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Just Because



The birds chirping usually drove Duo insane but as the cheerful sounds of
nature filtered in through his ears, a small grin surfaced on his face, even
as his eyes remained closed.

His pillow was a little firmer then normal - he recognized the satiny feel
of Heero's skin against his cheek as his head rested against the broad
expanse of Heero's chest. Dimly, he could hear the rhythmic thudding of his
heartbeat - a sound he cherished above all else, including the noisy
chatterboxes perched outside the window and he sighed, snuggling closer in
contentment. A faint rumbling echoed in his ears and he blinked sleepily,
lifting his head to look straight into Heero's amused eyes. Heero smiled
fondly at the kittenish, half-awake look on his lover's face.

" 'Morning," he said softly.

" Ummm...." Duo purred as he cuddled closer. " 'Mornin...."

Heero tightened his previously lax grip around Duo's waist, pulling him
closer as he felt the hands of sleep tugging gently at his eyelids once
more. Half-asleep, he felt Duo lift his head again.

" I love you," came the soft whisper, and Heero opened his eyes again in
surprise. He blinked at Duo.

" What was that for?" he asked curiously. Not that he was complaining mind
you - but that bold little statement had come as a surprise. Duo had been
saying it more often lately, and while Heero reciprocated the feeling one
hundred percent, he wanted to know the underlying reason behind it's
constant use.

Throughout his training, he had been told that everything - EVERYTHING - had
a reason behind it, a purpose to its existence. Heero's mind told him
sensibly that the reason behind those three words was because Duo DID indeed
love him and he loved him in return - but he thought he'd made that
perfectly clear to his braided baka. Through his actions, if not necessarily
his words.

Duo looked at him and smiled. " Just because," he said, tracing his thumb
gently along the lines of his lovers mouth. " There doesn't have to be a
reason behind it for me to say it."

Heero looked troubled by this - and Duo decided to try something else. He
raised himself up until he was face to face with Heero, kissing him gently,
feeling the shudder run through his lovers body. He felt Heero eagerly
respond, a sensual war being battled until they mutually declared a tie. Duo
gazed at him seriously.

" I know it's hard for you to say it," he said, understanding shining out of
his eyes like a beacon of light that warmed Heero from the inside out. " I
know what you feel inside for me - and it makes me want to tell you over and
over again." He punctuated that sentence with another quick kiss, before
settling back down into his previous, snuggled position.

Heero thought about that for a minute, running the words through his mind
lazily as he idly stroked his hand across Duo's back. They lay like that for
some time, just relishing each other's company and the brief period of peace
they were given.

" I love you."

Duo's eyes snapped open and his gaze flew to the gently smiling mouth of his
mate. Jaw hanging open and his heart in his throat, he stared at Heero.

" Wha....what was that for?" he stammered, taken aback that Heero said those
words out loud. Did he feel guilty from what Duo had said? Did he think that
Duo just wanted to hear those words? " Why did you say that? Did I make you
feel that you ha--mmmph!"

Heero silenced his lover in the most effective way he knew. Breaking the
kiss, he looked deep into Duo's eyes, his heart conveying all that his words
normally couldn't.

" Just because," he said.


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