind. Could Duo read his thoughts? No. . .but he had let it show. Duo pressed on.

"I want you to need me,

Like the air you breathe.

I want you to feel me in everything,

I want you to see me in your every dream

‘Coz baby I taste you, feel you, breathe you, need you

I want you to need me, need me."

"Like I need you" Heero finished softly.

The two boys of war shed their masks for the evening letting themselves get lost in the beauty of the earth. As the two swans floated along the moonlit surface pressed into each other, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy lie under the stars with renewed life and hope sparkling in their eyes. They’d have to give it up come morning but for now they were content to be they way they were.

Like I need you.

Like I need you.


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