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Cat's Eyes

Alana Winters

Author's Notes: this is my first, actual lemon, so please be kind.
:...: connotes telepathy
*...* connotes internal thought


Simply beautiful.

Heero Yuy watched the graceful, supple feline pace the length of the cage, restlessness apparent in every lithe muscle.  The panther's elegant, black tail twitched every now and then, indicating the predator's state of agitation.  The cat was unsettled, prowling each and every corner of his night enclosure, giving off a deep, rolling growl every now and then.

As worrisome as this scene was to Heero, it was nothing new to the zookeeper.  Every month, around this time, this beautiful animal would become disturbed, his hackles roused and unnerved.  It was almost as if the feline was missing something, searching his enclosure for something that wasn't there, had never been there.

Heero shook his head, clearing it of his confused thoughts.  The panther had come to his zoo some six months ago, from another zoological park.  It had been listed as quarrelsome and dangerous, having almost claimed the life of a zookeeper from its previous home.  Many had called for the termination of the proud creature, but it had been shipped off to Heero's zoo after much speculation and argument.  It was hoped that Heero would have some measure of success at helping the cat adapt to captivity, seeing that the Japanese man was considered one of the experts in his field.

Heero could understand the savageness of the panther, given its history.  Taken from the wild, it had been under the care of a cruel, private collector.  It had been saved by the wildlife humane society and shipped off to a local zoo instead of returned to the wild.  However, it had been passed from zoo to zoo because no keeper could tame the wild creature it had become.  Due to the cruelty from its private owner, as well as some of the unnecessary tactics of naive zookeepers, the feline had not lived an easy life; a fact that Heero could relate to.

In the six months that the panther had been with him, it had indeed calmed down, almost becoming placid and tame, but still managing to maintain an aura of danger.  The panther did not react to his human caretakers very well; indeed, it only allowed Heero and Trowa to approach him.  God forbid if Wufei or any of the other keepers attempted to care for the beast.  Indeed, the black cat seemed to delight in specifically tormenting the Chinese keeper.  Yet, left alone in his night cage or day enclosure, the cat was content to bask in the sun or sleep away, while maintaining an eye out for overconfident zookeepers.

But for all the trouble the panther gave the zoo, Heero could feel that there was something unique about the cat.  Something that called for special treatment and care.  Perhaps it was the fact that the panther had such unusual colored eyes, vibrant amethyst, that called to Heero.  Or maybe that the cat had chosen HIM, of all keepers, to trust enough to care for him.

All Heero knew was that this cat, who had been named Shinigami, was his only reason for staying at the Sank Zoo.  Otherwise, he would have long ago left the park and headed out for field research in the wild jungles of the south.  However, something tugged at his soul, demanding that he stay here and care for the taciturn Shinigami.  It was a calling that he couldn't ignore.

Heero looked to the side as he heard one of the double doors open and admit his fellow keeper, Trowa Barton.  The tall European, graceful and agile in his own right, walked up to his friend, silent as always.  With a nod, Heero acknowledged his presence, even as he turned his attention back to the pacing creature before him.

During the day, the animals of Sank Zoo were released into day enclosures, areas that were as realistic as possible to their native surroundings.  However, for their own security at night, they were brought in to smaller areas that were accessible to the keepers.  Heero did not like the fact that these beautiful creatures were forced to come in at night to concrete floored cages, but he had no say in it.

Trowa stopped by Heero's side and turned his green gaze to the proud cat.  "Still restless?" he asked.

"Yes.  But it was expected since it is a full moon tonight."

Trowa glanced at the clock on the far wall, oversized so the numbers would easily be seen.  The zoo closed at sundown, and it was now seven o'clock.  The park had been closed for about two hours, and all the animals were in and fed by this time.

"Are you going to the reception tonight?" he asked his friend.

Heero nodded, though he did not take his eyes off of Shinigami.  "Have to," came the short reply.

Trowa nodded and said, "Still trying to get more funding?"

"Yes.  He deserves a larger outdoor enclosure."

