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Imagelet: Duo Eating Oreos


Heero hadn't seen his partner for several hours. This wasn't particularly unusual, but what was more worrisome was that he hadn't *heard* his partner for several hours. Generally, Duo would call out some comment or question to him from wherever he was in the building every ten minutes or so. Heero had no idea why he did this; it seemed almost as if Duo wanted to reassure Heero and himself that he was still there.

//Hmmm. Probably got himself into trouble.// Even after living with the other pilot for a year in this apartment near Preventer headquarters, where they both worked, he still could not understand why he was always inexplicably tense whenever he thought about Duo being in trouble without him there. He decided to look for the idiot, so that the tense feeling would go away and he wouldn't have to think about it.

Tucking his gun into his jeans at the small of his back, he did a slow sweep of their rooms--his bedroom, Duo's, the living room (where the TV was always on very low, because for some reason it made Duo more comfortable and he couldn't sleep with it off). //Where is he?//

The kitchen. He heard sounds. He drew his gun and whirled around, stalking into the kitchen to see--

Duo, sitting quietly at the table, happily eating cookies and milk.

He facefaulted. Putting away his weapon, he thought, //*Cookies* can make him silent for this long?! I know he likes to eat, but this is ridiculous.// He propped himself against the doorframe and observed the other boy for a minute. //Why am I still here? I've confirmed that he's safe; I should be back at the computer, working. Why does he always make me do things that don't make sense, without even trying?//

At that moment Duo was taking another cookie out of his family-sized bag of Double Stuffs, wearing that gleeful expression one most often sees on children when they know they're being naughty. He gazed at it for a moment, seemingly memorizing it, and then slowly twisted the top layer of chocolate off with a look of intense concentration.

Heero didn't know why, but his observation of Duo became more intense, too.

The oblivious subject of his regard raised the white-coated half of the Oreo to his lips, and began licking.

Heero unconsciously licked his own lips.

Duo's tongue passed slowly, slowly across the white filling over and over again, like that of a lazy cat who knows nobody will interrupt him in his enjoyment of the cream. It darted out of his mouth and caressed the cookie almost lovingly, and with a disturbing focus. Short licks, then long, careful strokes with that wet tongue, glistening--

Heero found his mind was embellishing its account of his observations without his permission. He also found that the temperature in the room seemed heightened, and he felt uncomfortable. But he dared not look away.

Duo's eyelids slipped shut in bliss; a sinner enjoying his sin. It seemed to be important to him somehow that he get every last molecule of the white stuff with that agile tongue.

It was beginning to seem important to Heero, too.

When he had licked the cookie clean of any filling, and then gone over it a few more times for good measure, Duo regarded the two chocolate wafers left in his hands.

Heero was surprised--rather pleasantly, he noted with a flash of guilt--to discover that his partner's method of eating *those* was to bite off pieces and then suck on them until they dissolved in his mouth.

He was beginning to feel uncomfortable in places he'd never felt uncomfortable before, except on rare occasions when Duo would flirt with him in front of Relena to embarrass him--nani?! Masaka! That would mean...

He must have growled faintly then, because Duo (having just finished the last of the Oreo) looked around and saw him standing in the doorway. The Idiot, as Heero had nicknamed him--inaccurately, he knew--looked confused for a minute, and then grinned wickedly. Slowly, Duo picked up his glass of milk, tipped his head back, and took a long swallow. The muscles of his slim throat worked smoothly as he drank.

Heero couldn't seem to take his eyes off that throat. His jeans were somehow too tight, and he absently removed his gun and set it on the counter. It didn't help.

Duo set down the glass. His eyes were predatory and mocking all at once. "So, Heero, do you want to come in and have a cookie?"



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