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Long Distance Love

Joyce W.

Let's see if these super secure cell phones by Dr. J work as they're supposed to, Duo thought as he sat on his bed in his empty dorm room. "Hey, Heero?"


"Hey, we haven't seen each other in a month and that's all you have to say? You're not in the middle of a mission, are you?"

"You know I'm done or I wouldn't have picked up."

"Well, good, because I'm hankering after some phone sex."


Duo sighed. I must be crazy, trying to have phone sex with Heero, he thought, but I miss him that much. "Phone sex! You know, talking about sex on the phone."

"I know what it is. You called me for that?"

"Oh, never mind."

"Wait! Go ahead."

"You have to help out, too. OK, I'll start first." Duo smiled and stretched. "Right now, I'm in my school uniform, sitting on the bed, thinking just about you. I'm taking off the tie from around my neck and pulling the shirt from my body. Now you tell me what you're doing."


"God damn it, Heero!"

"Why don't you talk? You're better at it."

"You're not going to get better at it if you don't open your mouth!"

A little growl of supreme annoyance could be heard. "I like the real thing better."

Duo sighed. "Well, duh, we're doing this because you're not here. OK, I'll keep talking, but I need to know if you're still listening so make some noise or something."

"I will."

"All right, where was I?" He collected his thoughts, then said, "OK, I've already taken off my shoes and socks."

"Take off that little thing that holds your braid together."

"I do requests." Duo let his hair loose. "OK, I've taken off that little thong that holds my hair and shaken my hair loose. It's all over the place, wild and messy just the way you like it. It's all the way down my back and I just shampooed it last night, so it still has that smell you like so much."


Heh, Heero's getting into it, he thought. Good. "Now if you were here, what would you do?"

"Throw you on the bed and have my way with you."

Duo sighed again. Well, that was better, but he just doesn't have the knack. "A little more detail. Listen to this. This is the way I imagine it. You're in the room at your computer, typing at it like you usually do. Maybe you're downloading porn, who knows?"


"All right, all right. I sneak up behind you and start giving you a shoulder massage because you're tense all the time. Then I kiss you on the neck, biting very gently on that smooth skin of yours before moving to your ear, whispering sweet nothings."

"What kind of sweet nothings?"

Duo smiled. "You know, things like 'How about a little fun?' and 'Aren't you the least bit horny, Heero?' Then I'd take off your tie and start pulling your shirt off your shoulders. Then I'd spin the chair around and kiss you while pulling the rest of your shirt off." He thought he heard a little sigh of pleasure, but he wasn't sure. "I'd pick you up off the chair and lay you down on the bed."

"Hmm, I think it'd be the other way around."

"Hey, who's doing the talking here! I pick you up and put you down on the bed. We make out like a bunch of crazed weasels."

"Crazed . . .weasels?" remarked Heero.

"OK, just making sure you were listening." Sheesh, Duo thought, what a critic. "After I put you down, I lie next to you and look at those blazing blue eyes of yours and caress your face. I squeeze those little nipples of yours and toy with them while giving you the best French kiss in the universe, massaging your tongue with mine.". With that, he actually did lie back on the bed. Wow, this is pretty exciting, he thought. I wonder how Heero's taking it. "Excited, Heero?"


Damn that voice, it's so sexy, Duo thought. Now it'll take me an hour or more to get off.

"So, I slowly ease those pants off. Thank God, they're not those spandex shorts you usually wear. Well, anyhow, I reach. . ."

There was a furious knocking on the door. Duo looked at the door and scowled. "It was just getting good."

"You better get it. It might be someone important. I'll stay on the line." With only his pants on and the phone next to his ear, he opened the door to see Heero Yuy standing at the door in a school uniform with the cell phone next to his ear. For a brief moment, Duo was totally speechless, the first time in his life. "Nani? You were here the whole time?"

Heero folded his phone shut and put it in his back pocket. "I just got to the door, but I've been walking towards your room the entire time."

"Why you!" Duo shut off his phone as well.

Heero shut the door behind him and gave him a bemused look. "Now how about less talk," he said before giving Duo a long, deep sweet kiss and a tight embrace, "And more action."

His knees got weak, but his mouth was in fine shape. "Mission acknowledged, baby," said Duo, tongue firmly in cheek. You got to love the guy.

"Hmph." Heero gave him a spank on the butt before picking up where they had left off.

The End

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