Trowa shook his head slightly, still disturbed by his friend's obsession with the deadly predator.  He warned, "They're not going to be that susceptible to give him a larger roaming space, especially since he failed to take to the female panther they just had to ship back."

Heero shrugged, his expression unconcerned.  "He didn't like her.  It happens."

Shinigami had stopped pacing the boundaries of his cage by this time, settling down at the bars that separated him from the two humans.  Curled up, his tail twitching on every off beat, he quietly gazed at the two men with his proud, violet eyes.  It was just another eccentricity of the beast; preferring to rest near the barred area of the cage, which was no wider than the length of the cat, instead of against the concrete area that completed the wall section.

Trowa ignored the cat as he continued to talk to Heero.  "Is Relena accompanying you to the reception?"

"No," came the curt answer.

Trowa raised an eyebrow at Heero's statement, his expression indicating he was dying to ask but too polite to do so.  Although he was not looking at his friend, Heero could tell that the taller man was curious.

Heero looked at him from the corner of his eye before saying, "We broke up.  She said I had to chose between her and this 'damn' job.  So I chose the 'damn' job."

"Bet she was pissed," Trowa commented blandly.

"Don't care," came the reply.  "Last I heard she was off on some missionary mission to spread absolute pacifism to those 'heathens' at Romefeller."

"Hm, Catherine and I will be sure to send our regards."

Trowa wasn't sure if Heero heard his statement for the dark-haired keeper had broken away from him to step up to Shinigami's cage.  Trowa sucked in his breath as he watched Heero slip a hand through the cage bars.  Even he wouldn't dare to test the panther's congeniality by making such a bold move, and he handled lions by hand.  Only Heero would, and only Heero would remain unscathed.

Still, Trowa continued to hold his breath, letting it out in a whoosh as Heero settled his hand to scratching the panther behind one ear.  The panther turned his head to allow Heero better access, a deep purr beginning to rumble in its chest.

Silence passed in the small area for awhile, broken only by Trowa clearing his throat and looking meaningfully at the clock.  Heero sighed and dropped his hand away from Shinigami's head, much to the panther's disgruntlement.

"I know, Trowa.  I'm going.  I'll see you there.  I assume you're escorting your sister?"

"Catherine insists on it.  She wants me to meet the zoo's newest financial backer.  Some elusive millionaire named Winner."

The two men began to head to the room's exit, ready to leave for the night.  Just before he slipped out the door, Heero gave Shinigami's cage one last look over his shoulder, and whispered, "Good night."


Heero tugged at the stiff collar of his tuxedo shirt, his tie already loose and hanging around his neck limply.  His jacket was thrown over one shoulder, hooked by the finger of his other hand.  He was still clad in the monkey suit he had worn to the charity reception, which he had fled from a few hours into it.  After garnering enough financial support to build a larger enclosure for Shinigami, he had left after giving appropriate farewells.

He had intended to head home, but what awaited him there?

Nothing and no one. 

Heero lived alone, in a small cramped apartment that he only rented because it was so cheap.  He was hardly ever there anyway, being content to spending his nights in his office above the feline building.  His home away from home, so to speak, and one of the reasons he and Relena had broken up.

The young diplomat had for some ungodly reason latched upon Heero, whom she had met at a previous charity function.  Although he had stoically ignored her, she kept coming around and bugging him at the zoo, until he finally gave in and went out on a date with her.  It had been fine for Heero, since he had no social life outside of the zoo and his other friends who were also keepers.  But he had never been seriously involved in the relationship.  A fact that had infuriated Relena to no end.

And then Shinigami had arrived six months ago.

Relena had become immensely jealous of the time Heero had devoted to the 'killer beast', as she put it.  She had, on more than one occasion, voiced her opinion that the creature should just be put to sleep.  It was unsalvageable, so she said, and should be destroyed.  That had been one of the few times Heero had argued with her.  And then she had given him her ultimatum, which had become the last straw.

