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Trowa Watch 9.99: Nightclub Dancer



"Friday, Friday," Duo sung merrily as he leaned back in his little swivel chair at the Preventers headquarters, "Thank goodness it’s Friday."

"What are you and Duo planning tonight?" Quatre asked Heero, who was busy typing up a mission report.

"Hn…" he muttered, trying to stay focused on his work.

"We were thinking of going out somewhere," Duo chimed in place of the lack of response his boyfriend gave.

"Oh…" Quatre said, looking over at Wu Fei who acting as if he was working on the computer, but was actually playing solitaire…. "Fei and I weren’t sure what we were going to do tonight."

"What are you doing tonight, Trowa?" Duo asked his silent friend.

"…Washing my hair," he replied, continuing to type away at the computer.

"Oh…" Quatre muttered along with Duo. Since Quatre began to date Wu Fei, and Duo dated Heero, they often felt bad for leaving their friend out. It always seemed like he had nothing to do on Friday or Saturday nights….

Trowa looked at the clock and said, "It’s lunchtime. Anyone want anything from the deli?"

They found it extremely sad that their single friend had nothing better to do than pick up lunch for everyone else. Still, that did not deter them from taking orders…. When he had left to get the lunches, Duo spoke up, "Geez, not even my hair takes that long to wash."

"…You do take a long time, though…." Heero muttered.

"Maybe it’s all the hair gel…?" Quatre asked, looking at Wu Fei.

"Yeah, that can take a while to get out," Wu Fei said as he continued the game behind his work. "Damn, beaten by the seven of clubs again! Injustice!"


"All right, how do I look?" Duo said, dramatically emerging from their bedroom in the attire he was planning to wear for their night out.

Taking a quick glance at his lover, Heero muttered from the couch, "You look just fine."

"Just fine?"

"All right, all right," Heero said as he held his hands up in mock surrender. "You look very sexy."

"Thank you," Duo said graciously as he skipped over to kiss Heero. "You don’t look so bad yourself."

"Oh gee, thanks," Heero said dryly.

"So…where are we going?" Duo asked quizzically as he helped Heero off the couch.

"…I thought you’d like this one place in the city…it’s called the Pink Flamingo…we’ve never been there before."

"Ooh, I think I’ve heard of that place," Duo said excitedly. "Come on, Heero, let’s go!"


"All ready?" Wu Fei asked as he tapped their bedroom door.

"Just a second…" Quatre called from the other side.

"…You…you’re sure you want to go to this place? I mean, I’ve heard some stuff about it…." Wu Fei said cautiously.

"Like what?"

"…Like couples having sex on the dance floor…" Wu Fei muttered, repeating what a friend had told him.

Quatre burst out of their room and said excitedly, "Sounds like fun!"

Wu Fei sweat dropped….

"Oh come on, Wu," Quatre said as he gave his lover a soft smile. "I’m sure the Pink Flamingo will be just fine."

Wu Fei shuffled his feet and grumbled, "You’re probably right…as always…."


"Hn…I wasn’t expecting it to be this crowded…" Heero muttered to Duo as they walked into the Pink Flamingo.

Colorful lights of all hues were flashing around and there was a huge dance floor in the middle of everything, which was fully crowded. Off to the side, there were a couple of tables and a bar, which was equally crowded, also. Near the back overlooking the whole club was a stage – currently on it was a scantily clad girl singing some pop song.

"Oh we’ll have fun," Duo said dismissively as he gave Heero a wink. "Let’s check out the bar."

Heero nodded and was whisked away…not sure just what to think of the place after seeing some people nearly doing it on a table….


"See? See? Told you!" Wu Fei said triumphantly. "Couples doing it everywhere we turn!"

Quatre gave a sly smile and said, "I know. …Want to join in the fun, koi?"

Wu Fei sweat dropped again…and it had nothing to do with the temperature…. "…Here? In front of everyone?"

"Oh come on, Wu Fei," Quatre coaxed as he took his hand and let him to the dance floor. "They don’t care…. Let’s…dance, shall we?"

"…This is an injustice, I swear…."

"Aa, you’ll get over it."


"I like this place," Duo said, leaning on the bar counter beside Heero. "We should come here more often!"

