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Alphabet Games

Talya FireDancer

He could sense it in the air before he even turned.


That girl. Again. This was the fifth boarding school in two months, and that girl had found him again.


He would almost admire her persistence, if it wasn’t so damned inconvenient. Did Relena actually want him to kill her? He didn’t understand. He also couldn’t quite understand why he couldn’t but he thought it had something to do with a conscience – which was something he thought he’d excised a long time ago, but apparently not. Hn. He’d have to do something about that.


"Oi, Heero, it’s your secret admirer again!" Duo exclaimed cheerfully.


Heero shot him a glare and turned from the railing.


Sure enough, Relena Peacecraft stood there, stepping away from the car. "I’ve found you again, Heero," she said calmly, giving him a nod and a tiny smile that he didn’t return.


Heero remained silent. He couldn’t kill her here; there were too many witnesses on the school grounds.


Duo waggled his fingers. "Hiii~i, Relena-san!"


She ignored Duo, focusing her intent gaze on Heero. "Well, aren’t you going to do something?" she demanded.


"Like what?" Heero shrugged, pushing himself off the railing and walking past her. "Can’t kill you here. Too many witnesses." He stalked towards the school complex.


"Heero!" She sounded stunned.


"Try again next month," Duo suggested, jogging to catch up with Heero. "Byy~ye, Relena-san!"


Relena stomped her foot in frustration, and turned back to the car. "Let’s go," she said with resignation to the driver.


* * *


"Relena really likes you," Duo observed as they walked back into the room they shared.


Heero snorted, but didn’t reply.


"I’ll bet she keeps showing up because she wants to kiss you!" Duo chortled. "Maybe advance a few letters, ne? Ne?"


Heero scowled at him. "One day that mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble."


Duo fluttered his eyelashes at him. "Ah, but it gets me to ‘A,’ " he replied mischievously. "What about you? Been to ‘A’ with Relena?"


Heero frowned. "I wouldn’t know. What’s ‘A?’ "


Duo gaped. "You’re joking, right?’s kissing, Heero."


Heero frowned harder. "I’ve never been to ‘A,’ then."


Duo facevaulted. "REALLY!? But—but we’re teenagers! You know, ‘carpe diem’ and all that!"


" you even know what carpe diem means?"


Duo shrugged. "Sure, doesn’t everyone? ‘Get lucky.’"


Heero sweatdropped.


"So you mean you’ve really never..." Duo trailed off speculatively, grinning.


Heero was getting annoyed with the continued track this conversation was taking. "No," he responded flatly, in the tone that said drop-it-now.


Duo dropped down onto the bed next to him. "Really?" he repeated, sounding intrigued.


Heero glared at him.


"I could show you," he offered slyly, eyes sparkling.


"Stop making fun of me," Heero growled.


The smile was suddenly wiped from Duo’s face.


"I—I’m not..." he replied, then looked stunned that the words had actually popped from his mouth.


Heero looked at him searchingly. "Duo...?"


Amazed that Heero hadn’t punched his lights out for being a pervert, or just gotten up and left with disgust scrawled over his beautiful face, Duo leaned forward, putting a light hand to Heero’s cheek. Heero’s eyes widened, but he didn’t flinch away. Encouraged, Duo leaned to closed the gap between them, pressing his lips to Heero’s.


Oh, this was better than he’d fantasized. Heero’s lips were firm-sweet, and a trace of sweat still beaded his upper lip from playing basketball earlier. Boldly, thinking to seize the moment before Heero pulled away, he licked Heero’s upper lip, then nibbled on it gently. Heero started, and the pit of Duo’s stomach ached – he was going to pull away now; it was too much for him.


Heero’s arms slipped around him, hands pressing flat against his spine.


"Ohhh..." Duo breathed against Heero’s closed mouth, surprised and pleased. He pulled his head back a little.


Heero’s eyes opened. "Is that all?"


Duo licked his lips. "That’s A," he replied huskily. "And then there’s B..."


"What’s B?"


"Do you—do you want me to show you?" he faltered, still looking into Heero’s steady cobalt-blue eyes.


Heero considered it. "Yes," he replied, and moved his head forward again, covering Duo’s lips with his own.


Duo was stunned. Then ecstatic. He kissed Heero back enthusiastically, nibbling at his lips at first, then nudging them apart to kiss him more deeply, tongue flickering into the recess of his mouth. Heero’s tongue shied away in surprise at first, then returned warily, tasting him. At the same time, he slid one arm around Heero, pulling him closer, hand hovering at his lower back.


Heero jumped a little when Duo’s other hand touched his chest, fingers brushing over a pectoral muscle, seeking his nipple. Duo moved his hand in slow little circles, letting his tongue quicken in Heero’s mouth, and the Japanese pilot relaxed into the caress. He was delighted when Heero’s nipple pebbled up under his searching fingers.


