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Jikyou Shingai


Notes: The timeline for this fic picks up right after Heero shoots Mariemeia (how the hell do you spell that?) and collapses in Relena's arms. Pretend anything after that didn't happen.

Jikyou Shingai means "a wholly unexpected confession"...the original title was "Unexpected Confessions", but damn, how stupid can you get? Thanks to the wonderful Kimmie for the new, improved title! ^__~

Relena Darlian held Heero tightly, scanning the befuddled crowd of people for anyone that could be useful to her--and Heero. Lady Une and two paramedics were taking care of Mariemeia, several Preventers were arresting Dekim's supporters and searching for people under the rubble.

Finally, she spotted someone--the best someone she could have in her current situation. "Duo Maxwell!" she yelled, praying that the boy would hear her over the general commotion of the underground room. He saw her and began to make his way over, scanning the area as he went, as if he was searching for something--or someone.

"What is it, Miss Relena? I need to find--Heero!" He dropped to his knees at her side, one hand darting out and grabbing Heero's wrist to check for a pulse.

She watched silently as relief washed over Duo's features. "Thank god," he mumbled, dropping Heero's arm.

"Duo, will you help me get him out of here?" she asked urgently, eyeing several sparking wires warily.

"Of course, Relena. There's an elevator over there," he gestured across the room. "It's how I got down here." He stood up, then crouched down in front of her, slipping an arm under Heero's upper back and the other under his knees. After securing his grip, he picked the Japanese pilot up, motioning with his head for Relena to lead the way.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" she asked quietly; Duo barely heard her over the steady roar of background noise.

"He should be. Do you know of anywhere I can take him?"

"We can go to my estate. It isn't too far from here--if we're where I think we are." Relena gasped as the elevator lurched upward and automatically grabbed Duo's shoulder for support. She blushed and backed away. "I'm sorry--"

"Don't worry about it, Relena. We can't have the Vice Foreign Minister falling to her death just after being rescued, now can we?" he said, a hint of ice in his normally cheerful voice.

They reached the top and Relena saw Pargan waiting by her pink limo--she made a mental note to paint the hideous thing; she had long outgrown her love of Pepto-Bismal pink. "Over there, Duo," Relena pointed, then followed quickly behind the Deathscythe Hell pilot.

Cradling Heero carefully, Duo slid into the car and propped Heero up on the seat next to him; Relena sat down on the other side of the unconscious boy and closed the door behind her.

"Pargan, take us to the Peacecraft estate--and hurry."

"As you wish, Miss Relena."

They drove in silence for a few minutes, Duo with his arms wrapped tightly around Heero so he wouldn't fall off the seat. Duo blinked as he realized he needed to let someone know where he and Heero were.

"Relena, do you have a phone?" he asked, tilting his head to the side so he could actually see the girl around Heero's body. "I need to contact Quatre."

Pargan immediately passed back a phone.

"Er...thanks. Relena, would you make sure he doesn't fall over?"

Relena nodded and reached out to support Heero. Duo hurriedly punched in the pilots' emergency number. Quatre picked up an instant later.

"04 here."

"Cat, it's me."

"Duo! Where are you? Did you find Heero?"

"Yeah, I'm with Miss Relena. We're heading towards the Peacecraft estate."

"Thank Allah. We'll be there soon--I'll send Deathscythe Hell with the other Gundams."

"Thanks, Cat. 02 out."


Sterile white walls, artificial lighting, smooth carpet. Two beds: one occupied. Three people: one unconscious, one worried, one depressed.

"The doctor said he would be okay, Relena," Duo reminded the teary-eyed girl.

"I-it's not that, Duo. I'm sorry, it's just..." she blinked back more tears and sat down on the unoccupied bed.

"Just what, 'Lena?" He hesitated for a moment, cursing his compassionate nature, then sat down beside the blond-haired girl.

"It's D-Dorothy."

"Dorothy Catalonia?"

"Y-yes...I thought she would at least want to know if I was all right, b-but she hasn't called or--or--" Duo cringed as tears started streaming down Relena's face. "I--I'm sorry," she choked out.

Duo put an arm around her shoulders and she clung to him, crying on his shoulder. When her tears had subsided, Duo asked gently, "What's this about Dorothy?"

Relena sniffled in a most undignified manner and whispered, "I'm in love with her," into his shoulder.

Duo's first and foremost reaction was utter shock, which paralyzed his limbs and tongue; no comforting words would leave his mouth.