"…Sex on the Beach…."

"There isn’t a beach for miles!" Duo exclaimed, angry at Heero’s teasing….

"No, I was ordering a drink…" Heero muttered.

"Oh…uh…Cosmopolitan…" Duo said as he ordered as well, looking up at the bartender.

Heero gave Duo a look. "…."

"I’ll be just fine! …Look after me, though," he snickered as he kissed his koibito.

Heero just nodded, looking around on the dance floor. Someone caught his eye…. "Hey…is that?"

"Mm?" Duo asked, sipping of his new drink.

"Over there!" Heero said, pointing in a general direction. "He looks familiar…."


"I don’t see anyone we know," Duo said, his eyes scanning the whole dance floor.

He was gone. "…Hn…it’s just as well…I don’t see him anymore…."

"Oh…" Duo muttered as he took another sip. "Who did you think you saw?"

"…Nobody," Heero grumbled as he looked at his own drink.

Nah…couldn’t be.


Wu Fei, too, had noticed the mysterious, yet familiar man….

"Honestly, koi, I think you’re losing it," Quatre giggled as he kept brushing up against him.

"No, I swear…I actually saw him…I’m not losing it…."

"Wu Fei, just," he began, but upon looking around, he saw even more familiar people. "Omigawd!"

"What? What was that?"



"…Dunno…think its some kind of migratory bird…" Quatre muttered. "Anyway, Duo and Heero! They’re over there! By the bar!"

"I’m not even going to look," Wu Fei said as he turned away. "I’m just going to assume it’s some kind of bizarre hallucination you’re having and that you’re off your rocker."

Quatre laughed, "Come on, let’s join them." He dragged his reluctant boyfriend to their two friends.

"Quatre! Wu Fei!" Duo said excitedly as he jumped off the barstool to greet them, Heero nodding at them in acknowledgement.

"Ugh, you wouldn’t believe Wu Fei," Quatre snickered. "He thought he saw someone we knew, but when I looked, he wasn’t there…."

"…You too, Fei?" Heero spoke up.

"What? You mean Wuffie says he saw the same person Heero saw?" Duo asked.

Wu Fei poked Quatre repeatedly. "See? Told you…now who’s losing it?"

"Oh? And just who exactly did you two think you saw?" Quatre challenged, glaring at Wu Fei.

"Mm, yeah, I’m curious to know, myself!" Duo laughed.

Heero and Wu Fei exchanged glances. "Trowa."

"What?" Duo asked in disbelief. "Why in hell would Trowa come to a place like this?"

"It must be a mass hallucination…" Quatre explained. "Besides, Trowa said he was washing his hair tonight. He wouldn’t lie to us!"

"Oh would he???" Wu Fei said dramatically.

Quatre just looked at him.

"…No, guess he wouldn’t…."


Duo, Heero, Quatre, and Wu Fei were all on the dance floor – Duo and Quatre enjoying themselves with their respective lovers and Heero and Wu Fei watching out for Trowa yet again. Trowa Watch 9.99 they called it for some reason….

"I’m telling you, I’m not losing it!"

"Oh shut up and dance."

Duo snickered at his two friends and laid his head on Heero’s chest, dancing quite closely. He looked over to the side and between some people he saw…some really nice hips. His cheeks reddened and he felt a little guilty looking at another guy’s lower area like that…but the hips were really slim…. Duo, with much guilt, wished Heero had those slim of hips and such a nice butt…not that Heero’s wasn’t nice or anything…. He kept on staring, watching the seductive motion of it…the slim hips…grinding…against another man’s…. Just watching made Duo hot and a little bothered…. Without even thinking, he said softly, "That’s a really nice butt."

Heero focused his gaze on where Duo was looking and remarked, "…Yeah, that is a nice butt."

"Hey!" Duo snapped.

"…Well it is," he shrugged.

"…Yeah…but still…."

"You’re the one looking."

Duo looked at the ground sheepishly and muttered, "Yeah, well, you got me there."

Wanting to see what face belonged to such a gorgeous lower area, Heero looked up and began to scan who might possibly be the owner…. He saw the tips of a familiar hairstyle….

"Wu Fei! Trowa Watch 9.99!" Heero called out to his friend.