And good riddance.  She had started to become a ranting fishwife, always wanting to know this, where he was, whom he was with, etc. etc. etc. 

So, instead of heading to his apartment, Heero had decided to head to his office.  After all, Shinigami was going through one of his unruly stages and Heero had yet to observe him overnight in this state.

So it was that Heero was at the zoo, which was empty of all human life.  Strangely enough, he almost preferred it this way.

Heero headed up to his office, intent on changing into a more comfortable set of clothes and picking up his files on Shinigami.  Tossing his jacket onto his already cluttered desk, Heero began to strip off the uncomfortable formal clothes.  Changing into a pair of his keeper shorts and a simple tank top, Heero gave a sigh of relief as he added a few things to his waistband.

Grabbing his well-used notepad and a sharpened pencil, Heero headed out from his office down to Shinigami's night enclosure.  However, once he got there, he received a nasty surprise.

The Japanese descended man expected to see Shinigami's curled up form in the front of the enclosure, but instead he didn't see anything.

The cage was empty, or at least appeared to be.

Shock struck the keeper, followed quickly by concern and worry.  Dropping his pad and pencil to the ground, Heero fumbled at his waist to get to his keys.  Unhooking the chain from his belt loop, he searched through the keys until he found the violet-coded one.

With hands shaking slightly with concern, Heero managed to successfully unlock the cage door, which he opened with caution.  True, the cage area that he could see was empty, but there were still shadows that he couldn't see.

Stowing his keys safely away, Heero palmed a small, personal tazer.  Set at a low voltage, the tazer was powerful enough to daze a human or a large animal.  Used only for security and safety reasons, all keepers had one on hand for dealing with unruly animals as a last minute resort.  Heero didn't think he would ever have to use it on Shinigami, but if the creature was in a mindless state . . . he might very well have to take such drastic measures.  In his other hand, he clutched a small flashlight, since the overhead evening lights provided only the minimal amount of illumination.

His heart pounding swiftly in his chest with trepidation, Heero swung the cage door open just enough to admit his body through.  Once he stepped up and onto the concrete floor, he closed the cage bars behind him; the clicking sound of the latch catching fired through the air with all the significance of a gun shot.

"Here Shinigami," he called softly, "Here, Shi-chan."  His petname for his beast.

Heero advanced further into the cage, his eyes sweeping back and forth.  His ears were alert for any sounds, but so far all he could hear was the beating of his own heart.  He swept the flashlight's beam, cutting through the shadows of the area.  However, for all his searching, the cage seemed to be entirely empty.

With a sigh, Heero turned around, preparing to leave the cage and alerting the proper authorities to the theft and missing panther.  As he turned around, his flashlight shone on a dark corner that was the cage's blindspot.  It couldn't be seen from the cage door, nor from the camera mounted in the high corner.

Many of the keepers complained about the night enclosure's blindspot, considering that the animals could lurk or hide there unseen, but Heero had always supported it saying that it gave the animals a bit of privacy, although they might not realize it.

As his flashlight shone on the corner, it illuminated the crouching form of a slender man.  "Wha-?" Heero cried in shock, even as the form swiftly darted out of the light's reach.  All he got was a vague vision of slender limbs and incredibly long hair.  Even though his mind supplied him with those facts, Heero was still concentrating on the backflash of violet he had received when gazing into the stranger's eyes.

*Just like Shinigami.*

Heero whirled around, his flashlight following his movements.  However, he couldn't find a trace of the intruder.  He called out, his voice strong and authoritative.  "Who are you and how did you get in here?  I have to warn you, I'm armed!"

Heero received his desired answer, though it was far closer than he would have thought possible.  Somehow, the intruder had managed to sneak up right behind him, his voice whispered in Heero's ear.

A low chuckle accompanied the husky voice, "I don't think weapons are necessary, Heero."

Suddenly a pair of strong arms encircled Heero's form, stunning the keeper.  They closed rapidly, locking Heero in their steel embrace.  Heero gasped in shock even as strong hands closed over his trapped wrists, forcing him to drop both his tazer and his flashlight, whose bulb broke upon contact with the concrete floor, once more throwing the caged area into semi-darkness.

