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What Do You Mean Love?

Lady Tora

The large space ship groaned and complained over the new additional weight to its cargo bay. The five charred and beaten down Gundams stood still proud as the war has finally ended and all will be well.

Being dragged out of his cockpit, Quatre looked up with a gilded gleam and wrapped his pale arms around Trowa's long neck but was soon put down onto a large stretcher to the awaiting medical ward. The taller boy always by his side, holding his hand.

"I think I'm goin' to be sick." Duo jumped down from Deathscythe Hell only to see Zero be opened up like a can of sardines to release the captive. His heart lurched when he saw the black gloved hand take the twisted metal and begin to bend it, but fall back from exhaustion. "Need a hand Yuy?"

Howard watched as Duo came from no where and began pulling in the still red-hot gundanium.

"Now watch it kid'o, that stuff is hot-" Nothing would penetrate the thick braided skull until he knew his friend was out safely.

Peeling away at the metal as if it was an orange, it showed a nearly unconscious and extremely dehydrated Heero Yuy.

Breathing heavily, the Asian pilot gasped in the new fresh air that over powered the stale smoky cockpit air. The deep-set bullet blue eyes sank back and fluttered closed at the sensation of feeling safe and accomplishing his goals. He could smile Duo's natural cologne and smiled faintly as he slumped forward in his harness.

"Hey now, no sleeping Yuy." He looked closer to the unconscious teen. "Heero?" Duo took out a pocketknife and cut the restraints and held onto the limp body.

"He's tired, and looks like no sweat. Better get him to Sally so she can get him on some fluids, reentry killed off his water supply."

Picking up Heero, he groaned in pain and held tighter to Duo's neck.

"Good thing Sally snagged Relena to help with the hospital, or she would go postal seeing me with you like this." His answer was the warm nose nuzzling further into his neck causing the smile to widen on his face.

Traveling up behind him, Wufei held his arm and rubbed it softly. "Need help?"

"Hm? Oh no, Heero is pretty light."

"Might as well let you get used to carrying him." A shimmer of a grin played on his face.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Duo shifted the load in his arms.

"Well, just thinking out load. Nothing more."

"Ever pick Sally up?" The grin returned to the cobalt blue eyes.

"She would kill me and chop off my manhood."

"To think I was getting used to your ponytail."

Wufei stopped and looked at the American, "Baka."

"Yup. But don't use it too much, that is my pet name."

"And to think, I thought it was `omae o korosu'."



They found the infirmary and got put to work by the rushing Sally who seemed to move at the speed of light going from one room to the next with Relena in tow. Things began to calm down a bit when they arrived, and Wufei did his best to stay from the deep stare from Lady Une.

Duo helped keep the patients content while they were put into the isolation bay, ready to be taken by shuttle to any local hospital on the colonies or earth all the while bouncing in and out of Heero's room. Wufei helped administer drugs, the best choice since he was schooled in minor medical procedures. Relena bounded from bed to bed to help any convenience request for food or water till Dorothy found her and begin her long quest for forgiveness.

Finally when things settled down, Sally sat down with a long sigh and began to fan herself with the large clipboard. Duo and Wufei sat back to back near exhaustion as Relena perched herself by Dorothy, listening contently to the sobbing and sniffling prattle.

Shifting slightly, Sally looked over to the pilots, "You guys should find a bed and get some rest. I am truly sorry for making you work."

"We wanted to. Besides, wouldn't feel right seeing you working so hard and not at least pitch in." The Chinese teen held steadfast to his arm.

"Your hurt Wufei. Let me see it."

"Just sore, I can grab some ointment from Nataku and it will be well."

Relena looked up; "I can get it." Looking skeptical, "I am not sure if you will know which one it is."

"I can." Dorothy sniffled one last time and got up," Besides, I am tired of sitting."

Shrugging his shoulders, "Alright, it is in the right compartment below the control panel."

The girls walked off as the group sighed in relief of their departure.

"She gives me the creeps." The blonde woman propped her feet up on the table.

"Which one?" Duo smirked and laid his head down on Wufei's slumping shoulders. "You know, since we haven't been checked like the others, I vote that Wufei get a full exam." An elbow to the ribs caused him to cough a little.

"Just because I am behind you don't mean I cannot hurt you Maxwell."

"Oh? And what exam does he need?" Sally began to grin.

"Well, since he won't need that stick up his ass-"


"Prostate exam would be nice."

"That's it!" Wufei locked elbows with the American and flung them both off the couch, landing on the floor with a thud. Sally held her sides in laughter as the Asian pilot tied up his companion with his own braid.

"Damn Wu! This is too kinky for my tastes." Duo began to wiggle on the floor, his hands tightly bound by the long rope of hair. Wufei jumped off his captive and sat on the couch, "Better check on Yuy. If memory serves me right he should be halfway down the hall and ready to attack anything that moves."

"So send me in. No one misses the big mouth American." Looking towards the blonde, "He learns so fast." Wufei began to laugh as the longhaired teen got up slowly and made his way down the hall, looking pitifully behind him.

"Now, what about that physical?"

The woman's smile sent shivers down Wufei's spine, "I thought you were joking."