He broke the kiss and Heero stretched forward, brow wrinkling at him, tongue flicking out over Duo’s lips. Duo pulled back a little more and Heero glared mutely. He chuckled. " ‘B,’ " he replied softly, tugging Heero’s shirt out from his pants. Heero tensed a little as Duo slipped his hand up underneath his shirt, caressing over the flat stomach, moving firmly upward to the nipple he’d teased at. Then he closed his eyes, mouth falling open as Duo’s fingers circled over it, grazing lightly, then returned to tease harder at the sensitive spot.


Duo couldn’t resist the erotic sight of Heero with his mouth open like that. He bent forward and took his mouth again, fingers working a little harder now, and slid his tongue deep into Heero’s mouth, exploring thoroughly. Then he pulled his hand out of the shirt and Heero made a little noise of protest, but he kept his lips glued to the other pilot’s, unbuttoning his shirt quickly. Heero kissed him harder, with bruising force, as he began to caress his chest again. He let his hands roam over the flat planes and velvet-smooth skin over hard muscle, pushing the shirt off Heero’s shoulders, caressing with a feather-light touch one moment, then firmly the next.


When he broke the kiss again, they were both breathing harder. Duo let his forehead rest against Heero’s, warm breath pouring in between the other’s parted lips. "Heero. Why? Why are you letting me..."


Heero’s arms tightened around him, and his mouth closed over Duo’s again, a brief kiss. "Because we should all follow our own feelings," he replied simply, his voice somehow not as cold as it usually was.


Duo was stunned again. "You—" he squeaked, feeling faint. All this time he’d been ogling Heero, the Wing Zero pilot had been ogling him right back? Without him noticing?


Heero smiled at him very slightly, his eyes intense. "So how many letters are in this game, anyway?"


Duo’s grin lit up his entire face. "Well, there’s A..."


Heero leaned forward and kissed him, mimicking Duo’s earlier actions as he nibbled at his bottom lip, then tugged it with his teeth, then covered his mouth and slipped his tongue into the gap he’d made. Duo closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation, meeting Heero’s tongue enthusiastically. Gradually he took control of the kiss again, sighing into Heero’s open mouth as he pulled him closer.


Heero looked indignant when he pulled his mouth away again. "And there’s B..." Duo breathed, eyes alight.


The Japanese pilot unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off impatiently. Duo chuckled at him, then gasped as Heero’s fingers closed over his nipples, teasing them up instantly with that light erotic touch. He moved his hands lower on Heero’s back, slipping them into the waistband of Heero’s pants and running his fingers along the skin underneath. Heero tensed slightly, then bent to Duo’s chest, tongue darting over a nipple. Duo moaned as his mouth closed over it, sparking little jolts of pleasure. Just who is seducing who? he thought to himself, amused. He slipped his hands further into Heero’s pants, cupping the firmness of his buttocks and Heero made a startled noise, biting down lightly. Duo groaned.


He pulled his hands free with an effort and pushed Heero away again, ignoring his outraged glare at being interrupted. "And the last one is C."


"What’s ‘C?’ " Heero asked with a gleam in his eye. He obviously had some idea on this one.


Duo gave him a grin, slipping his hands around Heero again and sliding them down to grasp Heero’s butt. "All the way," he leaned forward to whisper into Heero’s ear, stroking the cleft of his buttocks. He pulled his head back to look at Heero, whose eyes were half-closed, and caught his breath. "Ne...Heero, you don’t have to. We can stick to A and B for awhile, you know."


Heero eyed him beneath smoldering half-lidded eyes, and considered it. "Have you ever been to C before?" he asked.


Duo shook his head, and stretched to nibble on Heero’s ear. "No, but pretty damned close."




Duo leaned back to look at him. "What?"


Heero kissed him again. "Okay, let’s do it."


Duo blinked. Then he grinned incredulously, as a slow flush of desire flared up his midsection. "You’re sure?"


Heero gave him an annoyed glance, then slid his arms around Duo again, palms moving flat against the columns of muscle on either side of his spine. Duo shivered. "I just said so, didn’t I?"


Duo eased him back down onto the bed and continued his caresses, then let his body rest on top of Heero’s. He kissed him harder, rocking up against Heero, who gasped against his lips, tongue going still in his mouth for a moment. Duo paused, hands still idly caressing, then Heero grabbed him and pulled him up against him again, tongue coming alive again. Duo moaned against his tongue as Heero’s hands flexed on his buttocks, pulling them taut against one another.


They rocked against one another, the kiss drawing each of them deeper into the well of desire they’d both fallen into, and Duo moved his hands over Heero’s velvety muscles again, smoothing them over the sculpted ridges of his abdomen, and unbuttoning his pants. Heero shuddered, pulling Duo into the thrust of his hips even harder.


Duo broke the kiss and sat up, sensing that Heero was getting just a little too close. Heero glared up at him, wriggling his hips. Duo grinned at him cheerfully. "Stop that. Unless you want to come in your pants."


"Hurry up," Heero growled.