"'Tis better to make love than war, Hee-chan," quipped the throaty voice again.  Heero didn't know what surprised him more; the fact that he was being addressed by such a nickname, or the fact that a warm, wet tongue licked the side of his neck, followed by a gentle nip to his ear.

Heero froze, all desire to struggle suddenly rushing out of his body.  The voice behind him chuckled again even as his arms increased their pressure just a bit.  That warm, wicked tongue began to lick at his neck again, interspersed with gentle nips here and there.  Finally that questing mouth rested to a stop at the crook of his neck, content to lay on that tender area.  Heero could vaguely see spiky bangs in his peripheral vision, could feel the softness of silky hair brushing against his bare skin.

"And as for who I am, well, you may call me Duo . . . though I believe I'm known better to you as Shinigami?"

Heero gasped as the stranger abruptly released his hold, twirling Heero around to face him directly.  Heero's eyes widened in shock as he gazed upon the wildly beautiful man before him.  Shadows played upon fey features, yet lines of strength were clearly visible, a wildness inherent in lithe beauty.

The man before Heero was a stranger; the keeper sure that he would have remembered meeting such an attractive person.  His features indicated an American heritage, yet something within his face screamed at an inner streak of something more primitive and free.  The man's lips were curved into a soft, yet strangely possessive smile, barely flashing the white teeth underneath.

The stranger had a head full of hair . . . a very long headful of hair, which flowed free and unhindered down his strong frame.  The soft light available hinted the color to be soft brown, perhaps chestnut or honey-brown.  Heero's fingers started to itch with a sudden surge of desire to plunge his fingers in its mass, to feel the silky strands flow through his grip.

His body, which some small part of Heero's mind recognized to be bare, was muscular, yet still slender and aesthetically pleasing to gaze upon.  Well formed and defined, the flesh was firm yet supple, just begging to be worshiped and pleasured.  Never once did it cross Heero's mind to be repulsed that he was finding another man attractive; in truth he was beyond thinking in such conventional terms.

Yet for all the strength and inherent promises in the man's body, it was his eyes that held Heero captive.  Large, limpid pools of desire and darkness were well placed beneath gently arching eyebrows, their gaze unwavering, focused.  Heero could feel himself drowning in those eyes; something in those violet depths tugged at his soul.  A soundless cry that his spirit yearned to answer.

Heero could feel the beginnings of desire starting, slowly burning deep within his belly.  With a supreme effort of his will power, he attempted to clamp down on these feelings, before they grew out of hand.  However, the physical proximity and the musky scent of his companion did not help him in this regard, rather they were fuel to add to the growing fire.

Jerking his thoughts from his growing arousal, Heero forced his thoughts into some semblance of normalcy and attempted to focus on Duo's words.

"Sh-shinigami?  How can you possibly be?  He's not human, he's a panther-" Heero argued, his brows coming together in a frown.

Duo just gave a low chuckle, a rich rumble from deep within his chest.  "You have so much to learn, Heero."  Duo's nostrils flared, breathing in scents that Heero somehow knew he was smelling but remained undetectable to the startled keeper.  Duo's smile grew larger, becoming more predatorial.

"And I have all the time in the world to teach you," he purred.

Duo's hands tightened just a tad, the only indication to Heero about his next action.  The next thing Heero knew was that he was slammed against a wall of unmoving muscle and flesh, his parted mouth being roughly ravaged.

Stunned into inaction, Heero could feel Duo's tongue plunge into his open mouth.  The firm, slick muscle boldly thrusting and licking, coaxing Heero's into an erotic dance.  With a moan of surrender, Heero closed his eyes as pleasure swept through his nerves.  Some distant part of his mind noted that Duo's hands had slithered from his shoulders to knead down the flesh of his back, moving to cup his ass in a firm hold.

