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Computer 101




Duo bounded into the room, his usual joyful bundle of energy, tossing his black jacket carelessly onto the bed turned to the figure sitting across the room "Hey Heero !" he called happily.

Still typing away, Heero barely acknowledged his entrance "Duo".

Duo sat on the edge of the bed and kicking his sneakers off, sent them flying across the room before lying down. "Ahh....This feels soooo good !"

Rolling over onto his side several minutes later, his head propped up in his hand turning to face Heero, Duo asked "Whatcha up to Heero ?"

"The usual." Heero responded, never looking away from the screen "How was your basketball game ?"

"Sucked.....we lost." Duo smiled, rolling over on his back, bringing his hands behind his head. "You almost done, Heero ? I thought we could go out for a while…….or something."

It was the "or something" that caught Heero's attention.

"Mmm..Another hour or so maybe." Heero told him, now turning to face Duo, his eyes meeting with the very sweaty form lying across the bed. "Hmm...You look like you could use a shower. I'll try to be done by the time you come out." Heero smiled.

Duo nodded, "Mmkay Heero." and gathering a few items, Duo made his way into the bathroom.

Almost a half and hour later, his hair requiring more than 20 minutes of attention on its own, Duo made his way back into the bedroom wearing nothing but a white towel thrown over his shoulders and a very skimpy skin-tight pair of well-worn denim shorts.

Making his way over to Heero, still towel drying his hair, Duo bent down and placed his arms around Heero's waist, his face only inches from Heero's ear. "Almost done, lover ?" he whispered.

"Mmmm...sorry Duo, ran into some complications. Gonna be longer than I thought." Heero apologized, Duo noting the genuine sincerity in his voice.

Duo groaned, pulling his hands from Heero's waist, plopping himself back onto the bed, arms outstretched "Geez, Heero, you spend way too much time on that thing !"

Heero turned toward Duo who was once again seated on the edge of the bed looking quite pissy. Pissy wasn't all he looked, but Heero did have work to do.

"I can't help it, Duo....I'm obsessed with you and your obsession with..."

"With you ?" Duo cut him off, grinning at Heero.

Giving it only a moments thought, Heero responded "Hmm.....not quite *that* bad." Heero smiled at his widely grinning lover before focusing all his attention back to the screen in front of him.

"What the hell is it that is it that you find so fascinating about that damn machine anyway, Heero ? Duo asked.

Heero spoke, his eyes not leaving the screen "I like technology, Duo. It's always changing. I find it a challenge."

Duo laid back on the bed and closed his eyes. Sitting up several minutes later, the braided boy was certain he had just had an epiphany.

'Make no mistake about it lover, I *will* have my way with you.' Duo grinned evilly.

Sashaying over to Heero, Duo quickly brought his leg up over the back of the chair coming to sit behind Heero's startled body, nearly knocking the short haired boy off the chair.

"Umm...Duo ?"

"Yeeees, Heero ?" Duo cooed into his ear.

"What are you doing ?" Heero asked.

"Well…..I thought that since computers are so kewl, you might wanna teach me something about them. Whadda ya say ?" Duo asked enthusiastically.


"Come on Heero, you don't *really* want me to be technologically impaired, do you ?" Duo asked.

Noting that Duo actually had a point, Heero reluctantly agreed. "Fine, but you have to pay attention and don't distract me."

"Okay, Heero....I promise." Duo told him, glad Heero's back was still to his face, his hand nonetheless coming up to cover his smirk.

"You know *nothing* about computers, Duo ?" Heero asked, wondering where to begin.

"I'm a complete llama, Heero....sorry." Duo told him, almost embarrassed.

"Fine. I'll just start by explaining what I'm doing." Heero told him.

"I'm on the internet." Heero started.

"Well....Duh Heero...that much I know !! Duo told him.

"Don't interrupt me, Duo." Heero scolded.

"Yes sir !" Duo mock apologized.

"I am downloading some of the Mobile Doll files from Oz's computer bank." Heero told him. "Which means that I am taking the files from their computer and transferring them onto my hard drive."

Duo giggled, wiggling behind him.

"Duo !" Heero scolded him, then continued his explanation "The hard drive is the computer's brain. It is where all the data is stored."

"I see. How long does it take to get the files ?" Duo asked.

"Depends on their size." Heero told him "Information on computers is stored in bytes...." Heero ignored Duo's snicker "kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes....etc. The more bytes a file is, the longer it takes to download the file. Understand Duo ?"

"Uh huh" Duo replied, moving his head forward to nip at Heero's neck, his teeth sinking in quite deeply.