He undid the zipper slowly, teasing him, and Heero glared, grabbing his free hand and nipping at it. "Ouch! Okay, okay," he capitulated, starting to tug his pants free. Heero arched up and Duo pulled his pants off, tossing them aside, and unbuttoning his own. Swiftly he got rid of the rest of the clothing that separated them, and moved to push Heero’s legs open, eyes drawn inevitably to the upright shaft. He wrapped his fingers around it, and Heero closed his eyes with a groan.


At the same time, he slipped his free hand underneath Heero, stroking his fingers in the cleft of his buttocks, then working them inside. Heero squirmed a little, a frown appearing between his brows, then Duo bent to take him in his mouth and Heero gasped, frown wiped away instantly. He thrust up into Duo’s mouth, giving his hand easier access. His fingers brushed across the tight ring of muscle.


Heero didn’t make a sound as he forced one finger inside of him, but he did clench up. Duo concentrated on stroking the turgid shaft with his tongue, moving his head up and down and doing his best to distract Heero with pleasure. Slowly Heero relaxed as Duo continued to work him at both ends, and slipped another finger inside.


"Duo..." he gasped, hips starting to move faster.


Duo pulled away, and winced as Heero’s hand closed on his braid. Heero glared down the length of his body at Duo. "Almost there, all right?" Duo said placatingly. "C’mon...get up." He pulled his fingers out and Heero closed his eyes.


"Get up how," Heero muttered.


"Onto your hands and knees."


Heero’s hand released his braid, then Duo sat up, giving him room to move as he shifted on the bed, turning over and pulling his knees up underneath him. Duo’s whole body tingled as he moved in behind him, grabbing his hips and pulling him closer. Then he thought again. This was Heero’s first time. Even stretched, it would...


He got up off the bed and hurried over to his desk.


"Duo, what are you doing?" Heero’s voice was level but carried lethal undercurrents of violence. "Get back here now or—"


"Omae o korosu, I know, you’ve said it before," Duo grinned, rummaging around in a drawer. "Aha!"


"What?" Heero asked suspiciously as he climbed back onto the bed.


Duo pulled the stopper out of the little bottle of oil. "Just something to make this a little easier," he replied mysteriously, pouring some into his hand, then reaching to touch Heero’s buttocks again.


Heero gasped as Duo’s fingers brushed there again, this time slick with oil. Duo massaged the oil into the skin, then rubbed some onto himself for good measure. He wiped his hands off carefully onto the sheets, then grasped Heero’s hips again.




"Gomen...this will probably hurt, at least at first," he apologized in advance, then gritted his teeth and began to push through that tight ring.




"I’m sorry," Duo apologized again, panting, feeling Heero clamp up but unable to stop pushing into that delicious warmth and heat that surrounded him. He fumbled around Heero’s hip then reached to grasp his shaft again, pumping it with slow strokes as he slowly sheathed himself inside of the other pilot.


"Ahh—" The sound was mingled agony and ecstasy, as Duo’s hand continued to move steadily, and then he was fully seated inside him.


He stayed there for a moment, biting his lip as Heero panted underneath him, then bent down to kiss the back of his neck. Heero groaned as the movement shifted Duo’s hard length inside of him, and he thrust harder against Duo’s hand.


Duo closed both hands around Heero and began to thrust.


Heero’s breath came in harsh pants as Duo moved tentatively at first, barely shifting his hips, then gradually increased his speed from the force of his urgency. Heero’s own erection was trapped and focused in the tunnel of Duo’s hands and he groaned, hanging his head, as Duo moved faster, his thrusts quickening the rhythm of his own movement in Duo’s grasp.


"Heero—Heero!" Duo panted, riding along the glowing crest of a molten wave that swept him.


Heero bit his lip and rocked back to meet him, hanging between the sensation of Duo inside him, and himself thrust between Duo’s hands. He wasn’t entirely certain when the pain had faded away, replaced only with a mind-blowing pleasure as Duo’s length brushed against...something...with each thrust, jolting him until he was seeing stars. He groaned and felt something explode, shoving harder into Duo’s hands for a few intensely glowing thrusts.


"Oh, God – ah – Heero..." Duo groaned, hips rolling into him in taut circles and then his slick hands moved to Heero’s hips again, grabbing him tightly as he jerked against him, releasing himself deeply into Heero, tumbling down the molten wave of sheer pleasure. He collapsed on top of him, and Heero lowered himself to the bed.


Duo rolled off of him onto the bed, grimacing a little as he slid out, then settled onto the bed next to Heero.


" okay?" Duo bit his lip nervously.


Heero flopped over onto his side, his face, his entire body posture completely relaxed. A smile stretched Duo’s lips and he felt relieved. "That was nice," Heero informed him, closing his eyes.


Duo grinned and pulled the Japanese pilot up against him, cuddling him against his body. Heero let him do it, and even threw an arm around Duo’s waist.


"So how often do we get to play this game?" Heero mumbled against his neck.


Duo nibbled on his ear. "Any time you want," he promised happily.


Heero cracked an eye open. "Anytime?"


Duo blinked at him. "Just try not to wear me out before a mission, okay?"


Heero closed the eye again and settled against him. "Ryoukai."


__The End__


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