Involuntarily, Heero arched his body into Duo's, his cries being swallowed by a voracious tongue and mouth.  His own arms were twined around Duo's upper torso, meeting in the back to tangle in that soft mass of hair.

The need for breath broke them apart, Duo's mouth and tongue backing away, if only for a brief millimeter.  Their breaths mingled for a bit before Duo swiftly darted his tongue out to lap at a bit of moisture that had seeped down Heero's chin.  With a low purr of satisfaction, he continued to lick the heated flesh, moving from laving attention on Heero's jawline to the more tempting area of his neck.  His hands continued to knead Heero's ass, softly grinding their groins together.  Cloth met flesh, though not for long.

With a heated lick and a whisper, Duo murmured, "You won't be needing these clothes again."

Heero's eyes flew open as Duo's hands abandoned their post to fly to the front, swiftly undoing the fastens and allowing the khaki shorts to fall to the ground.  He could feel slender fingers at the waistband of his underwear, playing fingering with the cotton.

Heero struggled to regain control of his pleasure-hazed mind, his sense of caution making one more attempt to prevent what he knew was happening.  Releasing his grip on Duo's hair, his hands moved to rest upon Duo's, effectively stalling his progress.

In a breathless voice, Heero protested, "Wait!  I don't know you!  We can't do this-"

His objections were abruptly cut off as Duo claimed his mouth again, silencing his protests and clouding his rational thoughts.  His eyes were once more glazed with lust and passion as Duo broke free to answer his protests.

"Oh, can't we?  You want this, admit it," he hissed.

Heero groaned as Duo's fingers brushed over his cotton-bound arousal, the erection growing steadily harder.  On its own accord, his pelvis thrust forward, eager for further contact with his tormentor.  "Yes," he moaned, coherent thought fleeing.

Duo chuckled as Heero's hands fell away, freeing him.  Delving his fingers beneath Heero's waistband, he continued to murmur,  "And you do know me, Heero.  You've known me for over six months."

Seeing the beautiful keeper's Prussian eyes fill with slight confusion, Duo continued to enlighten his new lover.  "Yes, Heero.  I am Shinigami and I have wanted this ever since I met you.  How else do you think you managed to tame me, keep me here in this zoo?  It was because you were here."

Heero's mouth parted to ask another question, which Duo managed to waylay with another sweep of his tongue.  Although his partner's mind was dazed with passion and lust, Duo's was still crystal clear, needing to get his explanation out in the open.  The beautiful keeper needed to go into this relationship with a small understanding of what he was getting into.  After tonight, there would be no turning back.  Duo didn't give up what was his.

"I come from a dying race, Heero.  We live, but we don't breed.  Very few of us are capable of having children.  Those few who are born must find their mates in the human world, bringing them over to join us.  I allowed humans to capture me so that I could find my mate."

Duo paused here, to give Heero a fierce kiss full of promise and pleasure.  "Once a month, during a full moon, I am allowed to gain human form through which I can seduce my chosen one.  But this is the first time that you have been here during my change.  Tonight was the night to make my move, and so here we are.  Now, knowing this, will you join with me willingly and become mine?"

Heero gazed into Duo's earnest face, eyes meeting eyes.  Although the explanation was short and many things were unclear, Heero could sense the sincerity behind the words.  He could see the passion, the lust, the promises, the desires, and the yearnings in the other man's eyes.  Fulfillment, satisfaction, companionship, and love were all his for the taking, if he was courageous enough to take it.

A smile crept upon Heero's face as he closed his eyes and offered his lips.  "Yes," he whispered.  "Make me yours."

With a low growl of satisfaction, Duo quickly ripped Heero's briefs, tearing the thin scrap of cotton away from his body.  Making equally short work of Heero's shirt and shoes, the two men soon stood together, heated flesh meeting heated flesh.

One of Duo's arms locked behind Heero's waist, supporting the shorter man, while his other snaked between them to enclose around Heero's stiff shaft.  Heero threw his head back, his body arching into Duo's touch.  His mouth was open in a wordless cry, the tendons in his neck taut.

