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The Meaning of Silence

Joyce W. 

“Don't you ever shut up?" Heero growled for the nth time.

"I won't be bothering you anymore," Duo said before turning off the lights and going to sleep. I'm tired of being yelled at for the same thing over and over again. I'm really going to do it this time.

The next morning, Heero woke up to see Duo already half-dressed and putting on his socks. He waited for him to say "Ohayo," before grunting back a reply, but today Duo simply looked up, then looked back down at his feet. Duo then put on the rest of his clothes, picked up his books and left the room.

Still sulking, hn, Heero thought. That's OK, he'll forget all about it by tonight. It's nice and quiet for once.

However, evening came and Duo still didn't say anything to him. Heero was typing at the computer, curious when he was going to be glomped on and have all of today's events recited in his ear. But that night, Duo simply did his homework and lay down on the bed, staring at him in a way that unsettled him. After a while, Duo went out to take a shower, came back already dressed in his pajamas and shut off the lights near his bed; leaving Heero alone with his computer.

This is strange, thought Heero. I didn't yell at him more than usual. Next morning, Heero mumbled, "Ohayo," but there was no response. As Duo turned towards the door to leave for class, Heero reached out and gave the braid a good tug. But Duo simply snatched his braid out of his hand and kept on walking out the door.

He must be really angry with me to keep this up, he thought. Well, I'll just see how long he can last without talking.

Throughout the day, he saw him talking to other people, but whenever he got within earshot, Duo would suddenly excuse himself and leave.

By the fourth day, he waited impatiently in their room for Duo to show up. When he finally came through the door, he said, "Enough."

Duo ignored him and sat on his bed to read a book.

"I said enough already!"

Duo looked up at him then looked away.

By the fifth night, he was truly getting pissed. Duo was sitting on the edge of his bed, flipping through his textbook. I know how to make him make some noise. Heero went up to him and put his hand on his crotch. "If you don’t say no, I’ll just keep on going.” Either way, he’ll have to open his mouth and say something. He bent down and slowly took off Duo’s pants, then his boxers leaving him totally exposed. “Still nothing to say?”

Duo simply gave him a weird little smile.

Heero began playfully massaging Duo’s balls while looking at his face, waiting for a sigh, a groan, an enthusiastic yelp. He saw a clenching of Duo’s jaw. Damn, he’s really pushing it. So, he began stroking his length. Duo fell back on the bed, his face red and his hands over his mouth, then he took a pillow and put it over his face to keep from letting Heero hear him. Heero stopped, looking very frustrated. “I can't do this unless you make some noise," Heero growled.

Duo sat up and sighed, "Now you know . . . Sit next to me."

Heero couldn't say anything for a while, surprised at hearing Duo finally talk. "Know what?" He got up and sat next to him on the bed. Their hands lay on top of each other.

The expression in Duo’s violet eyes was soft, but serious. "That when you really want to talk to someone and that person doesn't respond, it's lonelier than being in a room by yourself."

"That's how you feel?"


"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"I figured it was better to show what it felt like than describe it."

"Ah, I see."

"Well, I think I made my point," Duo wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him, the first in days. "Tell me how sorry you are."

"I'd rather show than tell." He unzipped his pants and . . . showed.

There was a lot of noise in that room that night.


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