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All That Jazz



Start the car,
I know a whoopee spot,
Where the gin is cold,
But the piano's hot!
It's just a noisy hall,
Where there's a nightly brawl,
And all that jazz!
1973 and 1975 KANDER-EBB, Inc. and Unichappell Music, Inc. USED WITHOUT PERMISSION

Heero sat with his head down unable to come up with an answer to Duo's question. The noise of the bar did not register as anything other than noise to him, in the face of the American's sudden confession of his feelings towards him. The violet eyes were too wide, too open. 'This shouldn't be happening here,' Heero thought. For a moment, he thought of getting up and walking out, but he knew that any action he took had the chance of being terribly misinterpreted.

Duo sighed and looked down at the table. 'Three strikes you're out pal,' he thought. 'Well, I said it. I told Heero Yuy that I loved him and that he was the only person in the world I felt that close to and now I feel like a jerk. I mean, what kinda guy confesses to another guy his undying love. So, he probably thinks I'm some kinda freak now and .well he's right, cause I can't even see another way to see this and I'm the one who said it.. Oh boy. Just shut up Duo and think of a funny line or something to skin out of this.'

"Hello quiet boy," a man said, kneeling down beside Heero's chair. "Wanna dance.. or something?"

'What is that guy, crazy?' Duo thought. 'He probably has no idea that his head will be separated from his body without so much as a sigh. This is Heero Fuckin' Yuy we got here pal. Just make like mist and disappear.'

Heero sighed. He was so lost in his own thoughts and emotions that not even the man had registered.

The man licked his lips, looking up at the soulful eyes which had twisted his nuts from a room away. Even now, he could feel his cock strain in anticipation. He wanted this little Japanese boy and he wanted him bad.

"I'm Paul," he said, and reached up placing his hand on Heero's thigh. He licked his lips feeling the muscles under the jeans. "I think we can make each other very .comfortable."

"Ok, Pal," Duo said, not being able to keep silent. The guy was getting a little too friendly to the person Duo had just confessed his love to. And seeing that Heero's focus was turned inward, he spoke up. "We're kinda having a talk over here. So, why don't you like. go. huh?"

Paul looked up at the other boy. He was pretty too. "I'll be right over there in a minute, foxy. Don't you worry. I just wanna talk the quiet one for a minute,' he said, sliding his hand up Heero's thigh.

Heero turned to the man, looking at him. "Hands off," he said, quietly.

Duo smiled a little. There he was. There that deadly voice was. Maybe things would be ok after all. He sighed a little when Heero turned back and stared into space again.

"Let's go somewhere and fuck," Paul said.

"Ok that's it, buddy!" Duo said standing, and knocking his chair over in the process. "Back the hell off! Now!"

Paul stood and then laughed seeing skinny irate boy with the long ponytail standing before him. "Or you'll do what? Beat me with your hair. Get lost faggot. I got a date with your pal here."

Duo saw red. The waiting, the confession and now this insulting jerk was too much for one night. He lunged at the man, connecting his fist to the man's square jaw. The man reeled, taking a step back.

"Ok, now I kick your faggot ass," Paul said.

"Come on and do it, if you think you got the stones," Duo replied.

Heero looked up and frowned. Something was going on and he was struggling to catch up. He saw the man who had touched him move forward and hit Duo hard on the jaw.

Duo felt the fist hit his jaw and snap his head to one side. 'Yeah,' he thought. 'This is exactly what I need right now.' Turning back to the man, he smiled a murderous smile, bringing his hands up in front of him. "You hit like a little girl," Duo growled. With some satisfaction, he saw the man's eyes widen with insult. He saw the man swing and ducked under his arm. Bringing his left arm up, Duo connected once again with a left cross and smiled fully as blood flew from the man's nose.

Heero stood up suddenly as the table lolled in front of him. He quickly assessed the situation and moved to join in the fight feeling that sense of protection that Duo brought out in him sometimes. Now, fully cognizant of the fact that he was the subject of the fight, Heero moved to stop it before someone got really hurt bad or dead.