The next thing Heero knew was that he was swept off his feet, carried a bit, and then was being lowered to the ground.  Expecting the cold hardness of concrete, he was pleasantly surprised when soft grass met his back as padded bedding.  A quick survey brought the fact that Duo had lowered him to the grass bed that he himself had provided Shinigami, as a somewhat pathetic attempt at recreating Shinigami's natural habitat.

Looking upwards, Heero was transfixed as Duo loomed over him, violet eyes glittering with desire and possessiveness.  Dimly, as if from a great distance, Heero could hear the restless growling and prowls of the other felines in the night house, granting a surrealism to his surroundings.  Something within his soul was answering the savage cry wrought from the night, drawing him in.

Duo proceeded to block out the rest of the world, his head lowering to claim Heero's in a swift, bruising kiss.  His hair fell in a lush waterfall, falling to either side of Heero's head in a private curtain.  Of their own accord, Heero's arms rose up to clasp Duo to him.  One of Duo's knees probed between Heero's legs, urging the slender limbs to part.  After a brief hesitation, Heero willingly parted his legs, allowing Duo to settle between the pale thighs.

Duo abandoned Heero's mouth, trailing a wet path down Heero's neck and attacking his chest.  Heero's back arched as Duo's wicked mouth enclosed around one tender nipple, fiercely suckling and pulling at the flesh until it rose proudly.  His sharp teeth closed firmly around it, slightly pulling and worrying it, before his tongue gave a swift, pacifying pass.  As Duo switched his attention to the other neglected nipple, his hands began to run up and down the sides of Heero's body, reveling in the soft, yielding flesh.

Sensations were shooting through Heero, sparks of feeling that were quickly being flamed into a burning inferno.  Heero's breath was coming out in pants, accompanied by little moans, his head tossing back and forth on the grass.

Duo grinned at the reactions he was invoking in Heero, and the answering reactions his own body was going through.  Duo could feel himself grow harder, his arousal growing to its full potential the longer he prolonged this torment.  He teased his new lover, running his fingers over the taut abs and encircling his lover's hips.

As he left mapping the plain of Heero's chest, he moved his tongue to lazily bathe Heero's abdomen, diving into and probing the vulnerable navel.  After a temporary hiatus on that wonderful ridge of muscles, Duo continued to probe his lover's lower body, settling his path onto one pale thigh. 

By now, Heero's erection was tall and proud, complete with a drop of moisture at the tip.  Duo could hear Heero's groan and whispered plea as he pressed butterfly kisses on both of his inner thighs, deliberately avoiding his sought after prize.

"D-Duo . . . puh-please . . ."

Duo gave a low, rumbling purr, even as he teasingly began to gently lick each side of Heero's arousal.  At Heero's strangled moan, Duo reached up with one hand, gently inserting two of his slim fingers into Heero's parted mouth.  The reaction was instantaneous with Heero settling to suckle furiously on his proffered digits.  Heero's own hands were laying by his sides, furiously clenched around blades of grass he had pulled from the bedding.

Duo's tongue lapped at Heero's erection, mocking the behavior of a cat's.  The heated shaft twitched in mindless anticipation, compelling Duo to move on.  He gently nibbled on the head, swirling his tongue playfully on the sensitive flesh.  Knowing the intensity of Heero's feelings, for the pressure on his fingers had increased drastically, Duo opened his warm mouth further, drawing  more and more of Heero's length into his mouth.

As wet warmth enclosed around his member, Heero parted his mouth and let out a loud wail, his desire and want clear for all to hear.  Duo's ears caught the answering cries of his fellow felines before he resumed his delicious mission.  Although the other feline denizens of the zoo were just animals, they could tell something was happening in the panther's cage.

Duo withdrew his fingers from Heero's mouth, dripping with moisture, and moved them down between Heero's legs.  Duo felt Heero stiffen in shock as he gently probed between his legs, seeking admittance to Heero's tight entrance.  In an effort to distract his lover from  his invasion, Duo increased his oral ministrations on Heero's erection. 

