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Tactical Ops

Kateri Marie


Stage One: Identify Target

::Target acquired.:: Duo snickered to himself as he saw a shock of brown hair round the corner. Strong deft hands turned a knob and the short Japanese boy slid into the room with a fighter's grace, muscles rippling even with the simple movement.

Duo shuddered then fought off the surge of lust that threatened him. ::Now now, mission to think about. Think about THAT later.:: Duo grinned to himself.

Stage one completed.

Stage Two: Study the Habits Of Your Prey

Duo leaned his ear up to the door and heard the telltale click of laptop keys being pressed in rapid succession. The grin on his face widened impossibly as his mind painted for him perfectly the picture inside the room. He knew that  situation like the back of his hand.

He also knew that once started on the laptop, nothing save a mission would interrupt Heero for at least a half an hour. ::He's so darn predictable... Such easy prey... ::

Stage two completed.

Stage Three: Make a Plan Of Attack / Gather Supplies

::Ammunition, check.:: A sadistic gleam entered Duo's eyes as he glanced down at his overflowing hands. He crept into the room as silent as a panther, keeping a low, unseen profile behind a piece of random furniture.

::Escape route?:: He glanced towards the door - the path was clear. ::Check.::

He turned back to his mission then glanced towards the door again - still clear. ::Double check.:: He did want to survive this mission after all...

Amaryllis eyes glinted with pure unadulterated mischief as they glanced at the stoic figure, typing doggedly away, and calculated the distance in between. Ready.

Stage Three completed.

Stage Four: Execute Attack

With smooth fluid movements and the deadly accurate aim common to all Gundam pilots, Duo let loose his ammunition.




Heero was taken completely by surprise and all three missiles hit his
exposed skin with a completely satisfying smack.

Stage Four complete.

Stage Five: Tactical Retreat

Duo took one look at Heero's face and a dozen primal instincts came to fore. ::RUN!:: He took another look. ::Yes, time to stage a strategic retreat. In other words, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! ::

The escape route had been a very good idea.

Stage Five complete.

Stage Six: Enjoy the Fruits of Thy Labors




The suspicious noises halted for a moment as the patented Glare Of Death swept the room.

But the moment was over quickly and Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei could no longer contain themselves. Laughter quickly overrode the room.

"What... What happened... to... you?" Quatre managed to choke out as he attempted futilely to swallow his laughter.

Heero turned the half lidded Glare on Quatre and growled out, the blue patch of color on his face a perfect match for the splotch of blue on his arm. "Duo. Blue. Cupcakes." He spat out through clenched teeth.

Quatre could almost see the teeth grinding away into non-existence as he watched. He gulped. "Is Duo still breathing?"

"Not for long." Heero growled, his hands clenched into tight fists.

Trowa and Wufei scooted back slightly in preservation and Quatre shook his head. "Duo must have lost his mind."

"Or his will to live." Wufei tagged on as he surveyed the triple patches of blue on Heero's skin. "Industrial strength food dye." He shook his head. "Kisama."

"Heero" Quatre reached tentatively forward. "You aren't really going to..."

Heero's blue eyes narrowed to slits as Quatre's hand brushed over a blue-dyed patch of skin. "DUO!" He shouted. "OMAE O KOROSU!!!!"

Laughter echoed all over the house.


"Oops, sorry Heero." Quatre said tentatively.

It had been three days since the cupcake mission and Duo was still
dodging Heero at every opportunity. So was everyone else.

::But Heero...:: Quatre swallowed hard to confirm what he was seeing. Heero was SMILING. Really smiling. Almost.... Grinning. A 'cat that ate the canary' smile. Heero shrugged at Quatre still with that disconcerting smile as he clutched something in his hands and walked off.

Quatre was left with one question on his mind: what was Heero doing coming out of the bathroom with a bottle of industrial strength green food coloring in his hand?
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" The blood curdling scream made three of the pilots lounging in the living room bolt up in shock even as it shook the walls around them. A few weaker panes of glass gave up against the sound and cracked in protest as a few shorter screams punctuated the first.

Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa moved to take the steps at a bound, intending to save their fellow pilot from whatever horrible fate had befallen him. A low noise from the corner stopped them in their tracks.

Then the noise came again: a chuckle. A low, bass, chuckle that seemed completely incongruous with the Heero Yuy that they'd known.

Quatre turned very slowly indeed and saw that same self-satisfied grin on Heero's face as he listened halfheartedly. He could hear the not-so-muffled curse in multiple languages coming down the stairs with a fluidity that made him wince. "Heero, what did you do?"

Surprisingly, Duo answered his question, a muffled shout coming through the walls, "DAMN YOU HEERO YUY! YOU DYED MY HAIR GREEN!!!!!"

The three other pilots looked at Heero with a combination of shock, far and new respect. "Heero you didn't... did you?" Quatre asked meekly, backing away.

Heero just grinned maliciously, "Ninmu kanryou."


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