"I-I know I'm supposed to be Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian, properly in love with Heero...but...I--I can't help it..."

Hearing "Heero" and "love" mentioned in the same sentence released the paralysis that had overcome Duo's body. Well, 'Lena, I have the "in love with Heero" part covered for you. "Does she love you?"


"How do you know? Have you told her how you feel?"

She shook her head. "How could I? I-I'm a girl, sh-she's a girl..."

"We're in the same boat, 'Lena."

She pulled back and looked at Duo's cheerless expression. "Duo? I thought you and Hilde..."

He looked down at the floor. "No. Hilde's only a friend. I...I'm in love with Heero." A small voice in his mind was telling him this was insane. Relena was supposed to love Heero, he shouldn't be admitting to things like this...but he ignored it. "Throughout the first war...we, I can't think of a more eloquent way to say this, 'Lena...we were fuck buddies."

Relena's eyes went wide. "You were what?"

"Um...basically we used each other for sex. Well, that's how it started out for me...after a while I realized I really wanted to make him happy. And then when he showed up at my door to ask for my help to rescue you, I was so happy to see him again it wouldn't have mattered to me if the end of the world was coming."

Relena still looked slightly horrified. "Yes, Relena. We were screwing each other while you were stalking--er, chasing him. It doesn't matter, though. I was the only one that ever--ever felt anything." He clamped his mouth shut and gritted his teeth, determined to not let the tears gathering in his eyes fall.

"Oh, Duo," Relena sighed, pulling him to rest his head on her shoulder.

"God, 'Lena, I would give anything to be with him. But it's never going to happen."

Relena opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Duo jumped up immediately and firmly fixed his mantle of cheerfulness back in place. Relena frowned; Duo was much better at concealing his true emotions than she had ever expected.

The longhaired boy opened the door a bit, not far enough for Relena to see whoever it was. They exchanged a few words, then the door burst open and a streak with long, pale blonde hair streaming behind it pushed past Duo into the room.

The Vice Foreign Minister started in shock at the young woman who came to a stop a few feet in front of her.

"I'm so glad you're all right, Miss Relena."

Duo almost laughed at the look on Relena's face--it was like someone had just hit her over the head with a 2x4. He walked to the head of Heero's bed and watched the two girls with interest, absentmindedly running his fingers through Heero's hair. He didn't notice that blue-gray eyes opened briefly at the first touch of his fingers.

Relena, recovering from her shock, smiled up at Dorothy. "Of course I'm all right, Dorothy."

A tinge of a glare flashed across Dorothy's face as she murmured, "Of course...Heero Yuy came to your rescue."

Relena's stomach chose that moment to declare its needs. The former queen blushed to the roots of her hair as Dorothy laughed softly and pulled her to her feet.

"Come, Miss Relena. You shouldn't be neglecting yourself like this. I'm sure Mr. Duo can watch an unconscious boy by himself."

Duo winced. "Dorothy, don't call me mister. Makes me feel old."

The longhaired girl turned and smiled at him. "If you insist, Mr. Duo. I only wished to show respect to one of the Gundam pilots who saved the world--twice."

Duo rolled his eyes and gestured towards the door. "Can the sarcasm, Miss Dorothy, and get 'Lena something to eat."

Dorothy grinned at him, then swept out of the room with Relena in tow.

"Crazy women," Duo muttered, sitting down at the foot of Heero's bed.

There was another, more timid, knock on the door and another blonde-haired head poked into the room. "Duo?"

"Quatre!" The American boy jumped up, threw the door open, and grabbed Quatre in a bear hug.

"Er...Hello to you too, Duo."

Duo laughed and released him, eyeing the other two pilots who had come up behind Quatre speculatively. Then he launched himself at Trowa, giving the taller boy the same treatment the Arabian pilot had received. Trowa just shook his head and smiled minutely. Wufei looked ready to bolt when Duo turned towards him. However, Duo only held out his hand to the Chinese pilot. Wufei tentatively extended his own hand; Duo grabbed his wrist and yanked Wufei into an unwilling embrace.

When he was freed, Wufei growled, "Maxwell..." though there was little threat in his tone.

"How is he?" Quatre asked, gesturing to Heero.

"The docs said he was fine, in fact, I'm surprised he's still unconscious."

Perfectly on cue, Heero opened his eyes and said, "I'm conscious." Then he closed them again and asked quietly, "Is it over?"

A slow, sad smile spread across Duo's face. "Yes, Heero. It's over."