As he felt Heero relax his muscles, Duo pushed his advantage and slipped one finger past the tight ring of muscle.  As Heero groaned at the invasion, Duo stroked and stretched the tight, virginal passage, adding a second finger to aid in his quest.

Withdrawing his fingers, satisfied with his preparation, Duo released Heero's shaft reluctantly and moved up his body, to stare down into his lover's face.  As their gazes locked, Duo ground their hips together, allowing their erections to touch.  Heero groaned and Duo swiftly claimed his mouth, allowing the darker man to taste himself on Duo's mouth.

Wanton and passionate, Heero bucked his hips, urging Duo to finish what he started.  Duo chuckled into Heero's mouth, even as he used his hands to bend Heero's knees upwards.  Breaking away from their kiss, he whispered, "Trust me."

Heero nodded, his gaze glazed and his mouth smeared.

With an instinct buried deep inside, Duo pressed forward, bringing his aching erection to the entrance of Heero's passage.  Giving a sigh of delight, he slowly sheathed himself in the tight ring of muscles, delving deeper and deeper into the velvet warmth until he was fully seated within his lover.

He paused, allowing Heero's body to become used to the strange invasion.  Heero had winced uncontrollably when his head had first began its penetration, but once he was fully settled within, Heero's eyes had snapped open in surprise.

"Duo!" he breathed.

Duo's eyes narrowed in satisfaction, knowing that he was brushing against Heero's most sensitive spot.  His own arousal was drowning in the tight friction, his body urging him to move.  Feeling confident that Heero was ready, he began to flex his hips, withdrawing for a bit before smoothly gliding back home.

Heero was constantly moaning by this time, his eyes closed as pleasure washed through his entire body.  Duo's thrusting was rubbing against his prostate, causing sensations to dizzily spin in his mind and body.  Something was swelling within him, growing in intensity and strength, until it threatened to burst.

Heero's senses were awash with stimulation.  Duo was in him, above him, around him; the scent of their union, only vaguely masked by his lover's musk, filled his nostrils, throwing him into a higher frenzy.  Heero's hand rose to grasp Duo by his shoulders, hanging on as his lover continued to pound him into oblivion.

Heero didn't realize it when Duo reached around and underneath him with his strong hands, but suddenly he found himself rising to a sitting position as Duo knelt on  his knees.  Giving in to instinct, Heero wrapped his legs around Duo's lower back, his body undulating with each of Duo's thrusts.

Duo's powerful thighs and pelvis continued to thrust into Heero's tight warmth, while his arms wrapped around Heero's lower body, helping him keep his balance.  Duo grunted in between heated licks on Heero's sweat-sheened flesh, his pleasure spiraling out of control.

Feeling his lover coming close, Duo freed one of his hands and moved it back around Heero's body to enfold his lover's neglected erection in a steely grip.  Pumping his fist up and down the turgid member in counterpoint to his thrusts, Duo gently nipped at his lover's ear before whispering, "Come for me, Heero."

The universe exploded for Heero, in an array of colors and sensations.  The inferno that had been churning in his belly burst forth in a heated eruption, his creamy essence shooting forth to splatter against his and Duo's joined bodies.  Heero's head snapped back, his mouth parted wide as he gave a wild, keening cry.

Duo sought to answer his beloved's cry with one of his own as Heero's muscles clamped down on his erection.  As Heero's body continued to shudder with the effects of his orgasm, Duo's thrusts became stronger and fiercer until he too found his release.  His lips were drawn back and his teeth bared as he released his seed deep within Heero's body, filling his love and marking him as his own.

As Heero began the slow descent from the pinnacle of ecstasy, he vaguely heard Duo hiss, "Mine."

He answered with a tired sigh, "Yours."

Heero allowed his head to loll forward, dropping onto Duo's bare shoulder.  He could feel Duo within him, his lover's shaft a solid and welcome presence.  He was exhausted, not realizing that his neck was vulnerable and exposed until he heard Duo's rumbling growl rise from his throat.