"Duo!" Heero called, and saw Duo's focus move to where he was and off of the other man. At that very moment, he saw the man barrel into the braided pilot and knock him to the floor.

People scattered, giving space, but no one left. In fact, a few people began taking bets.

Duo looked up from the floor and saw the man hovering over him. "He's mine," the man said, with a triumphant smile. "In your dreams, pal," Duo responded and kicked out connecting with the man's thigh. He had hoped for something a bit higher, but you take what you can get. Rolling away, he barely missed having the man land on top of him as he fell to the floor.

Heero cursed and headed to where Duo lay on the floor. As he did, a pair of big men suddenly grabbed his arms. "Just stay back here and you won't get hurt. You're man can take care of himself. He's doing pretty good. Paul's an ex-welterweight."

Heero growled. "Let go of me," he said softly, looking up at the two.

Totally misunderstanding the look, one of the men smiled. "Look I understand you wanna help him, sweetie, but he's got it under control. Really. Now we can get you a drink and keep an eye on him for ya."

"Baka," Heero whispered.

Meanwhile, Duo managed to get to his knees, smiling as he saw the man on the ground pull himself up. "Had enough, asshole?" Duo breathed. "The trouble with people like you is.. you never learn."

The man looked up at Duo, then lunged for the braided pilot to knock him down again. He felt Duo's arms come up to resist, but knew the forward motion would carry them back to the floor.

"I fucked guys like you in prison," Paul said, looking down on the young man he had just flattened on the floor.

"Yeah?" Duo said, "Well you probably sucked at that too, pal. Come to think of it, you probably sucked a lot in prison."

Duo groaned as a fist connected with his gut and then another one to his head.

"Shut up!" Paul screamed. "Now.. I'm gonna go over there and get your friend and we're gonna party, bitch."

From some reservoir of spirit, Duo felt his body move. His common sense told him that Heero would kill this guy without a backward glance, but his mind supplied pictures of Heero Yuy, struggling under this hairy beast and that was something that Duo Maxwell could simply not let be. On his knees again, he hit the man in the gut hard two times, watching as he reeled.

"You. don't.. get it!" he screamed, punctuating his words with blows to the man's face. "He. is.. not . yours!"

The people watching exchanged money as they saw the Gundam pilot regain himself and get back into the fray.

Heero counted to one hundred and fifty three allowing the well-meaning fools to lead him a short distance away. As soon as they turned their heads, he slipped away and ducked under people's arms as he threaded his way to Duo.

By the time he reached the braided pilot, the people closest to the center were doing some kind of count down. He saw Duo hitting the mad over and over again as he repeated the words. "HE. IS.. NOT.YOURS!"

Heero moved forward and much to the dismay of the crowd, grabbed Duos wrists to prevent him from killing the man. He saw tears streak Duo's cheeks and reached down to place Duo's arm around his neck. Standing, he felt Duo's weight against him and then watched as the crowd parted to let them pass.

"C'mon Paulie, let's get you to Med Central," a voice said.

"I get hit by a truck there, Carmine?" a punch drunk Paul asked.

"Eh, you'll get 'em next time pal."

A few hours later, Duo looked up at the ceiling, grateful that the lights in the room were off. He could feel his body tremble in places and ache all over. The best and worse times were when Heero sat down on the bed next to him or when Heero tried to fix him up. 'That was a stupid thing to do Maxwell,' he thought. 'Not only did you fight, but in a public place. You could have compromised the entire mission and gotten Heero into trouble or worse. What is your damage?'

Duo closed his eyes and ticked off the number of places his body throbbed.

Heero came back into the room and sat down beside Duo. "Take these. They'll help the pain so you can get some sleep," he said.

"No thanks," Duo said, trying to sound cheery. "I can get to sleep without 'em. Don't..." Duo began, then grimaced in pain.

Heero sighed. "Your call," he said and put the pill down on Duo's bedside table.

'Same great bedside manner,' Duo thought and smiled in the darkness.

"I've been thinking about what you said," Heero said.

'Oh god no. why now? Not now!' Duo thought suddenly, feeling panic rise inside of him. "Heero," he attempted to say, but no sound came out. He had meant to say 'forget about it.'