"DUO !"

"Ummm....Was that a megabyte or a gigabyte, Heero ?" Duo growled into Heero's ear.

"It was neither, Duo" Heero informed him "That was definitely a Duobyte. Can we continue now ?"

"Of course, Heero" Duo playfully told him.

"Now that we have the file, I'm going to open it and if there is any information in it we can use against Oz." Heero informed him, clicking the small icon on the bottom of the screen.

Waiting several seconds for the program to open, Heero tapped his fingers impatiently on the desk.

"What's the matter, Heero ?" Duo asked, noting Heero's displeasure.

"Things are running really slow. I need more RAM."

Pushing his hips forward into Heero's bottom, Duo moaned " *there's* something I can help you with, Heero !"

Heero smiled.

"Try to concentrate, Duo."

"I am concentrating, Heero !" Duo defended himself.

"Yes, but on the wrong things, Duo." Heero smiled, turning to kiss Duo gently on his smiling lips.

Turning his attention back to the computer screen, Heero continued "Maybe this is all too boring. Let's find something a little more interesting. Anything in particular you want to learn, Duo ?" Heero asked.

Thinking for a moment, Duo blurted out "Ooh !! Can we surf the web, Heero ?"

"Good idea." Heero smiled, turning again to face Duo "Anything in particular you had in mind, Duo ? The web is an awfully big place."

"How about we look for information about us...I mean, if there is any...which there should be.… being gundam pilots and all." Duo winked.

Heero started Netscape and began typing search engine of choice, briefly explaining to Duo about browsers and search engines, while the page loaded.

"So this search engine will list all the pages on the internet about us ?" Duo asked.

"Something like that." Heero replied, typing Duo's name into the small white box at the top of the screen. "Not all pages are listed with every search engine." Heero continued.

Hitting the enter button, Heero settled back onto Duo's shirtless chest, bringing Duo's arms to surround his waist and closed his eyes, waiting for the requested info, Duo's arms instinctively pulling him tighter.

"This is taking a long time. More RAM problems, Heero ?" Duo asked seductively, his breath warm on Heero's ear.

"No." Heero laughed "This is a bandwidth issue."

"Oh....There's a whole list of sites !" Duo gleefully noted as the document now filled the screen.

Sitting up, Heero glanced at the screen "67,874 documents !?!??!?! What the hell ?"

"Wow !" Duo added "Let's go see some of them !"

Shaking his head in disbelief, Heero scrolled down the list of the first 10 entries "Shinigami's Playhouse......Gundam Delight ...The Wild G-Boys ?!?!?! What is all of this stuff ?"

"Click on one of them Heero !" Duo urged him, reaching forward to click the mouse himself noting Heero's hesitancy. "Aren't you curious, Heero ?"

Heero grabbed possessively at the mouse and clicked.

Once again reclining back into Duo's embrace, Heero closed his eyes "Mmmm.....this was a good idea, Duo."

Enjoying the feel of Heero's body so relaxed and wrapped tightly in his arms, Duo closed his eyes and smiled into Heero's hair, kissing the top of his lover's head.

Several seconds later, The two sat up startled, as the computer started screaming.....Just Wild Beat blaring in the background....Heero moving forward to turn the volume down.

Now both glancing at the screen, Heero and Duo sat wide-eyed.

"Oooo....Those are pictures of us !" Duo happily announced.

"I can see that Duo, what are we wearing though ?" Heero asked, clearly puzzled as he squinted at small pictures.

Moving closer to the screen, Duo giggled. " are… *are* a cat !"

Heero gasped "I'm a WHAT !?!?"

"A kitty, Heero. A really *cute* little kitty too !" Duo replied, still giggling.

Heero leaned forward for a closer look at the screen, frowning as he noted that Duo wasn't joking. "That's sick. Why would anyone do that ?" Heero asked, the confusion in his voice obvious, then continuing as he stared at the screen. "What are you wearing, Duo ?"

"Hmmmm....looks to me like...a…a maids outfit ?" Duo gasped.

"Lemme see that." Heero told him, Duo sat back sighing, shaking his head from side to side.

"Hmmm.....a very *skimpy* maid's outfit too, Duo." Heero mused, taking a sweeping look down at Duo's long legs as they surrounded him, then briefly back at the screen.

"WHAT ?" Duo asked, noting the look on Heero's face.

"A remarkable likeness." Heero grinned "Don't you think ?"

Duo mock smacked Heero on the side of his head. "Don't get any ideas, Heero !"

Heero laughed and clicked on one of the links. "What do you think this is all about, Duo ?"