Heero didn't think anything of it when he felt Duo's mouth move against his throat.  But his eyes snapped open as he heard him promise, "Forever."

As Duo's teeth clamped down on exposed flesh in a bite meant to mark, possess, and change, Heero's scream echoed throughout the feline night house, answered by the calls of its wilder denizens.


Trowa walked through the double doors of the feline night enclosure, intent upon releasing its inhabitants out to their day areas.  As he greeted the lions, his favorite cats, he noticed a pad and pencil lying neglected on the floor.  Puzzled, he walked over and picked them up, glancing at the notes scribbled on the paper.

It was Heero's notebook, the one he kept on Shinigami.

A feeling of trepidation filled Trowa, knowledge that Heero would never leave this lying around filling him.  Glancing briefly over at Shinigami's enclosure, he murmured, "Guess I better go find him."

Trowa started to move off, only to come to a complete and utter stop.  With wide, green eyes, he turned to give Shinigami's cage a slower inspection.

The cage door was closed and properly locked, so that was not the focus of Trowa's consternation.  And it wasn't empty.

No, it definitely wasn't empty.

Shinigami was curled up on the floor of the cage, his body relaxed and stretched out lazily for once.  Upon Trowa's arrival, his ears had flicked forward with light interest, his attention focused upon discerning the identity of the human keeper.  Trowa gulped as the beast's bright, amethyst eyes rested on his,  holding his gaze for a few, tense moments.

Shinigami then shook his head, briefly raising a paw to swipe at his ear.  Having obviously dismissed Trowa's presence as unimportant, the black cat then turned to focus upon his companion, and the current source of Trowa's concern.

Curled up on the floor of the cage, almost enclosed in Shinigami's protective embrace, was another black panther, one that Trowa had never seen before.  They had tried repeatedly before to introduce other panthers, especially females, to Shinigami, but the black beast had never allowed another cat into his enclosure with him.  The fact that there was now another panther in the cage, one that Shinigami was even showing feelings towards, was a disturbing factor.  Especially since when he left yesterday, Shinigami had been the only panther in that cage.

Shinigami continued to ignore Trowa, reaching over instead to lick the side of his companion's face and nip at its ear.  Butting his face against the other's cheek, the black cat gently urged his mate to wakefulness. 

With a thump of its tail, the other panther sleepily opened its eyes, blinking them several times.  Its muzzle parted, a large yawn exposing its mouthful of sharp fangs and wrinkling its whiskers upwards.

Trowa unconsciously shifted closer to the cage, drawing both panthers' attention.  The tall keeper was suddenly shocked motionless as the second, slightly smaller panther's gaze collided with his own.  A pair of deep, Prussian blue orbs stared back at him, calm and unruffled.  A pair of eyes that Trowa somehow recognized, though he was used to seeing them set in a human face.


Not understanding, Trowa continued to stare at the two cats that ignored him and started grooming each other.  The smaller one nipped at Shinigami's ear, playfully tugging it before releasing it to give him a gentle lick.  Shinigami returned the favor, licking the fur behind his mate's ears with a rough, yet steady pace.

Neither one of the panthers noticed when Trowa fainted onto the floor, his shock having finally gotten the better of him.

As the two cats continued to groom one another, a small telepathic conversation started up between them, heard only by them.


:Yes, Heero?:

:I love you.  You know that, right?:

A purr rumbled from Shinigami, answered by a softer, muted purr from his mate.  :Of course, Heero.  I love you too.  You're mine.:

:Hm, forever, right?:

:Yep.  You're stuck with me.:

:That's fine with me, but can I ask you one question?:

:Anything, lover.:

:Why am I a female?:

OWARI . . . for now ^_~

Author's notes: if anyone actually liked this . . . -_- I might be continuing the storyline . . . but I still think it sounds like a bad romance novel . . . JA!  *runs off to hide*

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