Near the door, Quatre stood on his tiptoes and whispered in Trowa's ear, "Something's wrong with Duo." He would have sensed Duo's despair and sadness as the boy confirmed that the second Eve war was over had he been blind.

Trowa nodded in agreement and replied, "Heero, too."

Having overheard their conversation, Wufei said--loud enough for everyone to hear him--"Quatre, Trowa; let's go get something to eat." The other two pilots nodded and followed Wufei out the door.

Duo sighed and pressed the back of his hand to Heero's forehead. "How do you feel?"

"Fine. Where am I?"

"Rel--" Oh shit. Duo swallowed hard and tried again. "Relena's house." How am I going to tell him that Relena's in love with Dorothy and not him?

Heero looked as if he had expected as much as he reached up and plucked Duo's hand from his forehead. The longhaired boy blushed and started to pull away, but Heero had interlaced their fingers. Heero brought their joined hands to his lips and placed a feather-light kiss on Duo's knuckles, watching Duo's eyes for his reaction.

The chestnut-haired boy pulled his hand back, eyes downcast, and pulled the covers up around Heero, who laid there passively. "You should rest."

Heero grabbed his wrist and pulled him down until their noses almost touched. "You should stay." Duo's heart leapt pitifully, seeing nothing but sincerity in Heero's eyes. "Please?"

The American pilot leaned down and pressed his lips to Heero's in a gentle caress, knowing that it would probably be the last time he ever had the opportunity to do so. He straightened and kicked off his shoes, then laid down beside Heero, who had shoved the covers down and pressed against him immediately.

With a start, Duo realized Heero was hard. For me?

With sensual grace, Heero moved his hips, rubbing his erection against Duo's thigh. "Duo," he whispered hoarsely.

Duo bit his bottom lip, trying to extract himself from the situation even as he felt himself respond to Heero's arousal. However, Heero had one arm locked around his waist, keeping the longhaired boy in place. Duo squirmed in one last attempt to free himself, incidentally bringing their erections into contact. Both boys moaned at the friction and Duo gave up trying to resist. If Heero wanted him, Heero could have him. One of his arms snaked around Heero's back, his hand burying itself in the Japanese boy's thick hair, pulling him forward to crush their lips together almost violently. He could feel Heero smiling.

Duo pulled back and muttered, "You are such a smug bastard," before leaning close and running his tongue over Heero's bottom lip, asking for entrance, which Heero gave readily.

Duo felt more than heard the zipper on his jacket being undone, then impatient hands were pushing it off his shoulders and tossing it across the room. Then Heero's mouth was gone from Duo's; the indigo-eyed boy nearly went into shock as Heero latched onto the metal ring of the zipper on his red shirt with his mouth and tugged downwards, exposing Duo's smooth neck to his eager lips.

Duo tilted his head back, his fingers threading through Heero's hair at the base of his skull, and tried to pinpoint exactly why it felt so different than it had other times...Heero was being almost...tender. He stopped thinking when he felt Heero's nimble fingers undo his belt in a matter of seconds and his pants follow soon after.

Warm hands wormed their way up Duo's chest under the fabric of his shirt, caressing the smooth skin and hard muscle underneath, tarrying for a few moments at his nipples, causing Duo to squirm against Heero's body, hooking a leg over Heero's and capturing the shorthaired boy's lips in a searing kiss. Heero broke off the kiss and pulled the red shirt off over Duo's head, giving the other a slight reprieve in which to ponder Heero's strange behavior. Something's wrong. He's never done this. There's never been any real foreplay before, it and get it over with. Then the shirt was off and Heero's attention focused solely back on Duo. He leaned in, but Duo stopped him with two hands on his chest. "Heero, stop."

Cobalt eyes widened slightly, then took on a resigned look. "Duo?"

"What's wrong with you?"

"What?" Heero's hands slid up Duo's forearms, coming to rest on top of the longhaired boy's hands.

"You--you're acting strangely."

Heero smiled suddenly, as if he had just been told both wars had been nothing but a nightmare. "I found something out."

"But you've been uncon--mmph." Duo could feel Heero still smiling against his mouth, but decided it didn't really matter as he felt one of Heero's hands slide into his boxers and wrap around his shaft, pumping slowly.

Duo groaned and thrust his hips at Heero, gasping when Heero started to place a line of kisses along his jaw, stopping at his ear and whispering, "I want you to take me."

The indigo-eyed boy jerked away, staring at Heero in disbelief, who stared back at him with puzzled cobalt eyes.

