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" I'm bored."

Heero's eyes barely flickered in Duo's direction.

" Hn."

" Bored, bored, bored. Bored." Duo flopped back on the large, four-poster
bed and stared up at the ceiling. " B-O-R-E-D. "

" I got the hint the first sixty times," Heero said absently, scanning the
report in front of him. Duo sat up and blew out his breath.

" Neh, Heero - come for a walk with me!" he entreated. Scooting off the bed,
he walked over to his partner and draped himself over the stoic pilot's
shoulders. " Please?"

Heero shrugged him off and gave him a weak glare - weak by his standards
anyway. While anyone else would have been frozen with fright, Duo - long
since immune to the patented Yuy Death Glare - grinned unabashedly at him.
Heero growled. " I have mission reports to send to Dr. J." He narrowed his
eyes. " As a matter of fact, so do you."

Duo waved his hands in the air. " It will keep 'til later! I'm bored NOW!"

" Duo-"

" And you're more interested in that damn laptop than your own boyfriend-"

" Duo-"

" And Rashid won't let me into the liquor cabinet anymore because he thinks
its MY fault that Quatre got drunk and nearly burnt the house down trying to
start a fire in the fireplace-"

" DUO!"

Duo's head snapped up at his lover's irate tone. Heero was glaring at him
with full intensity and Duo ducked. " Yeah, Hee-chan?"

" I am TRYING to work!  Go for a damn walk by yourself - I'm sure you can
handle it!"

The sarcasm was not lost on Duo. He sat down at the harsh rebuke, watching
as Heero turned back to his laptop with an air of finality. Duo fiddled with
the edge of his braid, pouting slightly - until he heard it.

A faint noise, almost a humming sound. It reminded him of the mini-bike
Wufei rode sometimes but the engine's purr was lower, more gravelly. His
head lifted and he looked out of the second floor window of Quatre's estate.
His eyes widened, and a small smile crept onto his lips, growing wider with
each passing second. With a chortle, he leapt off the bed and bounded out
the door.

Wufei was in the sun room reading a newspaper when the braided American
bounced by the door, rubbing his hands together and chuckling evilly. The
look of pure unadulterated mischief, coupled with his famous Shinigami grin,
sent shivers down Wufei's spine and he set the paper down nervously.

" Do I want to know what Maxwell is up too?" he asked himself warily. Then
the memory himself, a bottle of hairdye, some anesthetic and a pink tutu
made him shiver again and he decided to continue reading in his room. With
the door locked.

Duo jumped off the marble steps of the front landing and hit the ground
running. He saw Rashid watching what had caught Duo's attention and he
headed for the giant man.

" Master Duo!" Rashid jumped as Duo appeared next to him, eyes glazed with
excitement. He almost swore he could see a faint hint of drool lurking at
the corner of the young man's mouth. " Uh..."

" Can I try Rashid?" Duo snapped his head around and he turned on his secret
weapon - huge violet-blue chibi eyes. Rashid fought to keep from crumbling.

" Now Master Duo - it is not a toy..."

" Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaasee??" If possible, Duo's eyes got even larger. A faint
shimmer of tears lurked suspiciously, and his bottom lip trembled slightly.

Rashid fought against that innocent look for all of two seconds. Sparing a
second to dash off a quick prayer to Allah, he nodded resignedly and
motioned for the Maguanac they were watching to come over. As Duo bounced on the balls of his toes eagerly, Rashid wondered briefly where on earth his common sense had gotten too....he could have sworn he had it only a minute ago...

*       *       *       *

Heero pressed enter and leaned back, satisfied, as his final report was sent
on it's way to Dr. J's laboratory on L1. He stretched his arms and it was
then he he noticed how quiet the house was. Standing up, he thought back to
the harsh way he had spoken to Duo, knowing with a faint pang of guilt, that
the American didn't mean to be annoying - he just wanted to have fun,
experience life - and get Heero to experience it, too. He sighed.

" Guess I better go apologize."

Closing the lid of his laptop, he wondered where to start looking for his
braided baka - and then he heard it. A faint whoop of joy, coupled with the
sounds of an engine running. He quickly moved to the window, peering out
quizzically - and fought to keep from laughing out loud. With an
uncharacteristic smile on his face, he hurried out of the room.

Wufei was just leaving his room when he saw Heero pass - and was shocked to
see the look on his face. Heero? SMILING? He followed the Perfect Soldier -
if something made Heero Yuy smile like that, it HAD to be good.

The two went through the front door and pulled up - Trowa and Quatre had
returned from their trip to town and were sitting on the porch with about a
dozen Maguanaca and Rashid - watching and laughing as Duo tore up one side of the huge lawn and down the other on a large, powerful, modified riding
lawnmower, braid flapping out behind him, looking remarkably like a
chestnut-colored tail.

The Deathscythe pilot's maniacal laughter could be heard even over the roar
of the engines as Duo raced over dips in the lawn, and careened around
trees. He skirted the flowerbeds, slowing down briefly to to keep from
barreling into a plastic flamingo - a present he himself had given to Rashid
as a joke - and whooped as he accelerated, waving one hand in the air like
he was riding a bucking bronco.

Quatre was giggling uncontrollably at the scene before him, and he turned to

" I didn't know those things could go that fast!?"

Rashid looked embarrassed. " Aaa, Master have a very big
lawn and one of the men decided to make some....adjustments to the machine, to make the chore go faster."

" It worked," Wufei chuckled as Duo began racing in small circles, leaning
into the turns, perched precariously on the edge before straightening
suddenly and shooting forwards, howling as he did. It was then that he
discovered his audience watching him, clapping as if they'd enjoyed the
show. Shocked, he let go of the handles and let the engine idle, slowing to
a stop in front of them. He scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

" Ummmm.......hi?"

Rashid shook his head and gingerly took the keys from the mower's ignition.
Duo's expression turned to a pout as he reluctantly climbed off the machine.
He heard Rashid mumble something about crazy gundam pilots before lamenting at the unevenness of the lawn thanks to Duo's rather...unorthodox method.

He bounded next to Heero, shrugging as all four pilot's looked at him

" Well, I said I was bored!"


See? I toldja it was pointless!

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