Nearly throwing Quatre aside, Wu Fei rushed up to Heero. "Where is he?"

"Whoa! Was I just checking out Trowa’s butt???" Duo exclaimed, suddenly aware.

"Over there!" Heero said as he pointed to where Trowa had been.

But…. (*Author’s note, pardon the pun…*)

"Damn!" Heero muttered when he couldn’t see the familiar hairstyle…nor could he see the man he was dancing with….

Wu Fei sighed and made his way back to Quatre. "Maybe next time…."

Snickering at Quatre and Wu Fei’s bickering ("You have lost it, darling." "I swear! He was there!"), Duo looked up at Heero and said, "…That wasn’t really him…was it?"

Heero shrugged and said, "I think so…. Why…? Don’t you want it to be him?"

"No…because then I’ll always know that I was checking out Trowa’s butt and wishing that you had such a nice property!"

"But he does have a nice butt…."

Duo glared at Heero. "Do you check it out regularly?"

Heero looked sheepish.

"You do!" Duo exclaimed, laughing. "But still, I have a nicer butt than him, right?"

Heero was silent.




"…How about those Yankees?"



Duo and Heero were sitting at the bar with Quatre and Wu Fei who bickered incessantly about everything.

"It’s almost midnight," Heero yawned.

Quatre yawned also and said, "Yeah…we better be getting home soon…."

"But we haven’t seen Trowa yet!" Wu Fei protested.

"That’s because he’s not here!"


"You guys thinking of leaving?" the bartender asked, eavesdropping.

"Yeah," Quatre muttered as Wu Fei protested.

"At least stay for this one guy…we pay him to get up on the stage and sing every Friday and Saturday night. He’s just amazing…you’ll love him. Everyone does," the bartender persuaded.

"Yeah, let’s stay for that!" Duo said with renewed excitement.

"He should be on any minute now…"

Wu Fei must have had eyes like a hawk because he practically choked Quatre in hugging him, yelling out, "SEE?? TOLD YOU!!!!!!"

Everyone else saw him on the stage and the whole nightclub began cheering.

"Trowa!" Quatre exclaimed in disbelief. "But! …But!"

Heero gave Duo a sly smile and said, "Never disagree with me."

"You’re sleeping on the couch," Duo muttered as throbbing pop music began to play and Trowa sang in a silky and sexy voice.

"If you like this," the bartender began again, looking very fondly at Trowa, "you should see him strip."

The four of them grew a little hot and looked at each other. They winked at each other in understanding and made their way to the backstage entrance….


It was Wu Fei that practically assaulted him.

"I WAS RIGHT AND QUATRE WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed triumphantly as Trowa came through the backstage entrance where they were.

Trowa froze.

"…Where am I?" he began suddenly. "Last thing I remember is –"

"That old amnesia ploy isn’t going to work, Trowa," Heero smirked.

"Damn," Trowa muttered.

"Why are you here?!" Quatre shrieked. "You told us you were washing your hair!!!"

"…I did," Trowa said, "before I went over here."

Quatre suddenly felt very small. "…Oh…but…why are you here?"

Trowa shrugged. "I work here. It’s my night job. I sing…and…."

Wu Fei smirked, "…And strip."

Trowa looked around innocently.

"Never mind all of that," Duo muttered, seductively approaching Trowa. He lightly placed a finger on his chin. "You’ve been holding out on us."

Trowa sweat dropped.

Approaching beside him, Heero whispered into his ear, "And we’d like to make up everything we’ve missed…."

Quatre, blowing a kiss, and Wu Fei dragging him along with everyone else into a backroom, said, "…And we’d like to make it all up tonight." They closed the door behind them.

Trowa sat on a small little bed in the room and looked around at his friends…wondering not so reluctantly what they wanted him to do.

Duo pounced on him and began licking Trowa’s lips playfully as Heero rubbed against him and nibbled on his ear. Wu Fei massaged…that thing…gently and Quatre pulled Trowa’s shirt up to lick his stomach while undoing his pants.

Moaning softly, Trowa looked up at Duo and muttered, "We should do this more often."

Before plunging his tongue in Trowa’s mouth, Duo smirked, "Yes…we most definitely should."


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