Sally shook her head, causing the long braided locks to swish. "I never joke about my patients."

Feeling the heat in his cheeks begin to rise as he smelled her perfume wafting over his nose and the warm breath on his lips before he gave in and fell head long into his first kiss almost two years.


Duo looked into the small room to see a pair of glowering eyes.

"Eh he…Hi Heero. Feel better?" Duo began to mentally kick himself, `Well, give up on the fact he is happy to see you.'

"I am in a hospital bed." The eyes still held onto the white fire.

"Yeah, you were exhausted and needed your water replenished." Sitting down in the chair next to the bed, Duo watched as Heero lifted the covers and swing his feet over the edge and begin to stare. "What Heero!? Geez, you drive me crazy when you stare like that. Is there something on my face? My fly is open isn't it?" Duo began to babble causing Heero to stare deeper.

"I have something to tell you Duo."

Still patting down his clothing to see why his long time partner watching him like a hawk, he turned his head slightly, letting the long neck curve causing the Japanese teen to slightly bite his lip. "Yeah? Spit it out I won't bite."

"I hope you would." Looking startled that those words came from his throat, he was relived that Duo just took it as a joke. "Duo, I think…no…I know I love you."

"Eh? What do you mean love?" Doing cartwheels in his mind, Duo thought he should play it safe near the homicidal maniac that looked so cute at the moment. "Do you mean love as in `I love my Gundam', or `I love pizza', or `I love sunsets'. Explain it."

Feeling a bit distraught, `maybe this is a mistake. He doesn't look like he loves me.' Sighing deeply, "I love the way the sun catches your hair just right and makes a dazzling rainbow in my mind. I love the way you smile when things go your way or how you laugh when you blow something up. I love they way you swing your hips and how your hair stays in step. I love how you have the right curse word for the moment and the look on your face when you remember that you forgot something important. I love the shape of your face and how it looks so innocent while you sleep. I love that you don't bend at the knees, but the way you show maximum ass in the air. I love how you smell when you get done fixing your Gundam or after you took a shower. I love how your childlike fascination for things makes me be more appreciative of life. I love the way your eyes twinkle when you feel the serenity of the moment and I love they way you make me feel. Duo, I love you and everything that make you up. Duo, please after that just tell me something." Heero's head hung down as his hands fidgeted on his lap but looked up and blinked away a small tear of bringing a year of emotions up from the pit of his soul.

"Heero, I love you too." Standing, Duo placed a chaste kiss on the slack lips that just poured forth more words in one sitting then he did in his life.

Smiling slightly, Heero wrapped his arm around Duo's neck and looked into the deep pools of cobalt. "So?"

"So what?" Duo gave a mischievous grin.

"You know."

"I know what?"

Growling a bit, "Why!"

"Why what?" Duo backed away a bit and crossed his arms with a large smile on his face, but saw the smile leave his love's face and be replaced by the ever present determined solider. "I'm in trouble aren't I?"

Heero just shook his head `yes' as he jumped off the bed.

"Um…see ya!" Running out the door, the longhaired teen swung a hard left and nearly tripped on his two own feet.

Giggling all the way, he felt the soft fingers reach out for his braid as he belted down the hallway. Grabbing his hair and wrapping it around his waist, Duo stuck out his tongue and laugh all the way to the cargo bay.

Heero lunged and landed on the other's back, wrapping his legs around the lithe form and holding onto his forehead, causing Duo's eyes to stretch further then they could normally.

"Tell me!"

"No!" He trudged on with the Asian pilot on his back.


"This position would be more fun if you were naked." He grunted as they crossed the catwalk from one side of the holding area to the other.

Giving Heero a wicked idea, he was going to find out why Duo loved him. He grabbed onto the long neck and began to snake his tongue out and tickle the pale ear.

The plan worked because Duo stopped in his track and fell to his knees, allowing Heero to safely jump to the cold steel floor.

"I give!" He panted and sat down next to the dark headed teen. Looking up into the deep peacock blue eyes, he kissed the sharp nose and sharply inhaled. "I love you Heero. I love the way you make something so innocent and turn it into die hard mission that must be finished. I love your compassion and your persistence." He laughed and nuzzled his head into the crook of the bare shoulder. "I love the way your hair has that `I just woke up, say something and die' look. I love the way your eyes soften when I walk in; I love how you smile for only me. I love you always unconsciously snuggle me and keep me warm. I love your spandex; I love you feel of your skin and how you make me shiver when you touch me. I love the way you do everything and how you accomplish everything. I love you." Looking up into the smiling face.

"Thank you. Now, as for those things about we should try something naked?"

"Oh yeah!" Duo jumped up and grabbed the other's arm, but stopped short when he looked down at the foot of the gundanium pillars. "Heero," Duo whispered. "Look down there!"

Following the pointed finger he saw two slender figures with long manes of blonde hair embraced in a searing kiss. "Thank you Kami- Sama." He hugged Duo tighter in happiness that Relena would be too busy to stalk him into eternity. Taking the American's hand in his, Heero kissed the pale pink lips and smiled to himself.

So this is love…

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