"Duo?" confused. Why am I thinking about this? Duo grinned suddenly, not without a hint of sadness, and sat up, straddling Heero's waist, feeling the other boy's erection pressing insistently against him from behind. He gently disengaged Heero's hand and quickly stripped off the boy's tank top, then rose to his knees and unbuttoned and unzipped Heero's jeans, sliding them down firmly muscled legs. The white briefs followed almost as an afterthought.

Duo stripped off his own boxers and arranged himself to lay flush against Heero, enjoying the contact. Heero wriggled against him, managing to scoot down far enough to place a gentle kiss on Duo's stomach, directly on a large, blue-purple bruise. "I'm sorry," he murmured, stretching back up to cup Duo's face in his hands.

Duo smiled and wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, then leaned in and kissed him. "It's okay," he whispered back, throwing one leg over Heero's and grinding against him. One hand slipped down to run a finger along the cleft of Heero's ass, searching out his entrance.

He felt Heero tense against him as he found it and gently began stretching him. When Heero didn't relax, Duo nuzzled the side of his neck and lovingly nibbled on his ear, whispering in a soothing voice. Eventually the Japanese pilot calmed down and Duo went back to the task at hand.

One unpleasant realization later, Duo's head popped up and he scanned the room, looking for something-- anything--to use as lube. His gaze fell on the table beside the bed and a familiar-looking tube on top of it--he didn't stop to wonder how in hell it had gotten there--and reached over and grabbed it.

Almost immediately a steely hand gripped his wrist and took it from him. Duo gasped when the cold stuff touched him, then moaned as Heero began to stroke him, coating his member.

Their lips met in a heated kiss for a few moments; when Heero pulled back he tugged on Duo's erection and murmured, "Now."

Every muscle in Duo's body quivered in anticipation as he positioned himself over Heero and nudged his entrance. Heero unexpectedly wrapped his legs around Duo, forcing him in. The indigo-eyed boy moaned as he was enveloped in Heero's tight passage, but restrained himself from moving as he saw the expression of pain flit across Heero's face. With a shuddering sigh, he leaned down and said, "I'll stop--just tell me--I'll--"

"No. Don't stop."

With that command, Duo immediately pulled out a small way, then slowly pushed back in, moving his hips in little circles to try and ease Heero's discomfort. He was rewarded with an intake of air as the pain disappeared from Heero's expression, replaced by a surprised kind of pleasure. Duo couldn't help but smile as he prepared to pull out again, one of his hands seeking out Heero's and twining their fingers together.

A few thrusts later, Heero was all but writhing on the bed, his fingers tightening convulsively around Duo's as the American boy hit his prostate with every stroke. Heero's unoccupied hand had found its way to his own erection and was pumping in time with Duo's thrusts. The sight of Heero essentially jerking off nearly sent Duo over the edge--as it was, he only managed a few more strokes before Heero came, moaning and mumbling almost incoherently but saying two words clearly enough for Duo to make out. His indigo eyes were almost comically wide as his orgasm crashed through him like a tidal wave as Heero's muscles clamped down on his member.

He collapsed forward onto Heero, slipping out of his body as he panted heavily into Heero's chest.

Unseen, Heero smirked and began to stroke Duo's messy, sweaty hair.

"Did you mean what you said?" Duo's voice, slightly muffled, reached his ears. He lifted his head and stared at Heero, eyes hopeful but disbelieving at the same time.

The Japanese pilot nodded, then said, "I'm sorry I--"

"Sorry?!" Duo yelled, propping himself up on his elbows and glaring half-heartedly, a broad grin breaking out on his face right before he wrapped his arms around Heero and buried his face in the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "Damn you, you bastard. Couldn't you have told me that sooner?"

"No. I wasn't ready--I thought it was obvious how much I loved you."

"Obvious--obvious?" Duo choked out. "There are some times, Heero, when I could just choke you!" he laughed, then abruptly kissed Heero on the mouth. "I love you, too, even if you are a bastard."


"Miss Relena, I don't think we should go in there," Dorothy said, hiding her smile as another bout of pleasure-filled noises drifted through the door of Heero's temporary room.

Relena had her ear pressed to the door, listening intently. Then, she pulled back and smiled. "No, I don't think we should."

The blond-haired girl raised an eyebrow at the former queen and said, "I never thought you were a voyeur, Miss Relena."

Relena smiled again and took Dorothy's arm. "I'm not. Just seeing if they got things worked out."


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