Looking up at Duo, Heero saw the sparkle of something reflected on Duo's cheeks. He leaned over and touched Duo's face. It was water. Duo's tears.

"No," Duo said and his voice came out as a strangled sound. He moved his face away wanting to sink into the bed and die. This was the second time Heero Yuy had caught him exposed and open. He tried to turn away even while he felt the delicious closeness. 'This is bad.' he thought.

"Duo," Heero said, softly, "Don't run and hide now. I have some things to say to you, but I don't know if they are right."

Duo swallowed hard, feeling his throat dry. He wanted to hear and then he didn't. 'He is not yours,' Duo thought, hearing the words repeat themselves in his head. He had considered trying to be philosophical about the whole issue and to just be happy with what could have of Heero Yuy, but the argument seemed to dissolve in the real world. The next best option on the way from the bar was to try and make things they were before, obscure and vague. Duo didn't know if it was possible, but it might be better.

Heero looked down at Duo and noticed that he was terrified. He brushed the bangs back from Duo's face and caressed his cheek. "I was just going to say that the answer to your question was that I feel honored that you love me, Duo. I don't let people in, but you don't seem to need an invitation. You're just there for me," he said. "At the bar, you..."

'Please don't say it,' Duo thought, feeling the panic begin to spread. He was beginning to hyperventilate. Duo closed his eyes and tried to grab a little piece of calm for himself. The next moment, he found himself lifted with Heero's arms around him. The contact felt good, grounding. Slowly the panic began to ease.

"Shit," he managed to say as he held on to Heero. "what.. managed to embarrass myself?" Duo added, feeling more of himself return on the magic carpet of humor.

"No," Heero continued, feeling himself relax. "You said 'He is not yours'. You were beating that guy and saying those words, Duo. You were talking to yourself."

Duo closed his eyes tightly. "So," he said, trying to make it Duo-casual-cool.

Heero moved back. He wanted to look into the indigo eyes. "Well, if you're talking about me, then that's not true. The truth is I didn't think I belonged to anyone. The original 'lost boy'. But, if I belong to you, then I wouldn't be lost anymore."

Duo let the air that he'd been holding in his lungs out. He could breathe normally now. Reluctantly, he leaned back, looking into the cobalt blue eyes that had captured his heart. "Oh yeah?" he said, blinking water out of his eyes. Then, a huge grin lit up is face.

Heero nodded and a part of him was so very relieved to see the wide grin back, even if it was through tears. Leaning forward, he kissed Duo's lips carefully, trying not to cause pain to the bruise near Duo's mouth. He was very surprised when Duo kissed back with great passion and fervor.

Duo made a little moaning sound as he kissed Heero. His head spun and he hurt like hell, but the pain only seemed to enhance the experience. When Heero kissed back, exploring and plundering his mouth, Duo nearly passed out with joy. He felt Heero leaning him back against the bed and pillows and sliding under the covers with him. The feel of Heero's weight against him, pressing his own body into the bed was perfect. Duo wrapped his arms around Heero and sighed deeply.

"This is nice," Duo said softly, as he looked up at Heero.

"Hn," Heero remarked, looking down into the violet depths.

"It was a good fight," Duo said, sliding his hands over Heero's smooth back...

Heero nodded. "You almost killed him, you know. I think you kinda lost it." Heero said, brushing Duo's bangs back.

Duo shrugged. "Oh well," he said.

"I'll remember that," Heero said. "In fact, I think it was the way you were pummeling that guy that did it. I mean, I finally understood all that you were asking me. But what I wanna know is that if I am yours, does that mean that you are mine?"

Duo's eyebrow's knitted together for a moment. "Hey," he said, "I hadn't thought about it that way, but I guess. yes, that's exactly what it means Heero"

"Then yes, Duo. He * is * yours," Heero said, and then leaned down and kissed Duo deeply.

A short while later, Heero placed his head down against Duo's chest. Both felt the sweet hint of things to come and both understood that they were simply too exhausted to do anything about it. Besides, there was always the morning.


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