"Some kind of joke, no doubt. What did you click on Heero ?" Duo asked.

"Said Fan Fiction." Heero replied.

"Why ?" Duo asked.

"Morbid Curiosity ?" Heero responded, settling back to lean on Duo, his hand gently running up and down Duo's thigh.

Duo kept his eyes on the screen "Page is loaded, Heero." he announced.

Moving forward, Heero slowly read the text at the top of the colorful page. "Hmmm.....apparently these are stories....written about fans !?" Heero clearly puzzled by what he was reading.

"Ohhh...kewl !" Duo chirped "We have fans !"

Heero scrolled down the page, noting a huge list of stories, reading the titles, his eyes focusing at the warning legend at the bottom of the page. Heero commented back "Ummm......don't be so sure it's cool just yet, Duo."

"Nani ?"

"Get a load of the titles of some of these and the warnings." Heero told him.

"Warnings ?" Duo asked.

"Yeah...warnings, there is an entire list of them here." Heero replied "Angst...yaoi, lime, lemon......the stories all have numbers too. 1.....2.....3.......4.......5" Heero noted, still not knowing what to make of all of it.

"Wanna read one of em, Heero ?" Duo asked, his curiosity now peeked.

Duo moved forward to read the list of story titles, "I like citrus fruit." How about this one ?" Duo asked pointing at the screen, Heero clicking the small blue words.

The two gazed intently at the screen waiting for the page to load. Seconds later both moving forward to read the small black text.

Several minutes later......

"Ummm......Heero ?" Duo asked, unable to pry his eyes from the screen.

"Yeah, Duo ?" Heero replied absent mindedly, his hand busy clicking the mouse as he intently scrolled down the page.

"What do you make of all of this ?" Duo asked.

"Interesting. Don't you think ?" Heero asked, resting his hand on Duo's knee.

"Ummm...Do people really think we *DO* this stuff ?" Duo asked, fidgeting nervously behind Heero.

"I'm not sure." Heero started, then turning around to Duo, he continued "Some of it doesn't sound half bad, Duo." laughing at the shocked look on Duo's face.

"You can't be serious, Heero!" Duo exclaimed as he rose from the chair making his way back to lie on the bed.

Heero glanced over at Duo's very scantily clad and sexy body sprawled across their bed, before continuing to read the story.

Opening and reaching into his desk drawer, Heero pulled out a small black box. Taking one more look at the computer screen, Heero grinned and closing browser window and made his way over to the bed.

"H..H..Heero, what are you doing ?" Duo asked, his voice trembling slightly as he watched Heero walking slowly towards him, a most evil look on his gorgeous face.

Within a matter of seconds, Duo found himself lying under the perfect soldier, his hands pinned above his head, the cobalt eyed boy straddling his mid-section, still grinning widely.

"You are serious, aren't you, Heero ?" Duo asked, already knowing the answer.

Heero grinned even further, his eyes filled with hunger, "Uh-huh."

"Too bad we don't have any handcuffs." Duo joked nervously, a feeble attempt at foil Heero's plan.

Shifting his grip, Heero now held Duo's both wrists in one hand. Bringing his other hand behind him, pulled a small black box from the amazing expanse of his black spandex shorts.

Duo gasped.

Heero opened the box revealing a two very shiny pairs of silver handcuffs.

Duo struggled in vain beneath Heero, knowing there was no way he could break free from the perfect soldier's grip, and honestly, he wasn't even sure he wanted to, the lust in Heero's eyes growing more intense.

Reaching forward, Heero put one metal circle around each of Duo's wrists, bringing the others up to encircle the metal rails of their headboard.

"Okay, you have me. Now what are you going to do with me, Heero ?" Duo asked nervously, now wishing he hadn't prematurely stopped reading the Fan Fiction.

"Just what it said in the story, Duo." Heero replied, slowly removing his green tank top.

"Ummm.....I didn't finish reading the story, Heero." Duo told him.

Heero leaned forward, bringing his mouth to Duo's gently brushing his lips over his lover's before biting down hard, then running his tongue in circles over the bruised area.

Duo moaned lowly at the sensation, "Mmmmm...."

"Like that, Duo ?" Heero whispered into Duo's ear, feeling the violet eyed boy shiver beneath him.

"Yeah, Heero…I did." Duo growled, reaching forward to pull Heero's half-naked body closer to his.

"There's more, Duo." Heero moaned, slowly unbuttoning Duo's shorts.

Duo closed his eyes. " imitating art.' Duo whispered softly. "Great concept."

Heero grinned evilly above him, "You have no idea, Duo."


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